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Battle Type: BATTLE

Character #1: Eden
Bonded: Nope
Magic: Nah
Armor: Nein
Weapons: No

Character #2: Seraphina
Bonded: Nope
Magic: Nah
Armor: Nein
Weapons: No




Dusted with star matter and borne upon tides of nature, hers is the beauty of wild places.

It had been too long. 

Too long since the gold dusted mare had felt the heat of flesh against her own, the pressure that built within her frame as her muscles coiled and bunched with the effort of battle. Too long since the tang of blood and sweat filled her nostrils, since dust had settled in the scrapes and the lacerations - those timeless badges of honor earned upon a field most holy. Indeed, it had been months since the paladin had bellowed her summons to a challenger, screamed her defiance of darkness into the burning light of day. 

Yet, now, as her golden hooves pressed empty half moons into the well worn earth of the makeshift arena, the shield maiden felt her chest swell with anticipation. She felt the warrior's heart that pulsed within her breast pick up a new pace, the beat of a war drum thrumming within those righteous veins. Breath coming quicker, amber eyes flickering with an almost feverish glint, the mare slowed to a stop near the center of the battle ring, the near constant clinking of her bangles falling away. Gold tipped ears swiveled about, raking the airwaves for the presence of another - for today she would spar one of her own people, draw the blood of a brother or sister in a baptism of violence. 

They would both leave the arena battered and bruised, yet they would leave better, and they would leave united. 

Heaving a breath, Eden tossed her head, gilded septum glinting in the early afternoon sun as ebony locs and a tangle of wildflowers floated up toward the cloudless azure sky for an instant before falling back to her skin with a familiar thump-and-whisper. It was an effort not to rear, not to stomp, not to give in to the battle rage that steadily built within the mare's core; for it had no place in a battle between siblings, between twin children of Solis, the light. 

"Heed my summons, sisters and brothers of Day!" Came her bellow, the words ringing across the Steppe and - hopefully - across the attention of one of Solis' daughters or sons, "Let us do battle, let us worship beneath Solis' godly light."

No longer would she wait.


Summary: Eden walked to the middle of the ring and looked really good and then yelled for a challenger from the Day Court~

Attack Used:
Attack(s) Left:
Block Used:
Block(s) Left: 1

Response Deadline: 1 week
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Female [She/Her/Hers] // Immortal [Year 498 Spring] // 16 hh // Hth: 17 — Atk: 23 — Exp: 72 // Active Magic: Greater Telekinesis // Bonded: Ereshkigal (Demonic Vulture)

Was she looking for something?

The question still hung heavy in the back of Seraphina’s mind as she found her way to the worn fields of the Bellum Steppe, though, as with most concepts that she found too difficult or distracting to handle, she tried to ignore it. Ignoring it, however, left her itching for familiarity, for something that felt completely solid and tangible. What better to relieve her tension – sharp and flowing through her veins like a livewire - than a spar? Her only violent encounters since Viceroy’s untimely demise and the unravelling of the Day Court had been with various wildlife and the occasional unskilled bandit, and both did little to hone her skills. The creeping, guilty sensation that she was becoming inadequate with the passage of time crept in at the strangest moments, seemingly unprompted; she could be struggling to sleep or climbing the dunes or drinking from the Oasis, and there came that sense of doubt again, sudden and jolting as a strike of lightning. She had always been Viceroy’s exceptional protégé, capable and deadly in spite of her youth and lack of practical wisdom. Now Viceroy was dead, and so, obviously, she could no longer be his protégé, and therein lay the crux of the issue. Who was Seraphina, and was she really particularly special or right or useful at all?

Of course, this analysis was currently beyond the young mare. She simply recognized that she was pent-up and out-of-practice, and a spar would likely cure those troubles.

As she strode onto the familiar, dusty terrain, riddled with all manner of tunnels and shallow indentions, she heard someone call out for a Day Court member to fight, for the glory of Solis. She edged towards the source, and soon found herself staring at another mare. Seraphina recognized her from the Day Court’s last meeting; she had pledged her allegiance to Maxence immediately, even blindly, with the sort of raw enthusiasm and optimism that Seraphina found so foreign as to be incomprehensible. The golden mare had looked to be about her own age, and, though very slightly shorter, firmly built and quite impressively muscular. Furthermore, she was practically overflowing with an admirable amount of confidence and passion. (If pressed, however, Seraphina would likely consider such qualities double-edged swords. Warriors that were too sure of themselves and too invested were, according to Viceroy, the first to fall.) She was quite a lovely creature, in spite of her warlike exterior – a bit of polished gold to Seraphina’s worn silver. Although she found herself rolling her eyes inwardly at the other mare’s sentiment, she was all too happy to oblige her request.

“Very well,”
Came Seraphina’s quiet reply, untouched by anything but a scientific sort of coldness, “For the glory of Solis!” Though the second portion of her greeting was significantly louder than the first, whether or not it presented any more emotion than the first – much less a sense of worship – was a topic that could quite easily be debated. She left little time for it, though, surging into motion in a cascade of gleaming quicksilver and burnished coal. Seraphina was an uncommon aggressor, and she rarely took the first move in battle; as she charged the mare, her gaze caught on her lengthy dreadlocks. She skidded to a sharp halt only inches in front of her, front legs raising in an attempt to claw at her bronzed torso, sharp hooves jabbing furiously, though not viciously enough to do serious damage. This was a distraction, more than anything, an attempt to allow her jaws to grasp at the mare’s inky black dreadlocks and then jerk to pull her off-balance. In such unstable terrain, it was easy to falter. There was no revelry in Seraphina, no desire for the fiery lust of raw power and skinship that came in battle. Simple, surgical precision and tact rest in her icy gaze, focused on her target like a predator in the midst of a hunt with some foreign beast. She did not know what to expect.

She suspected that she would soon.

sorry this took so long /headdesk/ wisdom teeth have taken a lot out of me lately tbh

Summary: Seraphina agreed to fight Eden, charged up to her and reared up to try and keep her attention by pawing at her whilst actually trying to grab her by the mane and jerk her off-balance.
edit : forgot to change the deadline from when I started this post RIP

Attack Used: 1
Attack(s) Left: 1
Block Used: 0
Block(s) Left: 1
Item(s) Used: N/A

Response Deadline: 07/19/17
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and there's no way to escape the violence of a girl against herself

please tag Sera! contact is encouraged, short of violence

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Dusted with star matter and borne upon tides of nature, hers is the beauty of wild places.

Her challenger was truly a sight to behold. As the woman of charcoal, ivory, and burnished silver offered her detached response, Eden felt the familiar stirrings of admiration. The way the mare moved wasn't predatory nor was it akin to dancers, instead it was a graceful combination of the two; a ballerina and an assassin, a panther and a soaring dove. Rather like the paladin's first challenger, the mare that stood before her was taller than she, though not by such an overwhelming margin as Leviathan. 

Nostrils flaring to catch the scent of Solis upon the muscular opposition's flesh, Eden grinned openly, an expression of warmth and welcome upon her features as her pale striped adversary charged with an exaltation to Solis upon her lips. If the aurelian mare had been less predisposed to battle, if she hadn't been raised to mold her body into the very definition of a weapon, she may have kept her gaze more general. She may have allowed her eyes to wander and watch the musculature of the femme in an attempt to predict what her first strike may be, but Eden was a child of combat, fire hardened and iron born. 

Amber eyes watched the icy azure ones of her opponent carefully, even as her muscles tensed in preparation for movement. Distantly, she wondered at her old injuries, healed over and practically gone but for a slight ache at the point of her right hip where the last dregs of a bruise from Leviathan remained. Casting aside all concerns for previous wounds, the star dusted maiden noted the way that the Day Court challenger's pupils dilated and contracted as they focused upon her tangled nest of a mane. Does she intend to yank mine hair like I did to Leviathan's?

Her grin grew, though it had formed an edge. As the ivory printed lass reared up before her, Eden tensed her rump and rose with her, throwing her weight forward and tossing that proud skull with it's crown of locs out of the reach of such grasping jaws. There was a small grunt as the bruising impact and burning echo of the mare's sharpened hooves striking at the pectoral muscles about her breast. The stinging near the base of her throat whispered the possibility of blood, but Eden wasted no time by looking down - if she bled, then she bled. Lashing out with her own two front hooves toward her opponent's chest and inner legs in an attempt to hobble the mare, Eden held back her laughter; this spar lacked the lighthearted joy that had flooded her when she had done battle with Leviathan. She did not wish for the mare to think she was laughing at her or for the woman to take offense. 

So she stayed silent, quietly brimming with a delight that she could only find within the dust and blood of combat.


Summary: rears and tosses her head to take the force of the hoof strike instead, gaining a couple bruises and a shallow laceration along her breast. Strikes with her two front hooves toward Sera's chest/inner legs. 

Also hi I'm alive thank u <3

Attack Used:
Attack(s) Left: 1
Block Used: 0
Block(s) Left: 1
Item(s) Used: 0

Response Deadline: 7/30/17

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Due to not replying within the time limit, @Seraphina forfeits the fight and @Eden wins! 
This thread will be locked and moved to the IC Thread Archives forum shortly.

All damage taken in the thread is still applicable and cannot be retconned!

  • Participate in a Battle or Challenge: +1 EXP to Eden
    • Win a Battle: +1 additional EXP to Eden
    • Total: +2 EXP

  • Participate in a Battle or Challenge: +1 EXP to Seraphina
    • Total: +1 EXP

Both character's official experience has been updated to reflect these changes, so there's no need to post in the Experience Updates thread!


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