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Judged  - Every Wound Will Shape Me

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Fight Type: BATTLE 
Prize:Exp, move on to next round of battle
Contact Made: Yes

Character #1:
Bonded: No
Magic: No
Armor: No
Weapons: No

Character #2:
Bonded: No
Magic: Yes; hypno-singing
Armor: No
Weapons: No

Come to me in the night hours
I will wait for you

Standing quietly, wings held tightly against his sides, Eidolon kept his eyes on the horizon. His mind wandered in the meantime, thinking about what was to come and existential theories about how he came to be where he was. Not the least of these was Reichenbach soon to be battling with him. How curious it was that someone as new blooded to the night court as himself would be up against its Sovereign in such a short time. Not to any end other than a good fight but still. Never had he imagined being in this situation willingly and more or less for fun. Sure, he would likely learn some things through this but that was only if he could spare the time to think critically while they knocked the sense out of eachother. Eidolon thought himself, or at least liked to fancy the idea, that he would be decent enough at battle. His size, at least, would give him some sort of advantage. Then again, to be Sovereign, Reichenbach would certainly be no push over. Power was only held through respect and from what he had learned of this Court's members, being able to fend for oneself was important. Honestly he hadn't a clue what to really expect. It didn't seem to bother him though; being in the dark about this. There was something about the building thrill of not knowing that tickled him in just the right way.

Besides all of that, Eidolon wanted to know the abilities of the man who had a kingdom weighing on his shoulders. Was such a heavy crown a burden to drown beneath or was it a challenge that forced its wearer to rise above the impossible? What were the ways of a leader, and how did they survive the ever-looming pressures? Among mortals, it was leaders that came closest to godhood, but certainly there was a price to pay for it. All this curiosity, and no answers to come for it. Not now anyway. Instead there was silence except for the man's own ruffling and occasional sighs. More than anything he had a hope that he would not embarrass himself too terribly in this endeavor. The thought of proving to be worthless in combat did not sit with Eidolon well. If he couldn't fight how was he supposed to protect anything he cared for? 

Jezanna came to mind. Her presence somewhere in this land was always a comfort to him, and though she despised his company for the time being, he could not help but keep an eye out for her and check in once in a while. Oh would she only let him close enough to comfort her, he was sure she would come around to this new land. In the one before she had been tethered to her parents like some helpless child but Eidolon knew better. She was strong and beautiful in her own ways and could stand on her own. He hoped he could help her realize that.

Ears perked, he thought perhaps he had heard someone approaching and his eyes were brought up to meet the others'. All aforementioned thoughts seeped away out of the cracks of his mind. Right now he needed to focus. For all his pomp and fanciful thoughts, Eidolon had yet to prove himself any sort of warrior. Now he planned to do so, "Let's go."

tags, etc

Summary: Eidolon got existential/ lost in his head and is waiting for Reichenbach to appear and strike.

Attack Used:
Attack(s) Left:
Block Used:
Block(s) Left:
Item(s) Used: None

Response Deadline: May 7th
Tags: @Reichenbach, @kay, @sid, @inkbone, @Lauren, @Sparrow, @Roo, @Arahvir

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@eidolon I'm so sorry I didn't get to this in time, would you like to extend the response time and we can still continue this? I understand if you don't want to!

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@Reichenbach Oh no problem, I totally get being busy or just not getting around to it and I'm totally fine with an extension <3 That said if you're crazy busy or need to drop some threads i'm okay with that as well

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Due to not replying by the deadline, @Reichenbach forfeits the fight and @Eidolon wins!
This thread will be locked and moved to the Ruris Archives shortly.

Even though an extension was granted, they max out at a total of 1 week between replies. Since it has been 12 days, this battle has defaulted. If you wish to continue, please repost a new battle thread!
This thread cannot be claimed as a "completed thread" for signos redemption.

Winning a battle by the opponent forfeiting: +1 EXP
Winning a battle: 25 Signos
TOTAL: +1 EXP, 25 Signos


Eidolon's official experience has been updated to reflect these changes (along with the +25 signos for winning the battle), so there's no need to post in the Experience Updates or Signos Redemption threads!


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