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The day was new, the sun had risen and so had she; the Dusk girl lost in the throes of their ways had a heart that pushed and pulled like the cliff tides against its rocky walls. Little had changed there in the home of Vespera and her followers' lives, all save one child who belonged not just to her anymore. The child, but a babe in the confines of a fate that seemed to throw her in a direction all its own, became a torn thing between two forces that could never best the other; they in their grandeur and influence over those of their own kind had taken her heart and broken it into pieces, and the daughter of Dusk and winter wolves was unsure if she could ever mend what had been damaged.

With wayward thoughts about the one she trusted most and had grown quite close to, the painted proclaimed-queen brushed against the arms of the tower walls as she waded about them. Stairs and hallways and doors were passed by for something more finite; she knew where she wanted to go, where she would find the girl that often claimed her dreams in the midst of night, and it was there her star-studded marks would soon be visible had the door been left ajar. It was not the nook of books that she would end, but the single room of the flowered girl.

She approached the entrance, whether opened or closed, with trepidation masked by false-confidence. "Florentine." The solitary name rung against the stone surrounding her and hung like a nail driven into a wall. All sense of softness had left the curves of her voice, and that strong-strung accent was the pull of a tooth.

Outside in the summer heat, a storm brewed as it waited for the chance to let its lightning strike them both.
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  It was a small, innocuous little thing and Florentine’s eyes might, in a beat, have passed over it.
It was fortunate then, that they did not.
The girl was roused from her sleep, not by the soft hiss of paper sliding across a wooden floor, but a sharp knock that followed some twenty minutes later. The girl sat up to the sound of her name, muffled as it worked its way around her closed door.
With a startled jump, Florentine stands, abandoning her bed and messy sheets as she hurries to the door in a flurry of tangled gold and falling petals. It is then that her eyes fall to where her note lies before her door. It is with a frown that she lifts the small folded paper and wonders quite why Rannveig would need to speak to her if a note would not suffice?
The wonderings cease when a jasmine flower escapes its parchment and tumbles to the floor. A blush, a frantic leap of her wounded heart and a flare of yearning slipped like wildfire through the Dusk girl’s veins. She did not need to read the note to know from whom it came. His name is already a prayer upon her lips, and a thief to her heart.
Gathering the wayward flower and replacing it within the folded paper, Florentine spins to find a place to stow it - until she might be alone to read it. Her heart skips and jumps, over and over until it begins to flutter like a hummingbird’s wings. She hears Rannveig stir behind the door and in a moment stows the note hastily beneath her pillow.
Without a backward glance the flower girl reaches the door, opening it in a manner she hopes is decidedly less suspect than the situation feels. “Rann.” Florentine welcomes, her body still sleep rumpled, despite her wide, wide amethyst eyes.
Behind her, thunder growls through her open window, a threat of rain, a threat of more. Stepping back from the door the flower girl welcomes Rannveig with a whisper smile and a nervous curl of her golden neck.
Florentine might have been more nervous still, had she known the letter was not fully stowed beneath her pillow.

@Rannveig - eeeee let's do this. I am tres excite!   @Reichenbach - since you may like to see Flora's reaction to his letter!

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