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V e i l N e b u l a
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There was a growing since of familiarity.

It was something she once shared with fellow stars. The ability to recognize a certain shade of yellow, or the certain brightness in the distance. The way they would twinkle at each other in silent laughter, a communication that went deeper than a spoken language. A shared thought, a shared mind, a community that knew each other. She could feel that same camaraderie growing now as she shared time, shared space, shared emotions with this mare, this mare who had given her time, and friendship, and comfort and sympathy and empathy and so much more. It wasn't a gentle placate as she was shoved forward into another cultural event she had no awareness too, no previous knowledge on - no clear understanding of what to expect.

This was different, this was care.

This was a sense of belonging that Veil had been missing since her descent from the skies. She had been noticed, alone and afraid, and instead of walking past, she'd been brought out, she'd been offered comfort, offered kindness, and in return, the star was growing to shine for her new friend. Her heart filling with gratitude and a growing affection as she followed the other as she allowed herself to feel comfortable to lean on another, to trust. It wasn't something she gave easily - but in such a short time, this creature of earth and gold was proving herself worhty.

The star was grateful, truly.

She didn't understand there choice to move though - not aware of the way tides moved, or that the green stuff she was introduced to - why it was important. Why it needed noting. What was it's purpose, what was it's point? Those thoughts died however when she was gifted with the most wonderous thing instead, and in that wonderous gift, the first planes of understanding were planted, a silent awareness of what that first sound followed by the one that trinkled like jewelry from the other's muzzle, her sound, the sound that was as she was. It wasn't a greeting noise as she had thought . . . it was an introduction noise.

But then, how could she replicate.

There was a moment, a hesitation, as the star struggled to figure out how to explain herself, but this time, she pointed to herself, and then to the sky, her gaze on the stars that twinkled down to her, and for that brief moment she felt homesick again - missing being up there, another star in the sky. The other's noises reminded her to pay attention, sensing more empathy, more compassion, and she smiled softly - sadly as her gaze lifted up once more, briefly, before the other spoke again, understanding, and a sense of something . . . something that cooled Veil's heart, and she stepped towards the other.

She hesitated for a moment before she offered a smile.

Galactic dust kicked up briefly around them once more, as her hair was tugged on by the wind. She ignored it, to touch her muzzle down on the other's shoulder, reassuring and solid - a support should the other need it, just as she had been to her so far. The star then stepped closer, breast to breast, as she wrapped her head, her neck around the other in a tight hug, expression that since of friendship in am embrace before stepping back in surprise.

The other's chest thumped.

Veil tilted her head briefly, looking at Jane curiously before seeming to search for permission before touching her chest, the thumping, beating of the heart alive beneath her muzzle. Veil jumped back again, startled before instantly her muzzle was over her chest, the silent stillness of a pulsating star that pulsed on a different wavelength, an energy wave, rather than a physical contraction. The other's heart pumped blood, hers had reactions that fed her energy. The star looked back at the creature curiously, before motioning to her chest in curiosity, wanting to know why she beat, her hoof tapping the heart beat, before touching her own chest and stilling the noise, explaining the difference, wanting to know why, wanting to know what was in her friend's chest. And then her eyes went wide with worry, almost afraid her friend might be hurt because she was making noise with her body too.

Was her new friend okay?

Notes:: She is having some connections being made now :D
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Jane had never been good at getting close to people. Even as a child, her mother’s gaze had been empty and cool. The foal version of herself had been the fifth wheel, the hanger on with no purpose in the group. They wouldn’t have even noticed if she disappeared, and she was sure that none of them gave a damn that she had gone. 

But this person cared. Jane leaned her body towards the other, constantly sharing her emotions and her care, her sympathy. There was a brightness to the celestial being that seemed to grow from Jane’s affection, and she loved to see it. 

There was a hesitation as they left the water’s edge, and Jane didn’t know if that was a desire to remain, or simply a lack of understanding of the danger. Of course, Jane didn’t wholly know if the water was dangerous for the speckled creature. The hesitation lasted but a moment, and was soon swept away by the excitement of Jane revealing her name. What must it mean, for it to be so profound? Surely the creature had a name, even if unpronounceable. But the mare faltered, fell into a silence deeper than that which already lingered, and something akin to shame crossed her face. 

But empathy went a long way, and the other offered a smile. Offered, yes, like a gift. Jane accepted it, smiling back, before the other stepped close and touched Jane’s shoulder. The other’s breath was soft and warm, nearly healing. Jane returned a touch to the mare’s withers, before being enveloped in a hug. The height difference made it difficult, but for a moment she felt the deep embrace of the other’s body against her own. It was enough for Jane to notice the stillness of the other’s chest, confirming something she didn’t even know she had suspected. This wasn’t quite a horse. It was in the shape of a horse, but it was something else. 

Then the other jolted backwards, apparently startled. Jane was a little stunned by the quick movement and change in mood, but worry soon showed itself on the mare’s face. A gesture to the chest, followed by the tap of the mare’s hooves, and Jane felt herself softening, calming. 

“I’m okay, it’s just my heartbeat.”

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