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Information  - the laws of terrastella

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*Common Law
 i. All members of the court are to be treated equally and with respect.

ii. Any are welcome in the borders of Terrastella, to live or to visit.

iii. Vespera, the Goddess of Dusk, must be worshiped above all others by those who live in Terrastella. Any other worshiper will be considered a guest.

iv. Only the Sovereign, Regent, and Emissary (the Regime) may make decisions concerning the Court's well being. Decisions made by the Regime are to be respected by every member of the court (including visitors) at all times.

v. Inter-court disagreements are to be solved quickly and maturely by the involved members. Do not involve the Regime in personal quarrels unless absolutely required.

vi. A criminal or treasonous act is punishable by the Sovereign and appropriate measures are to be decided by the Regime and/or Court, who may or may not ask for a trial, conviction, or sentencing based on the opinions of the people.
*Rank Expectations
i. While the Regime will often ask for the consult of the people, the Sovereign retains the right to make any court-wide decision they deem necessary, with or without calling a populace meeting.

ii. The Counsel has freedom to make decisions and activities pertaining to their ranks (populace), subject to Regime approval.

iii. Caretakers are never to turn down a member in need of treatment, whether native or foreign.

iv. Members of one populace are welcome to partake in activities of another without requiring/requesting a rank change, so long as they continue to perform their own duties.

v. It is more favorable for a member to stay within one populace, but changing ranks is allowed with the original and the new rank Champions' approval.
*Foreigner Guidelines
i. Any in need of a place of rest or treatment are welcome to seek the Regime, Champions, or a Caretaker for assistance, but strangers who do not make their presence known to the Regime or Council may be penalized or interrogated.

ii. Dusk Court borders are open as a home to weary travelers passing through, and are allowed to stay as long as the laws are adhered to.
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