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Liam Kenway

It is time.

Rousing himself from slumber, the stallion pulls himself out of the bed he shared with Buchanan before silently bathing himself in the warm water that his chambermaiden had drawn for him. With sleep still clouding his mind, he bathed quickly and dried off before pressing a tender, loving kiss to Buchanan's cheek before smiling tenderly at the stallion as he burrows deeper into their bedding. "I love you, Buck," he whispered tenderly before leaving their shared home. Since the taller stallion had found him in Novus, things had been on the upswing, had been changing for the good. He'd become Sovereign, had started to carve out an even deeper home within Novus and Dusk Court itself, and had even obtained a new home that he hoped to fill with love and laughter with Bucky. It was a necessary thing; they'd both been through so much in their lives, and this was the best sort of life that Liam could imagine giving them.

The sun was just beginning its meeting with the sky, everything bathed in a warm, soft light as the shadows withdrew their claim on the world. The grass and other plants outside his home and outside the Citadel were still covered in the dew from the overnight mist, and as Liam touched a newly blooming flower with his nose, he heard his royal advisor approach him, the gelding's hooves beating a staccato pace against the tile floor. Huffing softly, lips curled in an amusing grin, Liam turned to face him, ears pricked as he listened intently, Liam hummed and tilted his head to the side. "Well, yes. I planned on announcing the regime change today, but--" He paused, brow furrowing as he listened to the advisor, only just realizing that the Citadel didn't look presentable. With a soft groan, Liam entered the main atrium, ears flattening back in annoyance at the appearance of it all. There were bird droppings, pieces of nests, feathers, and other debris laying scattered around the room. "I need the janitorial staff now," the copper-burnished stallion urged his advisor, his voice imploring.

The advisor nodded and quickly backed away, his hooves beating in that familiar staccato pace as he rushed off in a hurry to find the janitorial staff. Flaring his nostrils, Liam turned his narrowed gaze to the lovebirds that had taken refuge in his atrium. They were supposed to have been a gift from the Day Court Sovereign, but at the current moment, they seemed to be more of a hassle than a gift. Snorting in disbelief, Liam looked behind him as the janitorial staff approached him, and he quietly moved out of their way, letting his advisor know that he wanted the atrium to be cleared out of the lovebirds -- temporarily -- and for the atrium to be decorated in the Dusk Court colors and the draperies adorned with Vespera's image. The advisor nodded, wrote it down on the clipboard he was carrying with him before he departed with the design team. Liam glanced at the janitorial staff and the animal caretakers as they both cleaned up and attempted to relocate the birds temporarily before he set off again.

Just a few short hours later, it was nearing midday, and as Liam approached the Citadel again, he saw that everything was set up to his expectations, his advice, and he just gave a gentle smile and nod to his advisor, who smiled back at him. While not exactly perfect, Liam figured that the meeting would go better if the decorations were Vespera-oriented. It wasn't like the atrium was decorated for a party; rather, the decorations were subdued, proper, and respectful. There were refreshments, and Liam was appreciative of it. Glancing around, he noticed that there was a pulpit that he could speak from, but standing above everyone else felt wrong, and it made his skin crawl. Turning to face the crowd that had finally gathered, the copper-burnished stallion heard the whispers. He heard how his appearance in the Court was suspect, how he had been nothing but a soldier and that he had no right to be leading, but his favorite accusation was that he needed to go back to being a hermit and no one asked him to step up.

Inhaling deeply, Liam walked to the front of the crowd that had gathered, his eyes bright and coat shimmering as he stood in the rays of the sun. "I know that I'm probably not who you expected or who you may have wanted for Sovereign in the absence of Rhone. However, I did check in on him to make sure that he was okay before I did stake my claim," he began, voice clear and loud enough for those in the back to hear him. "Dusk Court and Terrastella have been quiet for far too long. Vespera herself once asked me what I would do if the kingdom fell. Would I move on? Or would I help rebuild?" Here, he paused, letting the questions ring for a few moments in the heads of the citizens, of the crowd that had gathered. He could see the questions in their eyes, unspoken and unvoiced. "Today, I'm standing before you to let you know that I'm intent on rebuilding the Dusk Court to its best form yet. I am a soldier, yes, but I've been a ruler before. I know what must be done, what should be done, and what can be done to better the kingdom I lead."

Once more, he pauses, but he doesn't stay silent for long. "I am not someone who jumps headlong into battle, who jumps without thinking first. I give immense thought to everything that I do. I've been that way since I was a young colt. I've been a fighter from day one. I was born far too early, sickly, and I honestly shouldn't be standing before you today. But because I am a fighter, I fought to continue to survive, and I will fight for you just as hard. But above all, I am one of you. Yes, I may hold the title of Sovereign, but I am you. Your worries are my worries. But in order to do everything that I would love to do, I need a regime. If you have the desire, the time, and the want to better our wonderful Court, please, step forward," Liam implores gently, falling silent as he waits for questions, concerns, or even others to step forward and join him as members of the Terrastellan council.

"Liam Speaks."

Notes;; All are welcome and encouraged to join in the fun! <3
Voice claim;; Chris Evans
Words;; 1091

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B e l o w Z e r o
i chime in with a "haven't you people ever heart of
closing the goddamn door?!"
no, it's much better to face these kinds of things
with a sense of poise and rationality
Bel didn't know what to think.

The stallion before her, taking the lead of this realm, this court, these people wasn't Rhone. And while that sat wrong, that she was going to be addressed by someone else, the crowd was her true irritants. She might not know what to expect, but even she knew that a Triton deserved respect, deserved backing. And these voices, hiding in the crowd were more than a little annoying. She didn't even hesitate, her voice ringing out above the whispering, accusatory, angry, irritated, "Shut the hell up, you're all acting like a bunch of whiny tadpoles! So he's not Rhone, we get that, but why don't you all give the stallion a chance to speak up before you condemn him from where he started, yeah? So shut up. Let him talk. And then, speak to him directly, don't pretend you're whispering behind his back! We're Terrastellans, I thought we had more care and compassion for each other than this!" She snapped, using her magic to alter the water content in the air, so her voice carried farther and through the whole crowd.

Only then did she dip her head to Liam.

He might not be Rhone, but . . . he was familiar now. And while she might not know how to take the exchange, she wasn't going to let him be ran off before he could even be coorinated. She was a Battlemage after all, and she'd defend Terrastella, as well as their Sovereign until her magic gave out if need be, even if it was defending Liam from the Court he intended to rule. Thankfully he then moved forward, speaking of knowing they likely wouldn't expect it to be him at the forefront. His words about Rhone did help aid in her concern of course, and she let some of her own tension dissolve like sugar in water. And she did have to agree that the Court had been too quite.

She'd complained about that to him, not too long ago.

But this was still so, so odd. She did nod along to his words though, that he'd rebuild the court, make it stronger. And that he had previous ruling experience wasn't nothing to scoff of as well. But could he do what he really said he wanted to. He continued to speak, Bel listening with the others, her fins almost flat against her back, carefully considering every word he spoke. From his personal story as a pup, to his intentions on working with them, all of them to do better for Dusk. He fell quiet, asking for others to approach, take up command in the council, but she remained silent for a while, before calling out above the crowd once more.

It worked so well the first time after all.

"How do you intend to build this Court back up? What are your plans for Dusk, and her citizens?" She asked, head tilting to the side, but keeping her face calm, and friendly. He might not be Rhone, no, but he'd have an ally in her while he stood up to the crowd, while he took those steps, because writing him off before he could so much as dust off the crown wasn't cool. And she was now curious . . . curious of just what Liam planned to do with Terrastella now that he was standing incharge.

Notes:: This might have gone differently if that crowd hadn't been so mean in your post. It tugged at her sense of duty.

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the Twins

They crept in like silent shadows, lingering near the back of the gathering for a few moments to try and understand what was happening. Meetings were commonplace within the Courts, but usually nothing this extensive ever happened unless something large transpired.

Erd stood in front of his brother, watching with wide, turquoise eyes as a burnished sorrel fellow began to preach and talk, introducing himself. Liam. Ah, that was right. He recalled their brief interaction.

They had met fleetingly in the past, but it had been a very bad mental health day for Ard and so the twins had not remained long enough to get to know the man beyond learning his name. Ard had been in the midst of a terrible episode and had wanted nothing more than to return to their small, comfortable, safe home, and Erd had been far too distracted with worry for his twin brother to really give the man -Sovereign, it seemed- any true time of day.

Guilt reared its ugly head now, as the two petite boys moved towards the front of the crowd where they could see better. Erd stopped, and Ard stepped up next to him, their sides pressed intimately close together as they took solace in one another’s company. They wore their matching cloaks and mantles, letting the weight of the matching fabric hide their petite, thin bodies from onlookers. Their hoods were down, however, revealing their sharp faces, so anyone would recognize them if they knew, but the older twin knew how much these outfits comforted Ard whenever he was feeling particularly overwhelmed.

Ard’s sharp, glassy stare surveyed the land with notable tension. His body quaked with shivers, and Erd pressed close, kissing the nape of his neck with reassurance before focusing entirely on Liam as the stallion moved, paced, and addressed.

The twins had witnessed many events like this; meetings that went over the exchange of power. No longer did it fill them with unbridled terror, however, as those who ruled Terrastella seemed to be just and kind, and nothing like their previous masters… But the fear never abated, not truly. Erd knew that Ard would be a mess for days to come after this, until they knew that this Liam would not be violent with them, would not force them to do things that they did not want to do.

It would take time. It always took time.

Erd just hoped that Liam was a patient man.

He preached about his prowess in battle and Erd shared a knowing glance with Ard. His twin seemed pensive and uncertain, the tremble to his frame impossible to miss as they stood pressed against one another, but Erd opened his mouth and called out amidst the much louder voices, and much larger bodies.

“You talk about your skills as a fighter, as a soldier,” he began, his voice quaking but strong, even as Ard cowed next to him and averted his gaze to not see the onslaught of eyes that would surely turn in their direction, “Terrastella does not need to be led with the mindset of a fighter. We have been here far longer than you, Your Majesty. We have seen Kings and Queens come and go. When the rains fell and water swallowed our Court, when Vespera turned her back on us, when time itself swallowed those who came before you, when we lived in fear because of Raum’s wrath within Solterra, we were here. Terrastella does not need a soldier to lead it, nor do we want it. We know the cruelty passed down by the hands of soldiers, so if there is any insight I can give you, is that those of Terrastella do not live by the voices of their minds, but the voice within their hearts...” And Erd knew, so very well, just Ard did, that soldiers did not live by the voices of their hearts.

Soldiers did not have hearts. They had only their minds, cold, brutal, manipulating, violating, dominating and conquering… Next to him, Ard shuddered, yet lifted his gaze as well. Both twins, identical in body, mind, and soul, held the King’s stare fiercely.

Erd spoke, knowing that Ard couldn’t, but he knew his brother’s sentiments mirrored his own when he said, “Defend us, if you wish, as a King should, but do not lose that voice in your heart. Because if you do, you no longer have our best interests in mind, and you will no longer deserve our fealty.”



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too fondly to be fearful of the night

The silence has finally been shattered .

The Sovereign has been replaced , and even out in the swamps , he has heard . So of course , Grimwyck has made his way to the heart of the Court itself , weaving through the bodies of several citizens . He's forgone his usual attire today , instead blending in with the common crowd , all ash and soot instead of greens and golds . After all , he doesn't need to necessarily shock the new Sovereign with ... well . With the attire of what could get him outcasted by someone who would be suspicious . It was better to be safe than sorry at the moment , until he got a better gauge of the new lead , to see who they were .

The past can be a very haunting thing , after all .

He takes a position somewhere in the middle of the crowd , mismatched eyes falling to the front , to listen to the speech and to hear what others speak up and what they ask . What they say .

The pale dun softens a little , hearing two in particular , and he feels himself slowly step forward . He doesn't feel he has a place to speak here , but he is a part of Terrastella , therefore , his voice should be heard , should it not ?

" I must agree . There are many of us here that do not fight . Some of us as well that ... well , could be considered different as well . Outliers in places . What of us that simply want more peace , less soldier ? " His lips purse a moment , but then soften . He doesn't want to be accusatory , but he doesn't not want the Court to be militant either . He doesn't wish to be uprooted , to run and flee somewhere .

" I don't mean to sound accusatory . I am simply a tea cultivator , a merchant of herbs and salves on the edges of the swamp here in Terrastella . So you can see why soldiers might not mix too well into that . I am no fighter , my Sovereign . I never have been , and I never want to be , either . " He leaves out other parts of his past . After all , there's no reason to get personal here . At least , not that personal . A witch is a witch , no matter where he goes .

the resident witch has arrived


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Pure of Heart

Uzi and Neema left their cozy home, the work toward making it a proper workspace well on its way. The mare paced forward, her companion keeping close to her left hand shoulder as they moved with the crowds toward where the meeting had been called. It was a shock to see the members of the court, many she hadn’t seen since she was Champion of Battle. There was a crushing moment of guilt and regret as she processed the thought and she had to pause to make sure that she could handle the faces that she had abandoned.

The striking mare’s ears caught the words being shouted. The accusations from the aquatic creature toward the members of her court made her feel a sense of fury that was in accord to the mare. She then listened to the other’s words with a nod.

"I have been gone from the court. I am a face that might not be as welcome. I was once the Champion of Battle. But, I am a warrior no more. I am unafraid to fight should the occasion call for it, but my passion now resides in the creation of the weapons that aid soldiers in their battles. That being said, I believe that those in the court that are able should be willing to defend those that are less inclined or are unable to defend themselves. As should all courts. We are not those that can be pushed under the waves to drown in throws of war. We are strong, no matter where our strength truly comes from. It can be as a soldier, or as one that soothes the heart of another. We all have ways to help the court and should be willing to aid in any way that we can. Our court is like our family. Some of us do not have a family outside of the court, have been alone for longer than we care to admit. We have friends in other courts, friends that we love dearly. But we are one court that can be either helpful to one another or harmful." She paused to look at those around her. 

"I am not saying that our court should be a war band. I am just saying that we need to give our new sovereign a chance to lead us in a way that can make out court better. That can make each of us better. No, we are not all fighters. But we can all fight for what we believe in in our own ways." She finished, looking at the stallion that was the new lead and dipping her head in respect. She moved to the side, her maned wolf curling under her frame to stay away from hard hooves. The mare was feeling passionate in a way that had not come out in some time. Perhaps this was what it meant to embrace who one was and come to terms with the changes that could come from growing and maturing. 



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A s t a
do you believe in reinarnation?
'cause i thought i saw your soul
The door was locked.
My parents must be leaving.
But they would dare lock me in?

"I should be there! I am a member of this court as well." I shouted angrily through the door, my hair almost wild in the fit I was throwing. I hated this, being controlled, being told what to do, what I should think, feel, expect, Hush child, this isn't for a delicate soul like you. It'll be a lot of boring things anyways. Why don't you work on playing the harp? Or paint a lovely piece? It'll be fine. We will be back before you know it. My mother's soft voice only grated on my nerves further, No, I want to be there too!" I growled out, before ramming my shoulder into the door. ENOUGH. I froze at the deep tone of my father, alarmed at how gruff it was, not a tone he usually took with me, We will not discuss this further. You will stay here, we will tell you anything we feel you need to know, after the meeting. I heard a shuffle, his voice was quieter, not spoken to me, Keep her inside, and safe. I will not tolerate anything happening to our Promise while we are gone. So guards, they were putting guards on my door . . . Of course.

They always had guards.

And there would be more outside. I'm sure.
I listen as they walk away, staring at the door, wondering how I was going to get out.

I knew to do this right, it was going to require a few extra minutes, and so I flopped back onto the many pillows on my bed, counting the minutes until the magic number '15' crossed my thoughts. Surely enough time for them to be far from the Stendahl Manor, right? Which meant, time for me to sneak out. With so many guards at the door, I'd have to go another route. Which means, taking my exit from the Balcony. I moved towards the doors, throwing them up with a flourish, Miss? a voice asked, and I call back, my voice pitched high, an upset female, What, I can't even go outside for some fresh air now too!" I allowed a wabble, a sniffle, their biggest fear - a crying female. N-no, sorry miss. W-we won't bother you.

I hope they never teach these fools that I'm their biggest deciever.

I step onto the balcony, before looking around, trying to figure out how to get down, how to escape the yards. Standing at the edge of the fencing, I looked over the edge, before my gaze landed on the climbing lattice for ivy that covered a side entrance into the house from the bottom floor. I was fairly light, but likely not light enough for it to hold me . . . But maybe, if I reinforce it with my telekinesis, to hold the areas I step on a little more strongly, at least until I could reach the part of the roof directly over the door? Only one way to find out.

I climbed over the edge, and took a deep breath, and stepped out.

I felt it start to give, and immediately forced all of my magic there.
SO heavy.
So much weight, so so much.

But I couldn't stop.
Couldn't go back.

So I kept walking, my steps one at a time, and only twice did my hoof break through before I could reach proper roofing again, now a whole floor lower. Just 10 feet from the ground now. I didn't dare jump it though. I didn't trust myself not to twist an ankle. Standing on the roof, I peered around desperately, there had to be something, had to be a way to keep climbing down. It was at this point I saw it, the pile of hay in a trolley. It was further down than I wanted, but the hay should offer some help. Oh, I hadn't done this in life times, not since I was raised as a thief in that old sea-side town, an urchin who ran the rooftops. But this wouldn't be the first time I did just a move, so . . . maybe, maybe it'd be okay?

Don't think. Jump.

The words came into a rush, and I could almost see the face of the old stallion, blind in one eye, and a cocky grin. He'd been tall, so tall, so sure of himself, teaching a little filly how to escape from guards with a muzzle full of food in a bag. Don't think. Jump. Twist and land on the back. Just. Jump. I pushed off, twisting in mid air and landing in the wagon with a puff of hay all around me, coughing as the dust entered my lungs. But the depth of the straw kept me from hitting the bottom. I rolled back to my feet, awkwardly half swimming and half climbing out of the wagon, before finally reaching the ground. I'd made down!

Time to go to the meeting.

From here, leaving the house was easy, I took off down the road, my run freeing the straw from my hair, shedding it from my body, as I rushed past the outer wall, and towards the main town. Once I was far enough to be sure none of the men, the guards, had seen, where following, did I allow myself to slow, straightening my shawl, making sure my appearance was back in order. No need to let anyone know I'd jumped off a roof, not that they'd believe that of the Heiress of Stendahl, would they? No one would believe she'd do that.

I reached the meeting, and stayed in the shadow.
A quick glance. There.

Finding my parents were top priority, only then could I sneak into the crowd I was late though, and already others were talking, questioning, and my gaze moved up to the stallion, head tilted, wondering what I had missed, who the king was. I listened to the best of my abilities, listening to what ever I could pick up. Whispers clued me in, as I snuck in deeper into the crowd, far enough my parents would notice me. Liam. His name was Liam . . . and there were doubts on why he should be followed.

I stayed back, keeping one eye on my parents, making sure they didn't notice me.
I was here to just listen, anyways.

@Liam and the Court
Notes:: So, yeah, Asta made it to the meeting >.<
flashing and dancing on the horizon
shades of jade and emerald
Artist Credit to Bingo


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It was strange to wake up beside her. To wake up in the embrace of her warmth. (She was like a furnace at night, not that Luvena minded. It was far better than the chill of her clinic, even in the summer). She always smelled of smoldering ashes, and coffee. The former being a scent that usually would have scared her, (It still did… a little). She rose that morning before Israfel, creeping into the palace hall, so that she could get tea and coffee for them both, before they ventured out to watch Liam’s first meeting. 

It was a long walk to the dusk court, with the terminus sea between them. It meant they had to trek through the bellum steppe, where the ground was not quite forgiving. So they left early (if only to account for her own slow amble). They made it there in time for the meeting though, just as the sun was nearing its height for the day, turning the air hot around them. 

She sighed upon seeing that the lovebirds were here too, and rolled her eyes. Levis gift had been cute at first, it would have stayed cute if they’d gone back. But the singing was incessant… and they shit all over the town square. “I guess Leviathans gifts were not just reserved for us” she murmured to Israfel as they made their way into the citadel. 

She listened quietly as they all droned on about Liam being a soldier. She had forgotten how trivial coronations could be at times. Still she stood square, head high as she listened, one former queen to a new king. A smile pulled at her lips as she heard Bel speak up from somewhere in the crowd. Always honest that one. Her and her sister both. 

@Liam @Israfel
SHe is here! finally lol
"Speech." | @'Name'



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Half of the bed lay empty, and for a long while after Buchanan simply remained there as Liam’s side went cold. He stared at the crumpled lines upon the sheets and wondered just where the hell this life of theirs was taking them. This wasn’t Aklos, and this wasn’t Agnosia. He wondered when he started to long for the warm shores of Irialin, or the comforting valleys of the outside villages. He’d missed Liam, and there was little doubt in Buchanan’s mind that wherever Liam was would be home — but this was a place he was far too unfamiliar with. The inhabitants here were strangers, each face new and leaving him with that tightening coil in the pit of his stomach.

He lacked the natural charisma and charm that Liam could possess. Instead he felt like an awkward bystander to this place, constantly wondering if he truly fit in.

His allegiance wasn’t to these people or this court, but rather to Liam alone. And Buchanan was tired. He could feel an exhaustion settling in that was bone deep. Again Liam had taken up a position as a leader for people that Buchanan hardly knew, and again he found himself remaining by the New-Sovereign’s side.

It was a luxury that he wasn’t sure he liked, or wanted. Hauling himself out of that bed was a chore on it’s own. He felt no need to tidy himself up — the limp strands of his hair remaining as dull and lifeless as ever. He had no attire to adjust, no jewels to perfect. He had no care for such finery, and they would have looked out of place upon him.

He left, his pace sluggish as he tried to remember which way was what. Liam had always been at his side for these strolls, and now he found he couldn’t tell left from right. Except for the commotion.

A furrow crossed his brow as he eyed the growing crowd, carefully finding a place as far back as he could. Retaliation dawned on him then, and he remembered the meeting Liam had spoken about. He was to address the citizens of this Court, reassure them of any questions they might have — do that whole Sovereignly duty. This wasn’t Buchanan’s place — he had no care for politics, but as always he would stand with Liam and support his lover in any way needed.

So as he heard the worried words and concerned whispers, he couldn’t keep the scowl from darkening his face. So many voices seemed to focus singularly upon the soldier Liam had been as though he would rain hellfire and destruction upon them rather than fight for their safety with his last breath. His lip curled, his gaze sharp and critical. No small part of him wanted to approach Liam then, let him know that he wouldn’t be alone in all of this. He remained glued in the background — a diligent eye, instead.

mono | art


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Liam Kenway

It didn't take long for his citizens to start showing up. First, Bel appeared, speaking her support for him, and he couldn't stop the fond and tender smile that appeared on his face at her support. She called the ones complaining and whispering about his lack of experience whiny tadpoles, and he couldn't hide the soft laugh that escaped his mouth, nor could he hide the amusement on his face. Bel went on to say that, as Terrastellans, they were supposed to have more care and compassion for each other, and he hummed softly, wondering what had changed for those naysayers, for the ones whispering about him as if he were nothing. Then Bel asked how he intended to build Dusk Court back up, and what the plans were for the Court and her citizens. "Lovely question, Bel. I think what's important here is that we come together again as a community. Not only supporting each other as friends, but supporting each other as a whole. Terrastellans are caring, loving, right? Standing here before you today, listening to those whispers, I don't feel that love and care very much here," he answers, flicking an ear back in uncertainty. He wasn't sure if he was pushing away his citizens at the moment or not, but it needed to have been said.

Then the twins appeared. Ard and Erd, never one without the other. The dedication that they had to each other was admirable, and Liam adored them. Another fond smile appeared on Liam's face at their entrance, but as Erd began speaking, the smile began to falter before he forced it back into position. "Please, Erd, I may be the new Sovereign, but please just call me Liam. As for me being a soldier before this, I would never force cruelty or wrath or anything of the sort onto my citizens. Your wellbeing, happiness, and health are at the top of my list. I brought up my experience as a solder -- as a captain -- to give an example of my experiences leading, taking care of those beneath me," Liam responded, cautiously approaching the twins. His voice is lowered now, his blue eyes soft and tender. "I would never come to hurt my citizens. I want to support, to build up, to show them that there is someone out there who will listen to their grievances, their complaints, their frustrations. I would never take advantage of them, and I want you both to know this, to see it firsthand. This is why I called this meeting, to let you all know I'm here to care for you all," he finished, backing up and turning his attention to the rest of the crowd that had gathered.

Liam was losing steam, and as more citizens filtered in, he wasn't sure if he could continue standing here, addressing them. That is, until he saw Bucky. His best friend had come to support him, and even though the grumpy stallion stood in the back and avoided everyone else, the copper-burnished stallion was able to take the sight of the other stallion as a sign that everything was going to be okay. A light gray stallion with charcoal points spoke up, asking what to do if they wanted less soldier, more peace. A bemused hum escaped him, and he chuckled softly. "I like this question. Don't think I'm laughing at you, because I'm not. This is actually something I wanted to touch on. I am a soldier, yes. However, what I am first and foremost is just like you all. An equine. A citizen. I make mistakes just like you all do. I think what sets me apart from a typical soldier or someone who may have led before, like Raum as Erd mentioned or anyone else, is that I care. I care so deeply that I end up putting the needs of my citizens before my own. Just because I'm a soldier doesn't mean that I want you all to become one, too. I want you all to continue what you're doing, what you're thriving in, and if you have any issues or any questions, suggestions, what have you, please don't hesitate to seek me out," came the careful advisement, ears flicking as he heard another speak up.

Liam's eyes turned to look at Uzuri, and his expression softened even further, his smile tender and kind. While most of the court was wary of him, clearly fearful that he'd turn into someone who was war-hungry, bloodthirsty, or cruel, it was clear that there were a few there who knew what he was about and who wanted to give him a chance to explain himself. "As Uzuri said, I don't want our court to be a warband. Do I want us to know some basic self-defense movements? I think that'd be wise, but I won't be forcing it upon you because I know how important autonomy is for everyone," Liam advised, pausing as his gaze landed on Bucky once more. He remembered how he'd found the stallion, chained to a metal table, experimented on, reciting his name, his rank, and his military ID that they'd been given upon entering the Agnosian army. Inhaling deeply, Liam pushed the dark memories away and instead focused on the court before him.

He watched as Asta entered, and then as Luvena and Israfel entered together, and his smile grew; the two mares from Night were formidable by themselves, but seemed to be unstoppable together. It was nice to see that they both attended his coronation, considering that he'd missed Isra's own coronation. Guilt bubbled in his stomach, but he brushed it off as he looked upon his court, determination and adoration for everyone burning in his eyes. "Did I miss anyone's concerns? I want to make sure that I answer everyone and try to calm your worries."

"Liam Speaks."

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