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rose-colored boy

Today, like most days, he is staring at the forest.

It seemed strange still, that from a distance there could be no sign of the turmoil that stalked between the trees. It was always that way, with the forest - all the problems, all the secrets, all the menace. It always came from Viride. And he couldn’t help but wonder distantly if Seir, or the Eira, could do anything other than follow suit.

It takes effort to turn and face the crowd gathered in the citadel. He forces a smile, and clears his throat.

“Seir has returned to the forest, to serve a higher calling,” a part of him wonders if even he believes the words he’s saying - or if a part of him is still in shock himself. “I do not doubt he will return to us one day. But his absence has opened a hole in the Regime -“ He pauses just long enough for his eyes to seek out the familiar unicorn.

“And our Champion of Battle has stepped up to fill it. Thana will be our new Regent.”

He waits around only long enough to skim his muzzle along her red-skinned shoulder, before he turns and walks through the crowd.

Officially, @Seir has stepped down from his role as Regent to return to the Eira, and has been replaced by @Thana.

Positions that are currently open include:
- Champion of Battle
- Champion of Healing
- Champion of Community

Please reach out to me if you’re interested in any of these or another position and we can discuss. <3
(No replies are needed here, but feel free if you're inspired - mostly just a bookkeeping thing!)


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