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Fight: Judged  - Little Do You Know

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Fight Type: Challenge.
Prize: Dusk Court Sovereign.
Contact Made: Yes.

Character #1: @Liam 
Bonded: No.
Magic: No.
Armor: No.
Weapons: No.
Current Health: 10
Current Attack: 10
Current Experience: 15

Character #2: @Rhone 
Bonded: No.
Magic: Earth manipulation at the vexillum level.
Armor: No.
Weapons: No.
Current Health: 20
Current Attack: 18
Current Experience: 47


It was time.

Dusk Court had been quiet. Too quiet, the stallion reasoned. There was absolutely no reason for it to be this silent, to be seemingly dead. While the Court itself seemed just as lively and thriving as always, the Sovereign was nowhere to have been found. The military was doing everything they could do in order to keep the peace, but Liam found himself growing weary of cleaning up messes that should have been cleaned up by the Sovereign. Not that the copper-burnished stallion was growing cross with the current Sovereign. No one knew where Rhone had gone, and as the days progressed, Liam grew more and more concerned. Terrastella had gone far too long without a leader, and by Vespera, Liam would do anything possible that he could to provide its citizens with a leader.

It was still early enough in the morning that there was a fine mist hovering over the ground. Birds chirped as he walked along, his hooves leaving decently-sized divots behind in the ground. The mist clung to his coat, wetting the ends of his mane, causing it to stick to his neck, and his forelock to his forehead. His copper-burnished coat was a rich, warm chestnut this morn as the mist settled in on his frame. As he walked along, his tail swished over his rippling hindquarters, whisking away the pesky flies as they woke from their slumber and began to follow their equines of interest. The grasses brushed against his fetlocks and knees as he moved, gentle swishing breaking the silence of the world in this early of the morning. Part of him wondered why he'd chosen now to start the challenge, why he hadn't chosen a later time of day, especially with the brunt of the summer day set to rise in a few hours. In reality, the stallion enjoyed the warmth, thrived in it even.

The sun still lingered below the horizon, though there was evidence that it was beginning to peek out over the land that it ruled. Inhaling deeply, Liam stopped and basked in a few of those first early morning rays, nickering contentedly as he did so. There was an urge to lay down and roll in the dew-covered grass, but the copper-burnished stallion withheld from doing so, but only just. The mission that he was on was something of meaning, something that would define him for the rest of his life. Once, he'd worn the weight of a crown. Having enjoyed it, Liam's heart shattered when he had to leave it behind, knowing that there would be no chance of going back. But his homeworld had beckoned him home, pleading with him to help restore a sense of normalcy there. Being given a purpose meant something to the stallion, something that he couldn't explain, nor could he even try to. In a way, he figured, it gave him something to do, something to keep him busy. Always a soldier at heart, being active always kept him alert, happy, and ready to go at a moment's notice should his help be needed.

For that reason, the stallion approached the Bellum Steppe, his hooves pausing on the edge of the rigid circle. Scanning the area, Liam noticed that the grass was down-trodden, evidence left behind by several battles. Having visited here before with Cordelia, he was keenly aware of the threat of burrows and holes littering the plains that threatened to snap the ankles of the unwary. Inhaling the fresh, clean air deeply, Liam stepped forward into the flattened circle, letting the feel of the ground beneath him transport him to a mindset that he hadn't been to in several years. It was one of a warrior, one of a fighter

Situating himself in the center of the dirt circle, Liam waited, his ears swiveling as he listened for anyone to approach. His nostrils flared as he took in great lungfuls of air, his body quivering as adrenaline slowly filled his veins.

Liam Kenway was ready.

"Liam speaks."

Voice claim;; Chris Evans
Words;; 669


Summary: Liam walked in, inspected his surroundings/the environment, challenged Rhone for Dusk Court Sovereign. Waits for Rhone.

Attack Used:
Attack(s) Left:
Block Used: 0
Block(s) Left: 1
Item(s) Used: N/A

Response Deadline: September 7, 2021
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Due to not responding, @Rhone forfeits the fight and @Liam takes the Dusk court throne!

This thread will be locked and moved to the Archives shortly. The characters' official experience has been updated to reflect these changes (along with any signos rewards sent), so there's no need to post in the Experience Updates or Signos Redemption threads!

This thread cannot be claimed as a "completed thread" for signos redemption.

Participate in a Battle or Challenge: +1 EXP
Winning a Battle or Challenge: +2 EXP
Winning a Battle or Challenge: 25 Signos
TOTAL: +3 EXP, 25 Signos

No "Participate in a Battle or Challenge" experience is gained if fight is forfeited by lack of response.

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