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Judged  - Where You Been, Sassafras?

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Battle Type: BATTLE 

Character #1: @Raglan
Bonded: no
Magic: no
Armor: no
Weapons: his disarming wit and charm! no

Character #2: @Mila
Bonded: no
Magic: no
Armor: no
Weapons: no

It wasn't as if he hadn't told anyone he was going to be here. 

He'd told one of the younger recruits, a scrawny looking filly with a smudged face and bruised knuckles - Crow through and through, even if she didn't know it yet - to disperse information through the ranks. A spar, he had told her, Tellem it's a good old fashioned brawl. Spit and grit and bloody teeth. The winged rogue had even given the girl a coin for her trouble! Pursing his lips and attempting (then failing) not to roll his eyes, Raglan stared balefully at the land surrounding the arena. It wasn't that it wasn't beautiful in it's own way, it was that Raglan was having a hard time paying attention to the uniqueness of his surroundings when he was so busy pouting. 

Scuffing the dry earth with a pale hoof and squinting up at the autumn sky - crisp and blue and all things fall - the lad huffed a sigh, disappointment rearing it's ugly head and pressing down over his lean muscled shoulders with the weight of Maxence's big fat ego. At the thought of Maxence, however, the horned Crow perked up a bit as his imagination took over. Pushing out his thin chest and stepping toward the center of the ring, Raglan envisioned the Desert King standing before him in all of his cocky glory.

"You think you're so big and tough, Maxence. Coming into my lands and threatening my First Crow?" He threw a laugh at the imaginary commander, full of bravado and confidence, "The only one that gets to talk smack to Reichenbach is me! Engarde!" And with that, the boy rushed forward only to rear back and strike at the air in a series of jabs with his hooves. "Take that you smelly sand sucker!" He cried, a wild grin plastered over his rust stained face, "And that, and that!" Spinning about and giving a kick with his hind legs, Raglan began to laugh, a boisterous, full bodied thing, erasing all memory of disappointment from his mind and giving a spring to his step. 

It didn't matter if Crows showed up, he could keep fighting this daydream, at least that way, he'd always come out the winner. 

Summary: fake fights maxence and waits for someone to show up

Attack Used:
Attack(s) Left: 2
Block Used: 0
Block(s) Left: 1
Item(s) Used: nope

Response Deadline: 10/31/17
Tags: @Mila , @kay, @inkbone, AND @sid also @Maxence because he's v mentioned

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ila was many things, but a useless, defenseless babe was not one of them. She was desert-borne, a poisonous viper, her lethalness as quiet and soft as she was dangerous. Where her sister was sharp silver daggers and jewels, Mila was a sunburst, a shining star made of flames. So when she had heard the whisperings from the younger Crowlings and their excited whims, had listened intently to her comrade's boust of spar, a wicked smile had curled the edges of her lips. She would not leave his invitation unanswered.

Her hooves were near-silent on the soft earth, as she melted from shadow to shadow like ghost. She watched with emerald-gemstone eyes through the bleak grey of autumn, across the flat expanse of the Steppe, to where a winged young man stood. His body moved with surefire hits against an invisible target, and for a half a thought, Mila wondered whom he was imagining. A smirk played at her lips as she relished in the cold sunlight, her delicately curved ears flickering as she managed to catch the Crow's words.

You think you're so big and tough, Maxence. Coming into my lands and threatening my First Crow?

An amused grin played at her lips; a brutal gleam flickering in her eyes. Ahh.. Maxie. The Sun King. She nearly felt a chuckle rumble in her throat, but instead, she furrowed a brow. Mila commended her brother Crow's loyalty and fierceness, something that burned in her with equal strength. She knew the feeling all too well; the fury of rage that caught in her lungs and the anger that broiled her blood at the thought of his name, his face, and that wretched kingdom that threatened what she held most dear. Her home, her court, and her King of thieves.. the man that saved her, her sister, and gave her something worth more than gold.

A family.

"Pity you aren't fighting him, but maybe then you won't be expecting me," she bemused, her voice soft as a whisper against skin as she stepped out of the shadows, revealing herself. The young woman of red and gold could not be certain that he could see her, his focus on his imaginary opponent. So she moved quickly, her muscles bunching underneath her skin as she pushed off of the earth with her back legs. Mila was quiet, preferring to murder her enemies with bottled death instead of brute force, but her small stature was an advantage she had learned to use well.. and oh, she intended to use it well now.

Delicate hooves pounded against the cold soil of the plateau, her eyes narrowed on her target. She rushed on him, keeping her breathing as quiet as she could; in through her nose and out of her mouth, deliberate, like she was trained. As she drew near, leaning on the element of surprise, Mila came up to Raglan on his left side and angled, her shoulder aimed for the delicate spot of his flank behind his wing. You asked for it, I answered, Rags.

@Raglan bring it onnnn

Summary: Mila takes up Rags on his invitation, coming up from his behind and aiming to dig her shoulder into his flank behind his left wing.

Attack Used: 1
Attack(s) Left: 1
Block Used: 0  
Block(s) Left: 1
Item(s) Used: ---

Response Deadline: 31 October
Tags: @Raglan @kay @inkbone @sid

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So involved in his shadow boxing, Raglan didn’t notice the sudden silence that arrived with his assassin. Ducking and weaving about, opalescent eyes glaring at an invisible foe, the winged beast’s shuffling hooves and fluttering wings kicked up a cloud of dust to envelope both his form and the wraith that was Mila. As her velvet voice flowed into his consciousness and wrapped about his throat, the horned youth yelped in shock, swinging his body toward the sound of his fellow Crow’s words just in time to catch a thin shoulder directly to the center of his chest.

A coughing exhale accompanied the strike, the force of Mila’s muscles combined with the momentum of her weight pushing all of the breath from the stringy Silvertongue’s lungs. Blinking rapidly and scrambling back as swiftly as his pale hooves could carry him, Raglan squinted through the thin veil of dust toward his fiery friend, a grin replacing the surprise on his face. “Mila!” Gasped the blood colored rogue, wincing at the bruise that he could already feel forming between his pectoral muscles, “Glad you finally showed up.”

Pairing his remark with as roguish of a smirk as he could muster, - which seemed a little less roguish and quite a bit more relieved at finding an ally and not Maxence himself - Raglan bunched the muscles about his hindquarters and lunged forward, toward Mila head-on.

Though the youth had claimed his fair share of victories to scraps and brawls, he wasn’t a stranger to loss; so it was with a warm laugh and an inkling of healthy competition that he extended his left wing with a snap and swung it toward Mila, aiming for her right shoulder and rib cage. Despite the low visuals, Raglan was careful to keep his aim away from the lass’ head and neck. She was his opponent, sure, but Raglan had grown up alongside Mila and her twin, had ran around in the streets and ripped a life up from the loam and filth that could be found beneath the cobbles of Denocte - he wanted a good spar, but he could never hurt his friend.

So he let his strike swing, relishing in the tug and pull of his wing musculature connecting to the shoulder and twinging chest muscles, his grin never slipping from onyx lips.

(I’m on my phone and I can’t do the coding I’m so sorry but)

Summary: Rags turns right as Mila connects so her shoulder smacks into the center of his chest, he backs up, greets her, then moves forward to attempt to swing his left wing into Milas right side

Attacks Used: 1
Attacks Left: 1
Blocks Used: 0
Blocks Left: 1
Items used: n/a

Response Deadline: November 2nd
Tags: @Mila @inkbone @kay @sid

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grunt rumbled in her throat as the breath in her lungs hitched, her golden shoulder connecting with the center of the horned Crow's chest. Her aim had been true, but Raglan had been just as quick; like any of them, his training moving his body in a twist in an attempt to deflect her blow. His coughing shuddering in her ears as her lithe frame pushed into him, her body weight faltering as her little hooves trembled on air as she tried to regain her balance. Raglan's hooves kicked up a flurry of dust off of the cold, dry earth, a sneeze tickling her nostrils as soil stung her eyes. As he backed away from her, her knees locked as she pulled herself to stand, emerald orbs pinning her opponent in her sights.

Mila! Glad you finally showed up.

The horned boy's face cracked into a grin, one that was equally matched by the mischievous smile that split open her soft lips in answer. An all-knowing, lethal smile, that tasted of poison and promised quiet violence. That was who she was; the silent tinker to her sister's loud, seductive -- and rather bloody -- side. Mila thought of this as she braced her muscles as best as she could, before Rags shot forward and charged straight for her headlong. Her orbs noted how his grin was forever plastered on his face, but she did not see how his left wing had unfurled until the great appendage had smacked into her right side. Away from her neck and pretty face, the blow knocked the air out of her lungs as his wing connected with her ribs, her balance tumbling sideways with the impact. Stupid.. letting yourself be distracted by a smile.

Mila berated herself internally for just a moment, cursing colorfully under her breath as she dug her hooves deep into the earth, steadying herself. With a heave she pulled herself upwards onto her hind legs, lashing outwards with her front hooves in attempt smack her comrade Crow. She would never admit allowed that she did so blindly; her annoyance showing through the quiet as she chuckled, eyes narrowing like jeweled daggers on the horned youth. Brother and sister in arms they were, and although she would protect him, fight for him, and do unspeakable mischievous things alongside him, Mila knew only one thing.

She would do everything she could to make sure she wiped that grin off his face.

@Raglan whoop whoop

Summary: Annoyed little Mila is distracted by Raglan's smile, his attack hitting her true and knocking the wind out of her. She rears, lashing her front hooves out in attempt to hit him.

Attack Used: 2
Attack(s) Left: 0
Block Used: 0  
Block(s) Left: 1
Item(s) Used: ---

Response Deadline: 4 November
Tags: @Raglan @kay @inkbone @sid

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Due to not replying by the deadline, @Raglan forfeits the fight and @Mila wins! 
This thread will be locked and moved to the Ruris Archives shortly.

All damage taken in the thread is still applicable and cannot be retconned.
This thread cannot be claimed as a "completed thread" for signos redemption.

Participate in a Battle or Challenge: +1 EXP
Win a Battle: +1 additional EXP

Participate in a Battle or Challenge: +1 EXP

Both character's official experience has been updated to reflect these changes (along with the +25 signos to Mila for winning the battle), so there's no need to post in the Experience Updates or Signos Redemption threads!


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