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we know your name child.
She planned on keeping herself busy. Small tasks, getting accustomed to the Dawn Court and all that it had to offer again. Years had passed after all. 

Today was the first day she had ventured close to the forest since Callynite had pulled her from her compulsive haze. She’d been staying aware, in fear that she’d get trapped within the confines of the trees once more with her mind’s prison insisting upon searching. 

One step. She takes a deep breath, ears perked at the sound of children scampering around. Two steps. Her eyes peer through the trees and into the clearing. Three steps. So many people. They’re going to ruin any traces!!!! She panics, slightly, feeling her heart beating out of her chest. Four steps. No. No. It’s fine. It’s fine. Traces have been long gone. It’s fine. Five steps. Her eyes zone in on Callynite who seems just as anxious as the mare was, though she was certain it was for far different reasons. 

Find other tasks. Fill your time with them instead. It will be okay. ”M’Lady, uhm... Callynite... Can I help?” Her speech is quite, and she’s surprised with the doe turns around relieved giving her a task to complete. Hide eggs in the Western side of the egg hunt. That she could do. Kindred nods her head before grabbing a basket and securing five eggs, the most comfortable number for her, and shuffled her way off toward the western part of the hunt.

One egg. She pushes through some of the brush, finding an abandoned nest. Carefully, she props it up on a few rocks and then places a few more stones inside that were about the same size as the eggs themselves. Then, she slides the egg in with them, partially covered by some of the rocks. Noticeable... but hidden at the same time.

Two eggs. This one she attempted to hide a little higher. In fact, she knew this tree well, she could see her scratch marks upon it from the searches she had done religiously. A small dip was in the bark of the tree, one that went far enough back to cradle an egg. Gently, she placed it there and covered it with a blanket of moss that trailed out of the hole. 

Three eggs. A different area, a little farther off the beaten path with quite a bit of brush built up near the trees. Kindred delicately placed this one in the nook between some of the sprouting roots that were shaded by tall brush, just barely noticeable. 

Four eggs. A rock jutted up off of the trail, to a dense section of branches, just barely within the short mare’s reach. After testing the sturdiness of the rock she eased the egg into the bed of branches and leaves before making her way back down.

Five eggs. A rabbit hole on her way back toward the main area grabs her eye. She places this one just inside of it on another bed of moss that trails out with a stone backing to keep it from tumbling further in.

”That should be good...” she whispers to the air, pressing her nose against her pendant as if Wren were there to approve of her completion. Then, she makes her way back to Cally, depositing the basket near the others again.

”You should be good, m’lady...” she says, a gentle smile on her face as she fights the urge to start searching once more for her sister.

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