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anything could be holy enough to save you

Boudika walks across the land bridge. Something in her belly aches, and aches, and aches. Her teeth are sharp against her gums and she is yet unaccustomed to their bizarre weight. Perhaps she returns to the island because it is the last place she was with Amaroq, and there is a part of her that regrets—more deeply than she will ever admit—that she never asked his name. Instead, Boudika can only think of him as the water horse—the one that turned her and then… disappeared. 

The changing of the seasons marks the passage with more dispassionate resolution. He is not coming back. What had been at first been anger toward his abandonment of her transforms again, into loneliness. From loneliness it became despair. He had not abandoned her. This she knows, in the way every pack creature understands it is nothing without the pack, the pod, the herd, the pride. There is something wrong in his absence, something that greatly unsettles her. Of course, Amaroq had promised nothing; but there was a part of her that had wanted more, a teacher, a, a—

Boudika does not finish the sentence as the sea sings against the bridge, and the strange island opens up in the distance. She cannot finish the thought because to do so would break her heart. The fact the island is not what it once was finishes it for her, regardless. 

When she reaches the island, Boudika is forced to confront her worst fear, provoked by August’s admission that he had seen someone asking for her in the markets. Vercingtorix. The name is painful in that it is both full of betrayal and nostalgia. Could he have killed him?

Boudika knows he had, if only because there had been a note sent to her by a raven in a script she knew to intimately. 

It was simple.

You are one of them.


Her teeth are there, still. She refuses to feel guilty for them and abandons the bridge, leaping into shallow water to make it ashore. Boudika has never seen such snow; it hurts her eyes. She allows it to distract her as she walks along the shore of the island, gazing inward distractedly. 

It is not long before the faeries find her. 

They are minuscule orbs of light, with some kind of telekinetic agency. They pull at her mane and tail, and sing archaically in her ears. Boudika does not know what they say, only that there is something mournful in it, something that causes the ache within her to echo. 

She bares her teeth at them and lashes her tail. They do not leave her alone. After a moment, she tosses her head and begins to run. Despite all their magic, they either can’t or wont follow. Boudika stops once she is alone again, on the edge of the frosted sea. 

Boudika is full of anger. It coils in her, a viper, an adder, ready to strike. She dives her hooves into the waves; dashes them against the crest; rears and crashes down.

With her teeth bared and seemingly alone, she roars at the sea and in that desperate snarl there is something that begs

why, why, why

The world answers her with a sudden flurry of snow. It bites at her face and tangles in her mane; the cold stings her very lungs, but she screams again, hoarser than before, more demanding. 

And still, the only answer is the sky, the waves, the snow.

The faeries find her again.

This time she does not run.



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It feels strange to be back on the island given how it disappeared not too long ago. She remembers all too well the rumbling of the earth and the way the waves angrily crashed against the shore. Equines everywhere fled by foot and by flight. There had been screaming and fear could be felt tenfold.

Now she's spent a short amount of time in this new island and all of that has disappeared. Instead, the island that emerged from the sea has transformed into a winter wonderland. The slightest breeze tosses the fallen snow up in the air and she catches some snowflakes on her tongue. Hāsta flies beside her, not impressed as usual, but Corr ignores it. With how dismal Terrastella has felt, she could use a little sunlight among the rain clouds. Especially now that the twins are nowhere to be found too. Wherever they are, she can only hope that they are safe from harm.

There is a sound nearby that catches the crow witch's attention. It almost sounds like a scream, but she isn't too sure. Even with the island's new look, the same strange, ancient magic is still present. Illusions are not unheard of here, even those done by sound.

Still, Corr decides she better check it out just in case and takes flight away from the snowy woods to the edge of the shore. She sees another standing there and instantly feels a wave of emotion. It nearly knocks her down out of the air, but she regains her balance and lands gracefully on the ground. Here it seems the seasons are fighting with each other with a blend of snow and sand. Hāsta is in her mind telling her not to bother, but she dismisses it. The situation doesn't seem dangerous (at least not yet).

Aside from the woman ahead, it's the fairies fluttering around her that make her slowly move forward. Perhaps they can feel the tension in the air and are trying to cheer her up, or they could be causing her more grief. Fairies liked causing mischief after all. With each foot step, Corr feels like she's trying to walk through a blizzard from how many emotions she can feel coming from this woman. It breaks her heart because she seems like a beautiful soul.

"Are you okay there, dear?" she asks, offering a warm smile in hopes that the stranger will turn around and not mind company. "What's wrong?"

Her magic is not strong enough yet, so Corrdelia finds it hard to separate herself from the anger and sadness and desperation. But she tries. She imagines the comforting smell of lavender and chamomile tea and the warmth from a fireplace. She tries to project this onto the woman in hopes it will calm her down and maybe help her open up.

@Boudika <3 Corr is here to help!


(For reference of Corr's house, click here; doubles as a plot thread!)


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