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Hello, darkness, my old friend, I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping, left its seeds while I was sleeping
It felt like homecoming.

Her hoof touched down on the sand as filmed wings stopped moving. Her ivory hair floated lightly on the soft ocean breeze, carrying the scent of sea with her. It was her step back onto Novus soil, though it did little to settle her thoughts. The trip had been harsh over the sea, stopping from island to island to get back, but it wasn't as difficult as the sight of her homelands had been; her kingdom had looked. The earth had begun to reclaim everything, growing back slowly. But her people were still locked in safety behind the barriers of the Autumnous Court, not that she was surprised. She'd seen some of the monsters, those terrible equines who had slaughtered her people, had been through recently. Still checking up frequently - waiting for her return. She didn't stay long. A traveling sack was filled with what she had gone home for, beyond checking on things - though it was the primary reason for her return home. No, she'd returned with packages of carefully preserved seeds and handfuls of carefully wrapped seedlings ready for transfer into the soil, and of course, her apology to Luvena for being gone was the entire package of different herbs and medical supplies difficult to find in Novus, all stored properly with clean, delicate writing labeling each one carefully. 

Perhaps Lu would forgive her.

Especially when she explained in private, she just . . . she had to see her home, see how it was doing. Her duty demanded it of her. One day, she prayed that the Florumian Court would one day grow strong again. It might not be any time soon, but hopefully one day. She could only hope. But now, she was back in Novus, much to her relief. It was with much relief to return to this land. A soft warmth on her chest was a touch of delight, filling her heart with a soft bit of warmth that was tempered by a melancholy disappointment. She touched her muzzle to the red stone, missing the knowledge that the other end of the red stone would forever remain cold in death - no longer connected to the individual who had given it to her so he would know if she ever needed him.

Trey had taken so much with him.

What light had returned in her life with Calico and Convallis had disappeared further upon Convallis's death, her sweet little boy taken before he had the chance to even experience life properly. But she kept moving with each day, with each step of the way. She was determined to keep making it forward, keep stepping one step in another. One day at a time. But life always seemed to have a bit more room for her to breathe in when she was in Novus. Here she was, rebuilding herself up. Here, she could keep trying. Here, she could try to get better, to move on, to be stronger, and perhaps here, one day; she could smile and mean it. One day the pain would be a distant memory.

One day she could just live.

It was getting easier at times, but she still guarded her heart as she always would. But as she took a few steps through the sand, she felt just a little better, a little brighter to be back here, where she had those who cared for her, who knew her history, knew where she came from, could see when she needed a day of distraction, or just a shoulder to lean on. And here, she could hide in her medic duties, could help others still. Here, she could fly through the air and just be happy. Here, it was just a little better.

It made Novus home.

She kicked off from the sand, wings fluttering as she headed further into the beach, glancing around and just breathing in the Novus air. She'd make her way back to the Night Court later, but for now, some time to soak in the sun and relaxing on the ocean breeze would be nice. Her wings fluttered, leaving a light trail of glittering, iridescent fairy dust in her wake as the mare breathed in softly, soaking up the scent, the sounds of Novus.

It was good being home.

Notes: And Caelum is back on Novus soil.

And the vision that was planted in my brain
still remains within the sound of silence


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