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"through light and darkness we shall prosper"

It had been a few weeks now since Kaelix had arrived, and other than the joining of a new court, their life had been fairly calm and easy going. Their brain was still muddled up though, not quite remembering how they survived their first days here, nor reminding much of his.. previous life, if you could call it that. It would probably clear up, they thought. It was not the first time Kaelix has had difficulty recalling things, which was most likely a side effect of the magic they carried and used a little too much for the current level they had.

This is why Kaelix was often found in the Library these days, trying to learn, to consume all available material there was to better their control and to cut back on these side effects. While they still remembered most of it – and their memory did usually return after a month – it was slightly concerning to them that the time it took to fully restore seemed to take longer and longer each time it happened.

With a sigh as they read through yet another book that talked about various herbs and plants that could be found in these lands, Kaelix raised their head and almost let out an audible groan at the way the muscles in their neck and back seemed to croak, their electric blue eyes closing with the movement.

It had been a while since they had last taken a proper break, but this was what they loved doing most, learning and gaining knowledge was something that made him thrive – though the outside air would most likely relieve the slight headache they had been nursing since this morning. This was where Kaelix felt cozy, so much so that they were able to simply zone out and forget the world around them existed.

“speak” | ooc: open to all, Kael is just in their own little world right now ♥


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V e i l N e b u l a
Visions of your pretty face send me into hyper space
Caught up in a palentary world
A place of higher intellect.

Or perhaps, something that could answer questions? Maybe it was more along the lines of a place that connected you to the universe? Veil wasn't sure about exactly where she was going, but the emotional cues she had picked up when others seemed to be lost, and confused, and then began to make those odd sounds that changed their emotions to an eagerness and a desire for understanding led her to assume there was something out there that might have answers - perhaps even answers for her. And so she'd tried to make it clear to Jane that she'd be back later, to not to worry. Reassuring smiles, eager swishes of the tail, and all that. It was hard having no better way to communicate, she was still struggling to understand the very bare basics of it all.

So she'd set off in a random direction.

She was relying on her abilities to lead the way, following directions, and changing her course when she began to feel the sense of despair, loss, or fear. Once those feelings were replaced with determination, excitement, conquest, and success would she continue on her new path, hoping those senses of deja vu, the universe guiding her hoof would get her to where she needed to be? So, she made her trek, growing more excited herself as she left the land of heat and sunshine that Jane had led her to, and into another terrain, the mare not yet understanding the idea of herds, kingdoms, or that each place was another group's home.

Hopefully, they'd overlook an alien trespasser.

The star was eager for answers, either way and so her steps carried her forward, forward to who knows what she could learn. Her hooves clicked against the flooring as she stepped into the building, galactic dust rolling off her spine, falling from her flight feathers, from her mane and tail. Purple galaxy eyes blinked in confusion as her steps fell short and she suddenly found herself staring up at tall storage receptacles holding rectangle, after rectangle. She hesitated, starting to wonder if this would actually be the successful journey she was hoping for.

She started forward slowly, once more.

Her gaze suddenly fell onto a distant individual, who appeared to be doing something with one of those odd rectangles, it had been split in half. A few others were doing the same, and occasionally flipping through the rectangles, and she watched their expressions she realized they seemed to gain insight from those rectangles that could be broken. Walking towards a wall, the mare hesitated before using that odd moving thing without touching stuff, to pull the odd rectangle towards her. It fell apart, connected on one side, but splitting off into tiny fragments in the shape of the large rectangle side. Staring at the item, she had to keep herself from making a sound of displeasure.

Those odd symbols!

The ones that seemed to mean the same thing as the odd noises these earthlings made! The very means of expressing themselves to each other that those who lived on this rock had developed! The very means of communication she had no knowledge of! By the stars in space, how was she supposed to get answers to leaving this rock when she couldn't make those noises herself, much less understand them - certainly not be able to look at symbols to decipher them! She could look at the sky and know what star was which, where they came from, their age, and history. She was connected to the very makings of the universe. She, herself, was a star that was eons old, had traveled for lightyears to crash onto this rock.

And these stupid symbols, the stupid noises!

They just kept making more trouble. Her emotions were a mass of dissatisfaction, despair, annoyance, anger, as well as a touch of fear, misery, the desire to go home, the worry it would never happen, that she would never understand. So much worry, so much fear. So much despair. Her eyes closed, her breath left her in a sudden whoosh of air as she forced herself to calm down. Her body lost some of the tension, the galactic dust a little less frenzied as it fell from her body, dwindling to a soft trickle, obscuring less of her shape as she started to move forward again, wondering if there was any other purpose to keep walking around here . . . She didn't spare others more than a passing glance, a brief nod if eyes were met (though some seemed interesting enough in appearance - such as the being with blue wafting from the base of a tail). No, her mind was far more preoccupied, far more dejected.

It was clear this place held no answers for her.

At least not yet.

Notes:: So, uhm yeah, I tried to ignore it, but I've wanted to let Veil reply to this since you posted it. Sorry, not sorry :P
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