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B e l o w Z e r o
It seems so real, that you can feel
The snowflakes in your hair.
The figure stood still as the snow fell against her body, lightly dusting her form in a way that made this land feel a little more welcoming to her than it had before. Not that it had ever felt UNWELCOMING. She stood on the shore, her gaze dancing with delight as she silently greeted the island that had been so familiar to her the first time it had rose. When it had sunk back into the waters, it had been a hard moment to say goodbye before returning to the Dusk Lands. But when she'd first heard whispers of the island returning, she'd been hopeful . . . now, standing at the edge of the snow-capped paradise, her heart sung with joy. A soft trill had the mare turning to her side, where a figure slid through the snow, her fore legs assisting to drag her serpentine form up to the alien-mare. Bel paused, before gently lowering herself to the ground, shifting so Yukime could climb atop her back and wrap around her shoulders. Instantly the Ice Serpent had released a relieved, and slightly disapproving cree in response, and Bel had to smile faintly, "Apologies, Yukime, darling. I thought you'd be swimming longer." A soft crack had Bel eyeing the Icy creature as the being allowed the ice around her neck to crack and splinter in annoyance. Hmph, you could have waited, Treader. The voice echoed in Bel's mind, like the cracking of ice against a cliff. Bel smiled at her companion before turning her attention back to the island. "Isn't it beautiful, Yukime - dearest?" The aquatic-equine asked, even as the serpent slithered more fully around her, fore limbs braced against the mare's shoulders, and carefully draping her body so as to not press to harshly on the fin that rand down Bel's spine. Her tail coiled around Bel's neck and once the mare was certain her friend was secure did she move forward.

Her steps were light, playful as she pranced through the snow, seeming to instantly settle into an easy gait that had her dancing among the snow dunes, and flirting with the snowflakes that greeted her like old friends. Yukime was less than pleased as Bel took to more playful antics, and after a heavy sigh had dived off the playful mare to curl herself up in a fortress of her own, the snow seeming to instantly shift into an icy bed for the serpent as she lay down in it. Bel grinned apologetically, but with a wave of Yukime's tail fin, the mare was once more playing in the snow. Bel didn't remember the last time she'd experienced such a pretty snowfall, the cool air seeming to grow colder around her, as if welcoming her and encouraging her to stay - although for all Bel knew, it could have been her own passive magic assisting in that matter as well. For a creature of the snow, ice and water - winter was by far her favorite season.

She pounced through another large done of snow, half swimming and half sliding through the piled up snow, a laugh bubbling from her muzzle the sound catching on the air, and echoing like the playful crees of a dolphin in play. Her dual set of eyes gleamed with joy as she finally started to slow down, before trotting up to the iced over serpent hiding in her own icy snow bank. Bel collapsed next to her, fins folding flat so she could roll in the snow with out fear of tearing a fin membrane. her gaze lit onto her best friend, and her eyes gleamed with playful joy, "Oh Yukime, it's just so lovely here! Cold and filled with snow!" And then . . . something new caught her eyes. The dual sets turned to see a white light dancing among the snow flakes, much as she had herself and her eyes widened in curiosity as the dancing light was soon joined by more, that seemed to be doing some sort of ballet with in the sky, snowflakes as their partners. Bel's eyes widened with joy and delight, as her breath left her in a awed sigh, "This island . . . darling, it never fails to amaze me."

Yukime watched the lights before turning to look at the Treader, an almost sad smile on her muzzle, I'm glad you're happy. The serpent stated, and Bel glanced at her, before seeming to understand, "But it's never quite home to you, is it Yukime? It's not our home-planet." She stated with understanding. The soft, sad croon that left her companion had Bel nuzzling the Serpent and silently vowing to enjoy the winter time with the fellow polar-creature.

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