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Poll: [DAY COURT MEMBERS ONLY -- 1 vote per member -- READ BELOW POST FIRST] Who would you like to be Solterra's new Sovereign?
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1 9.09%
3 27.27%
Total 11 vote(s) 100%
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All Welcome  - sand turned to glass [SOVEREIGN VOTING]

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Congratulations to @Adonai, the new Solterran Sovereign!

CLOSED - Voting for Solterran Sovereign

even castles made of sand one day fall into the sea

A decision was made, but it was not a decision that those of Solterra were expecting.

One by one they arrived like sheep guided by the patient hand of the shepherd… Or like lambs obliviously on their way to the slaughter. The first? Oh, the first was a fool; arrogant and unworthy, they were swept away by the hungry sands which gave the Mors its name before they could so much as utter their case.

Like a golden spectre in a whirlwind of dust did Solis appear before them, tall, imposing, and stalwart. His stare, ruby red to some, soulless black to others, seemed to pierce them where they stood, holding them frozen in place. The patron Deity of Solterra stationed himself at the base of the sandstone dias, the very air around him growing still, the pulse of the blinding sun stone thrumming with his very own heartbeat. Was Solterra not the beat of his own heart? Was the sand beneath their hooves not the blood that ran within his veins?

Three were chosen. Three in total, each offering their own strengths and weaknesses, failures and successes, but only one could be crowned Sovereign of Solterra. Only one would be the ultimate servant to his people, but which of them was ready to uphold such a task?

The decision had to be made, but it was not his to make.

To each of them Solis focused upon, staring intently, piercing the very souls within their chests and the minds within their heads. Did they truly have what it took to lead? 

“@Bexley. @Adonai. @Warbird. Come forward. A decision has been made… But it is not my favor you must obtain, but the favor of the Solterrans you wish to serve.”

Written by the lovely @Sparrow
Please be advised out of the five characters who originally auditioned... Katherine had requested Vendetta not be in the running and Llama/Illo 
has not logged into the site in over a week, so the final three left were Warbird, Adonai, and Bexley.

Rules to Vote

Voting closes at 11:59P EST on 01/13/21

Before voting or if you are part of this nomination, please read all the below. If you have any questions/concerns, don't hesitate to ask!

  • Regarding this vote:

    • When voting, please read each characters audition: Warbird's, Bexley's, Adonai's
      • Out of the five characters who auditioned, Katherine had requested Vendetta not be in the running and Llama/Illo has not logged into the site in over a week, so the final three left were Warbird, Adonai, and Bexley.

      • Keep in mind when voting, that we are looking for a character who embodies Solterran ideals, will have substantial enough activity to help drive the court in a positive direction, and solid ideas to bring to the court in terms of events, planning, etc.

    • You must use your Day Court character account to cast your vote - ONLY characters from Day Court can vote here!
      • One vote per member, even if you have multiple Day Court characters.
      • Those nominated may not vote for themselves. They are allowed to vote for a different character, if they wish.

    • You can post in this thread if you'd like to interact with Solis or the nominees!

  • Character Requirements for those Nominated:

    • If you win the member vote and have another character in a Regime position (Sovereign, Regent, Emissary), that character must step down before your winning character can step up. This must be completed within 2 weeks.

  • General rules and requirements regarding Sovereigns:

    • Regarding Sovereign vulnerability: Sovereigns will be deemed Vulnerable if you make 10 IC posts or less per month (this means that it will be extremely easy for anyone to win a Challenge against you), and posted absences only make you immune for 2 weeks.

    • Sovereign activity requirements: To promote activity within their respective Courts, the Sovereign must setup 1 IC event every other season.

    • Once you are selected and your profile approved, your first duty will be to create a Court Rules thread in your respective Court forum. Read this thread for things you can do as Sovereign.


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Congratulations to @Adonai, Solterra's new Sovereign!

The voting may be over, but...

... you can still post ICly in this thread if you'd like! Any character - from any Court - may continue to post in this thread to interact with Solis and the nominees.
Bonus is that you can immediately claim this thread as completed for signos and/or EXP after you reply - even if you don't meeting the post count requirement!


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