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the only heaven i'll be sent to
is when i'm alone with you

Time and time again, Israfel found herself returning to this spot. Golden hooves scraped at the edge of the cliff, mixing with snow, ice, and stone as she stared out towards the crashing waves far, far down below. Once, she would have thrown herself off of the edge just to see how close she could get to splatting against the stones sticking up from the ocean down below, tempting and toying with death. Diving from the edge to test the might and strength of her gilded wings had once been an event of pride for her, but now…


Israfel was tired.

Staring down into the churning water as it crashed against the rocky crags down below left her with little joy in her heart. She had seen these sights, had dove from the edge time and time again since arriving to Novus and had done so before, in Helovia, prior to her death. Monotony was slowly killing her, and she was growing listless. The realization was a terrifying one.

For too long she had felt shackled and chained to Terrastella. For too long she felt as though she couldn’t leave, because who would keep this land safe? Who would watch over it while she was gone? What would Marisol think? Oh, but she loved this land, there was never any doubt of that…

But did this land love her? Would it miss her when she was gone? Would she be mourned and grieved like Florentine had been? Like Asterion? Would a memorial vigil be done up in her memory? Doubt was a bitter taste on her tongue and Israfel detested the taste of it, anxiety cloying and clawing up her pale breast, talons digging into her throat as they crawled upwards, demanding and stealing everything she thought she knew. Nothing really made sense anymore, and the Sun Daughter hated it.

So, because she was a creature of habit, Israfel had returned to this spot, hooves dug into the stone and ice and snow, watching the churning water down below with a blank stare of empty vermillion… And not for the first time she pondered what it would be like to throw herself from the edge one last time, to see how long it would take for her to reach the bottom, and then…


The wind blew, brushing the hair from her face to reveal vermilion eyes glittering with unshed tears, and the maiden of ivory and gold mourned for a death not yet arrived. Somewhere, far away from Novus and watching two identical boys enjoy warmer weather, a Phoenix did the same.



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Elena has thrown herself off this very cliff side before. Tossed herself into the ocean, to be saved by a man who would give her a baby and steal away her trust and her love. And she went to that cliff side again and found a cottage and claimed it as her home. She lined the windows in flowers, and has filled the walls with her daughter’s artwork. Paintings, charcoal drawings, doodles that Elli believed

She can feel her. Even from this far away, Elena knows these emotions, even if she is not yet sure of the face to which they belong to. But then the power comes in and Elena knows who it belongs to. “Elli.” And her daughter looks at her with blue eyes that dance like another’s Elena knows. “Why don’t you take a walk to the Court and get some new paints?” She offers. Elliana is quick to take the offer. It was not often her mother gave her such independence, and in truth, it is killing Elena inside to give it to her now. But this is how she learns, and the day is quiet, the palomino would be here, and the Court is full of eyes that would watch Elliana with careful, protective intentions the moment she stepped foot inside the Court. She watches her daughter practically skip down the path towards the city. She watches even after she is out of sight, and she thinks about a strand of hair that had been out of place. She should have fixed it before she left, but it is too late now.

Her face goes vacant for a moment, like a bird, or a marble stature, as memories convene behind blue eyes when she sees her, the sunfire girl on the cliffs.

"I know that look,” He had grinned. ”What are you thinking of?”

She wishes Michael was here now, to ask her such a thing. To ask the both of them. But he isn’t and Elena just is not brave enough to ask.

She dances over the cliff sides towards the Regent, just like she had once danced among butterflies before running and running, believing if she ran just fast enough, just hard enough maybe she could lift off and take to the skies. A honeyed smile brightens her face when she is close enough. Elena smells like surf and salt, the ocean on a clear day reflected in those heartbreakingly blue eyes. “Israfel,” The Champion says when she is close enough to her. “I think we owe ourselves a walk on this winter’s day.”

picture by cannon <3

@Israfel okay, i just assumed that they know each other <3

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