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Perhaps… Liseli thought, Perhaps this is the place I have heard so much about. Liseli had never directly been to the Dawn Courts official zones other than the forest. That was, as far as he’d known since his first morning, his true home. It wasn’t that he disliked the more orderly places of buildings and markets and such, in fact he would admit that they often appealed to his secret fancy of creature comforts. Regardless of how he felt about about the structures of it all, he was looking for someone. A doe he’d heard so much about through his ventures through the lands of Novus. Cally… something.

He’d never gotten her full name and in all honestly Liseli saw little use for the court systems in this land. To him all things come and go, but he supposed if it brought peace to the land in some way then maybe it was worth it for then. It would be useful for his observations. Regardless, he knew within himself that he was now within these lands and it would be disrespectful to now partake in some facets of this new life. Though he preferred the fly on the wall as his spirit animal, Liseli had also heard of the medics in this particular kingdom as well. This is truly what had brought him in to this circle. 

Liseli was full of thoughts about the here and there as he approached the large building in front of him. It was the largest he’d ever seen, could’ve been a palace as far as he was concerned. No one to beat around the bush and under the assumption that this was the rulers home he approached the doors. Using one iridescent purple hoof he knocked gently upon the dark-stained wood. It was surprising then, when the large door creaked open on its hinged with a low rumble. From his position Liseli could see slightly inside but there was little detail as the fog and light rain falling around his obscured his view.

He knew it would’ve been politer to remain outside but the rush of warm air from inside appealed to him. That, and his curiosity consumed him most of the time. Pushing his pink muzzle against the door he lightly stepped inside before closing the door with a metallic clop behind him. Now he could see the vast array of books all around him. The scent of the room was comforting as the pages released their intoxicating aroma. He took a few steps more in to the building, the cases seemed to extend forever, silhouetted in the distance from the orange colored candled room. 

After a quick look around Liseli figured he was alone in the silent room, the only noise coming from the soft patter of the rain on the room outside. If this was indeed the place, he thought, then perhaps this ruler wasn’t going to be so bad. Educated at the least. This apprehensive nature was unlike Liseli, he’d seen before the ways that power could corrupt and meeting this figure could trap him in a way he couldn’t be bothered with. Still quietly Liseli took to browsing the titles around him, might as well take advantage of some of the comfort her while he could. As he browsed in strong contemplation the warmth on his skin relaxed his nerves a bit. No reason to jump to conclusions…

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