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Dawn Court Youth
Female [she/her/hers] // 1 [Year 503 Summer] // 16.1 hh // Hth: 10 — Atk: 10 — Exp: 10 // Active Magic: Ice Reflections // Bonded: N/A

Redeeming Active Magic

Character receiving Magic: @Maret
Have you purchased the 'Active Magic' item? No
-- If no: inheritance!

Thread Specifics
Opting for a Quest? Yes
-- If yes: Do you want the Quest set in the past or present? Present
-- If yes: Do you have a specific land you'd like your quest to be in? no preference
-- If yes: How would you like to gain this Active Magic? will edit this in later

One/Two-word description of Active Magic: Ice Reflections
Opting for having a related Parvus Magic? Yes
-- If yes, give a brief description: A scattering of diamond dust - a ground level cloud composed of tiny ice crystals - follows Maret wherever she goes. At times, particularly when she is actively using her magic, it may collect as a thin, shimmering veil about her skin.
Is the Magic section of your character's profile filled out? Yes
How does the Magic relate to your Court? The Dawn Court is delighted by knowledge and discovery of new things - so too will Maret be delighted by discovering and experimenting with her magic. She will need to study the sun and natural light phenomenons to understand how to wield her own magic, requiring years of diligence in both her study and training.

I understand and agree to all of the following: I have read all rules and guidelines set forth in the Guidebook for Magic. Staff will work with me through private messages until my Magic is deemed acceptable. I am not able to use Magic in my IC posts until the staff have formally approved this redemption, replaced my Active Magic Item with the Tiered Magic Item, and recorded it under the Magic Records. If I am found writing my character with a Magic other than the one described in my profile, my item will be revoked without refund.

Signed: @sid

*** STAFF EDIT ***
@sid / @Maret - Active Magic approved and added to the Records! You may write them IC'ly with their new magic.

*** STAFF EDIT ***
The quest for this redemption is pending! We will let you know when it becomes available.


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