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B e l o w Z e r o
There is a girl who haunts that lighthouse
She saved me, I was swimming
So you I almost drowned
Her breathing was slow, centered, rhythmic on a 10 count. In, one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. Out, one two three four five six seven eight nine ten. And repeat. Her mind was blank, but her ears were swivled towards her companion as she stood in the sea, Yuki resting at the surface of the water further out. Very good, keep breathing and reach out - try to sense the water around you. Taste the salt of it, be the currents, feel the drag and push. Her bonded spoke through the water, the sounds carrying in a language only understandable to those who spoke with the waves.

But Bel listened. Her senses shifted out, focusing on the water. Her brows drew together as she tried to imagine being the water, doing what Yukime said. Not like like that, you're doing it again.. Stop trying so hard. Don't think about it, just let yourself go. Like . . . Like when you followed the song to me. Instinct will guide you. Remember, your species was designed for this back home. Bel sighed, but nodded, once more clearing her mind, focusing on her breathing and just listening. Her heart beat slowed, and soon her breathing was in time to the crash and pull of the waves, rather than any counting. Salt flavored her muzzle, the smell carrying to her nose, Good. Very good. her bonded's voice was different now. All around her. Floating. Now lift it up. Like we practiced in the swamp.

Bel remembered those lessons when she had first started out, so doing that was easy. The water lifted slowly like a stream, swaying in the air. Good, now separate it. Into a ball. The aquatic mare did just that, pulling it from the water, and struggling to maintain her focus between the two pieces of water - the sea around her, and the ball of water she had pulled from it. Good, I know this is hard, separating what you're connected to, but you're doing well for the first time. Go ahead and unfold yourself from the sea, focus on just the ball. And when your ready. I want you to explode it out. Imagine there are a flock of monsters in the sky. . . And you need to take them out.

Keeping both sets of eyes closed, Bel focused, letting her attention turn from the sea as a whole and to the water ball. Slowly she opened her eyes, one set at a time. And with another stabling breath, her eyes narrowed at the ball and it exploded into half a dozen spears of water that shot off at the sky above them at high speeds of intense pressure. Bel's eyes widened at the success, and Yuki smiled, Well done. Go ahead and rest now. We will do more later. Bel was more than happy to agree, moving to lay down in the surf and smiling at Yuki, "It's finally starting to get a lot easier!" She said with a happy smile.

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Notes:: Battle Magic! Battle Magic!
Artist Credit to Miss Satin

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