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"Just give me the world and I will give it back to you
Just tell me it hurts and I will fix it for you"
There was a chittering in the trees, high pitched and alarmed as a small colony seemed to cling together as the limbs of the tree shook and quivered in an aggressive fashion. The snack securely held in the darkest member's paws was soon ripped free as he was forced to release the prize and cling to the branch. Beside him, the lightest of the colony was mirroring his action, her dark eyes wide as she chirped worriedly, even as he shifted to place part of his body half over hers protectively. Off to the side, closer to the trunk, he was proud to see his Beta, Gizmo doing the same to the other females of the colony, sheltering them against the tree that seemed to have come alive with the turning of the seasons.

A startled chittering cry was ripped from the tawny female as a cascading wave of leaves suddenly erupted around them like blood from the limbs of the formerly dark hued tree. Now, it was as light as snow, so Bandit stood out against it in contrast, where as Sugar blended in seamlessly. Slowly the shaking seemed to draw to a stop and the five gliders slowly looked around at the suddenly changed and rocky landscape. Sugar chittered towards the other two females, checking in on them with a relief when Willow and Amber chirped the confirmation that they were okay. Together, Gizmo and Bandit rounded the colony up together as the five sat cuddled together looking out over the changed land.

They'd come to the island on a whim, having escaped from a trader intent on selling the colony. Whether as pets or something else where they'd be rendered down for parts, the collection of five didn't know. But escape had been on their minds from the moment they were subjected to the wood and twine cage. And as the cart they were carried in had spun on the snow and ice, their cage catching air before slamming into a tall oak - the colony had made their escape, ultimately stopping on this peculiar island that at the time had been crafted with snow, ice and sparkling fairies. Now, none of it was visible, and the five were beginning to question their decision to come here. A new escape was in order, but first they'd have to get off the island - and keep together.

Callynite stared at the changed landscape, having watched it from afar, and like any adventure, she had felt a desire that drew her closer and closer to the island with each passing day. It was a sad song in her heart that she hadn't been able to enjoy it during the snow and fae lights, and even now she didn't plan to linger for long (Viride needed her with the current poacher at large, and she didn't intend to leave the forest for long). But the energies of the land had encouraged her travel, often highlighting the flows that would bring her to the island as if it had a secret to share with her. So after long last, the little female was here, her steps light as she was brought across the odd natural bridge that would bring her to the island.

The natural flow of energy that seemed almost as disconnected as the odd island itself rose up and greeted her with eager petting to her mane and curious tugging at her pelt. The flow was distinct though - edging her in a direction that seemed pre-determined. There was no hesitation from the energies, no debate about where to lead her first. They all rose up, nudging and coaxing her, while the visual strand of energy that hovered over her pelt seemed to rise up to look over her shoulder - as curious as she was - about what the island wanted her to see, or experience. Cally's hooves moved with a calm tread, the split formation easily carrying her over the now rocky incline of what appeared to be an almost mountainous range. The grass swayed around her, lit by the color of fires that was mirrored in the ruby leaves upon boney trees.

It was almost a macabre scene, and for a split second, Cally almost turned back to head towards Viride once more - as if taking a sign from the landscape to focus on the poacher. The energies were persistent though, keeping her moving forward, as her tiny form snaked through the trees, and her gaze looked around waiting for something to stand out, something to make note off. She didn't expect the fruit falling from a tree limb to be her first clue however. It struck between her eyes, smushing against the white blaze, staining her hide with the purple juice as it snaked down her bridge towards her muzzle. Cally sniffed lightly, before wiping her face against her limb with distaste, before being alerted to the the chittering in the trees.

Cally's head snapped up - expecting to find a squirrel or two, only to be nearly blinded by the chaotic flow of energy around what appeared to be five creatures. Small, with long tails that seemed to wrap around each other just as much as it did the limb of the tree they clung to. Cally couldn't help but coo at the small, and cute stature of them - but that was all the sound she needed to make. Like one organism sharing a mind, the five tiny creatures turned to stare down at her, before instantly bolting as if alarmed (unknown to Cally - the green energy cloaking her pelt had risen up to survey the creatures, startling the shy animals into running).

The energies returned in full force, almost buckling Cally beneath their combined pressure with the pressing need to help, and to chase. And for the first time since the magic had been unlocked with in her, the voice of the Earth whispered to her, help them, they are merely scared. The druid couldn't ignore the plea, and the tiny mare turned to chase after the small creatures as the scurried and glided from one tree to another - amazing Cally with their quick movements and acrobatics. Her cloak flared up around her as she ran, her tiny but strong limbs covering the uneven rocky distance with an ease that was derived from her dual, hybrid nature, as her voice sung out to the scared creatures, "Oh, stop! Please! I just want to help! There's no need to be scared! Come on now!" The gliders merely chittered, glancing back to see that scary green aura still flaring (though it did so in concern and a desperate need to reach them and calm them) and they ran all the faster.

- keeping it open in case we entice anyone else on our mad chase of the quick sugar gliders xP

Artwork ©LupinHallow


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