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IC Event  - the second harvest: festival

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Anyone from any court is welcome to come participate in Terrastella’s festivities, which take place on the day of the autumnal equinox and celebrate the idea of equilibrium in all things, as equal as the day and the night are at this point in the year. To encourage posts, there are a few different incentives Rae, Syn and I have to offer you all!

For those who post in any of the festival’s events, there’s an 
opportunity for signos rewards! At the end of the season, we’ll ask that you tally up the number of posts, post them in this thread, and I will use the sovereign stipend to double the number of signos you would normally receive (i.e. 10 signos per festival post rather than five). On top of that, the three members with the top number of festival posts will receive a special prize at the end of the season ?
The lovely Syn has pledged 50 signos to those who complete a thread for the Solterran seasonal event (a battle tournament in the colosseum). For healers/medics who travel to Solterra to patch up participants and are able to conclude a full thread, I’ll match her pledge and make it an even 100 signos per completed thread with a Solterran warrior!
Each festival thread has a chance of receiving a random encounter (unless you specify that you don’t want one, which is fine too—just note it in your thread!). Rae and I will roll a 10 sided die in Discord to determine whether a random event occurs; numbers 1-5 will receive a personalized thread prompt, a small signos reward, or other random event. If you have requests or suggestions for an occurrence, feel free to let us know!



From the dusty basement of the citadel, a statue is retrieved.

Vespera stands there in full height, a carefully polished body made of gleaming purple, pink and red opal. Her idol is anointed with sacred, scented, oil and positioned with care in the very center of the town square, where Terrastellans are encouraged to pray at her feet, seek solace in her gemstone eyes, or leave gifts of seasonal fruits, flowers, homemade trinkets or other favors. Everyone, even those visiting from other courts, are encouraged to come pay their respects. 
But still—Terrastella’s trust in its visitors is not blind. Two sentinels stand watchfully from the corners of the square. Woe to those who dare to come with anything but good intentions.


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