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OOC  - Quest Writing - Volunteers Needed!

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Paid Volunteers Needed!

It’s been great to see everyone taking advantage of the extra quest opportunities and everyone’s characters getting decked out in perks. However, this has created a massive, on-going backlog of quests that’s gotten pretty hard to handle with all of the other staff responsibilities. So we’ve decided to turn to all of you wonderful writers for help! ♥

(Plus freeing up some staff time will allow us to work on some really awesome ideas we have planned....) le gasp

To help us get caught up we will be looking for volunteers to help write some of the interactive quests that still need to be done. This is open to anyone! We will be assigning the quests randomly and no one will be asked to write their own. Each assigned quest will be given a time limit for completion of 2 weeks, but completing a quest in 1 week will earn an extra ‘bonus’. Once you have finished your quest and everyone has had a chance to volunteer - second quests can be asked for, provided there are any left. 

Thank you all for being the most amazing community that makes us all feel comfortable enough to reach out for help. We love you all! ♥

What You Will Earn
  • For a quest completed in 1 week you will earn: 300 signos + 2EXP to any (1) character
  • For a quest completed in 2 weeks you will earn: 200 signos + 1EXP to any (1) character
  • For a quest completed in 3 weeks you will earn: 100 signos
    Compare this to the normal 5 signos for an IC post!

  • If the member who you're writing the quest for has specific parameters requested, please make sure to follow them! When you are assigned a quest, staff will send you the link to the member's restricted item redemption with all this information.

  • Please keep in mind when writing your assigned quest, that the replies will have to be 500 words. The quest itself that you're writing can be lower than this, but need to have enough going on in them to make a 500-word reply possible.

  • Finished quests will be sent to @inkbone for approval and posting from the Random Event Account - however, we will give you credit on the actual post for writing it. So you may include a small note for us to add if you wish! 

  • If you’re stuck on ideas, anyone on the staff team will be happy to provide and brainstorm ideas. Just shoot them a message!

  • If you wish to include the actual Gods in any of the quests, please message and discuss with staff first. 

How to Get Started
  • To volunteer for a quest please message @inkbone either on discord or through Novus.

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