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in all the world there is no love for you like mine

Together they descended Veneror, returning to Delumine in elated spirits. Oriens himself had blessed their union, tying them together with the invisible threads of love and life, and they were bound. Two souls, two bodies, one love.

Somnus could not remember a time when his heart was so full, brimming with warmth, adoration, and affection for the woman at his side. Every time he glanced her way, sidelong pools of verdant meeting the mahogany stare of warm adoration, he was undone. Completely and utterly. The knowing look in Eulalie’s beautiful eyes would bring a smile to his face, irrevocable and wanted, and they would brush together intimately as they walked the familiar paths to their home.

The place of celebration would not be the Dawn Court proper, but the Illuster Meadow. His wife - wife, how could he be so lucky? - had requested the open, beautiful landscape as the place to celebrate their union, and who was he to deny her request? Returning home had been a wonderful thrill, announcing to all that their union had been successful and Oriens had blessed them graciously, and after a night of rest from their travel, the celebration would begin.

Already the Illuster Meadow was decorated to accommodate and host such an event. Lanterns on rope were strung up to give the atmosphere light, the glow merry and joyful. There was a wooden archway decorated in flowers and drapery for the new couple to say their vows before the people of Novus who chose to attend, but the largest set up was the wide and impressive spread of delicacies and beverages assorted throughout the clearing. Tables were set up with cakes and sweets, or other desired snacks, and not too far were tops adorned with drinks of all sorts; wines, bubbly drinks, fresh waters, juices…

Singers sang songs of joy and happiness as the attendees began to gather, and Somnus smiled. It was endearing to watch the children frolic and play, to see Regis be quite the young gentleman and greet their guests as cordially as a youth his age could muster. Their son had been elated to learn of their successful blessing, wide eyed and grinning, and his joy had warmed his and Eulalie’s hearts.

The day was a calm one and mild one. Occasionally a breeze would sweep through the Meadow and cause the lanterns to sway gently, or caress the tops of of the nearby long grasses, but it was as though nature itself had blessed this very special day for the two equines of Delumine.

As everyone began to gather and mingle, Somnus remained close to his beautiful wife, stealing glances every now and again simply because he could. Eventually he turned his head and pressed his muzzle against hers in a gentle kiss, smiling warmly as he pulled back only slightly. “You look radiant today, darling.” Eulalie looked radiant every day, of course, but there was something utterly eye catching about the pure, unblemished joy that danced within her beautiful earthen eyes and overall expression. It made him fall in love with her all over again.

”To think that I am the man who will call you mine for the rest of my life… I never once imagined that I could be so lucky.” They had done so much together, gone through so much. Eulalie had gifted him with two beautiful children, and perhaps someday would gift him with many more. Their days were spent in joy when they were around one another, heartfelt and genuine, their little smiles and knowing glances meaning far more than he could ever hope to articulate. Her steady advice and gentle guidance to his even most stressful of days helped ground him when everything became to much, and once more Somnus recalled the words she had told him.

’You are enough.’ He was. He was.

Who knew that their first day of meeting would have lead them to this?



Welcome to anyone and everyone! After a bit of a delay getting this started, come help Somnus and Eulalie celebrate! :D To keep things somewhat? time correct, this wedding is set in autumn. Feel free to post to this thread, make your own threads, and tag Somnus, Eulalie, or both of them if you'd like them to respond!

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