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IC Event  - Beyond the Horizon [SOVEREIGN AUDITIONS]

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Dusk Sovereign Auditions


 Months ago Solis, Oriens, and Caligo had descended over the mortal world. Solis had brought his light to the Solterans, calling them to choose their leader. Oriens and Caligo had called for new prospects to step forward. 

And Vespera? Well, she had been left behind. Perhaps she deserved it. She had angered her people, her mortals, years ago now. They no longer trusted her to help them choose their leader, to help them build their kingdom. Perhaps they were right, perhaps she had stretched their trust too far, back when storms had ravaged the land. 

But it was no matter now. Marisol had fallen, and Elena had taken up her throne at her behest. But the golden girl was gone, and Vespera knew not why. Perhaps the weight of a crown had been too much on the woman, or maybe she hadn’t desired it from the beginning at all. Maybe a tragedy had fallen onto her shoulders as well. Regardless of the reason, Elena was gone, and dusk could not stay long without a ruler. 

Vespera did not wait for her fathers urging. She followed the sun down, pedestal just before it, her shadow stretching far over the cobblestones.

“Come my children of Terrastella”

She called out, her voice carrying over the crisp evening winds. 

“Elena is gone. To where I do not know, but her throne sits empty, and her crown without a head to rest on.” 

She looked over the crowd that was quickly gathering, her eyes scanning for even a trace of the golden girl. She found none.

“Someone must take her place, but which of you has a heart strong enough to give to my children of dusk?”

Rules to Apply

All auditions are due by 11:59PM EST on April 5th.

Before filling out the form found at the bottom of the page, you must read the rules and guidelines below, as well as everything posted on this page! Please ask us if you have any questions or concerns at all!

  • Character Requirements:

    • You can audition both existing characters and brand new characters, however both are required to make an IC post responding to this post! This thread has been temporarily opened so that both OOC, pending, and accepted IC accounts may make their replies for the audition.

    • Anyone from any Court can apply.

    • Your character must be at least three years old.

    • You (the member) will need to have originally joined Novus at least 2+ months ago.

    • You do not have to create a character account unless you are chosen. In the event that you are chosen as Sovereign, you will have 2 weeks to create your character's profile (it should be easy, since all of the information is already required to fill out the audition form).

    • You can audition as many characters as you'd like! Each needs a fully separate post and application in this thread.

  • General rules and requirements regarding Sovereigns:

    • Please be aware that these requirements may change in the very near future. Keep this in mind when applying, and be on the lookout for official announcements!

    • Regarding Sovereign vulnerability: Sovereigns will be deemed Vulnerable if you make 10 IC posts or less per month (this means that it will be extremely easy for anyone to win a Challenge against you), and posted absences only make you immune for 2 weeks.

    • Sovereign activity requirements: To promote activity within their respective Courts, the Sovereign must setup 1 IC event every other season.

    • Once you are selected and your profile approved, your first duty will be to create a Court Rules thread in your respective Court forum. Read this thread for things you can do as Sovereign.

  • Regarding this audition:

    • All auditions are due by 11:59PM EST on April 5th. Novus-standard time is listed on the main page.

    • You must make an IC post replying to this post AND post the OOC audition form! Both must be included in the same post, with the IC post first and the OOC audition form underneath it.

    • Please, only reply to this thread if you are auditioning for Sovereign.

    • The IC post can have your own personal coding and art - but that will not affect the outcome.

    • All responses to this thread will be considered complete, whether they are actually finished or not. Please do not post Work in Progress auditions!

    • Please do not alter the OOC audition form itself. Although we love to see special coding and pretty pictures, we want to be as impartial as possible - and as much as we'd like to say we're fairly objective, special coding and pretty pictures can impress us! We want these to be bare-bones.

    • As you're filling out the audition form, pretend you're filling out an actual profile. Make sure you adhere to all Character Rules set out here.

    • Votes for the final pick of who will be Sovereign, will be determined by Court vote.

    • when placing your vote for the next sovereign you should consider the quality of writing, how well the characters fits court ideals, the members proposed plans and goals, and their general activity

If you have read through the rules, understand the requirements, and still want to audition for Sovereign, please make an IC reply to this post and put your completed OOC audition form (below) underneath it!

<button class="acc_ctrl"><h2>Click here to see this character's OOC audition form!</h2></button><div class="acc_panel">

<div class="tcat"><font style="font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;">About the RPer</font></div><blockquote><blockquote>

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.</span>
What is your OOC name?

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Great! How old are you?</span>
How old are you?

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Have you ever held a Position of Power before?</span>
Have you ever had any characters in a leading position, on or off-site? What did you like about it? What did you not like about it?

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Have you read the Sovereign Rules?</span>
Yes/No - if No, please read the rules above and follow the links to the rules regarding Sovereigns and Courts

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?</span>
Tell us something that stood out to you when you read the Guidebook, or something about the site in general.


<div class="tcat"><font style="font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;">Sovereign Questions</font></div><blockquote><blockquote>

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Why would your character be a good candidate to lead the Court?</span>
Tell us why your character would be a good choice to be Sovereign of this Court. Match up their ideals and values with the Court and its patron god.

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?</span>
What are your plans for the Court? Do you have a vision for the Court? What rules would your character set? Would they hold any events to garnish activity? If so, what?

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?</span>
Here's your chance to add anything else at all!


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Jude wouldn’t claim to be strongly religious, for that would be a lie. He knew the gods existed; he knew that they pulled their strings and conducted their plots before a backdrop of eternity. Yet, so rarely did they stop to consider the individual creature, unless they were somehow special or unique to the deity. It wasn’t something that the ebony stallion was upset about, no, there were more things upon this earth to focus his rage on. The almost childish obliviousness was, however, of an interest to Jude — the pegasus felt a strange competitiveness when it came to the favor of the Eternals, and when the chance to be one of Vespera’s chosen, no longer one of Vespera’s many, Jude leaped at the opportunity. 

He was young, yes, and relatively unprepared; but both Elena and Florentine had had little choice in the settling of the Dusk crown upon their heads. Jude had flown through chaos deeper than what could be found in the halls of a palace, no matter what sorts of nonsense the nobles felt the need to stir up. He was a man of purpose, and purposefully would he preside over his home. 

What changes could be brought forth upon the wings of a goddess’ endorsement? The stallion could create new medicines, could revive the rich culture of Terrastella, could change the whole world for the better. Teeth clenching with the strength of his conviction, Jude adjusted the set of his large feathered wings at his sides and set his shoulders before stepping out of the gathered crowd. Muscles rippled along his back and rump as he moved, honed from his continuous training and the constant, low-level exertion of holding his wings along his ribcage. Yet, he was slight, his diminutive stature not at all kingly — not that such a thing as paltry as height could prevent the medic from gazing skyward toward his Goddess and calling out to her. 

“Vespera, I ask that you look upon me and judge me fair. I wish to lead and nurture our people.”

She had asked of strength

Would she find his own lacking? 


About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.
What is your OOC name? Eris, queen of run-on sentences

Great! How old are you?

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
Yes. Cerridwen held position as Spring Empress on Site-That-Will-Not-Be-Named for about 6 months before I left the site due to ethical conflicts. In addition Camdis Lohir, if any of you remember, also held the first Night Court Regent position before life got in the way of my activity. 

The main thing that I enjoyed is that it gave me (and my characters) a motivation and purpose on-site, which really motivated me to be more active and post more often. I loved being able to be an active part of the site’s lore and getting to work with members to help their character’s plots or ambitions come to fruition. I’m a helper by nature, so being in a position of power of sorts allows me to help get the ball rolling IC with more ease and believability. I also really loved to have the opportunity and IC capability to meet most if not every character in the Court. 

What I wasn’t a big fan of was how intimidating it can seem at first, getting adjusted to expectations and trying to make sure I am caught up on lore — which I know Novus has a lot of. It also can be difficult to traverse certain events or interactions that may go against a character’s personality or nature, such as Cerridwen being forced to battle for her throne, or Camdis not being an absolute POS sadsack and needing to clean himself up. It can be hard to find ways to do that that are believable IC sometimes.

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?
Yes :)

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
So golly this one is hard because there are a lot of things, but mostly how open the site has become to changes and reviews and critiques. I feel like this blossoming acceptance of having more polls and discussion and suggestion-based changes is really going to forge some strong bonds between current members, be more welcoming to new members, and steer Novus in a direction that is going to make it even more stand-out. I’m not much for change (blame my Taurus moon ay), because it can be a little scary, but I’m always glad to experience new things and I think we have some great minds here that are primed and ready to make some super cool improvements to our little corner of the internet. 

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead the Court?
Jude is first and foremost, committed. As a Halcyon combat medic, while he may not have seen too much of combat thanks to the peace begotten by Terrastella’s previous Sovereigns, the position doubtless requires those who carry the title to remain active in their training at all times. This purposeful dedication paired with Jude having been born as a Dusk native would result in a longstanding and unwavering loyalty to his throne and his kingdom. He may not be the life of the party, but he is fair and pragmatic, and I believe would continue Terrastella’s reputation for quiet stability. I’d like to address below how Jude’s personality, morals, and intentions align with that of the Court. 

Secrecy and Shyness - While the stallion is not what one would call quiet or passive, he is subdued in his shows of emotion and subtle when necessary. Having treated patients with wounds and prognoses of various severities, Jude is capable of evaluating when and at what pace certain truths must be divulge, if at all. Concerning shyness, the medic couldn’t be accurately described as such; however, he admires the tranquility that the trait brings to mind. It is not often that one born for the chaos of a killing field finds a cool quiet to shelter in, but amid shy fellows and friends, that is exactly what is offered — the safety of silence and gentle presences. Jude strives to surround himself with those that possess the same sense of careful tact when it comes to information dissemination as he, which leads into...

Modesty - Jude, embodying the aforementioned traits in the secrecy category, is also rather spartan in his mannerisms and living style. The stallion, having been raised amid the strict order of the Halcyon unit, has made it a point to bring the frugal tactics of the military into his every day life and surroundings. Flamboyance has never fit over the medic’s bones, and he cannot imagine it could ever make a home of him. That is not to say that Jude is not proud, he is indeed very proud of both his and his court’s achievements — but it is a pride of a quiet sort; one to hold close to his heart and make no spectacle of. After all, medics do not do their duty for recognition, they do it because they care. 

Which brings us to...

Caring and Loving - Jude considers these values to be two halves of the same coin, seeing as they both have to deal with how we extend service to others. Jude is a firm believer in the concept of service and how it manifests. In Vespera and her teachings, one may find the undercurrents of service in each of her decrees and actions. Jude attempts to mimic this constant manifestation of service through acts of love, care, and charity. Gruff as he is, the stallion is not cold, and he is not without the knowledge that it is not only caring for one’s nation that brings about prosperity, but loving one’s brethren as well. Love and care however, when freely given, are potential weaknesses to be exploited. Thus, we find in ourselves experiencing...

Fearfulness - Fear is somewhat of a tool to be used, but only when the fear is born of respect, else the foundation of the emotion crumbles to aggression and senselessness. Jude understands that fear lurks in the shadows deepened by Vespera’s soft twilight, understands that it is an inescapable part of evolving as a prey animal and of being mortal. It is unnatural to feel no fear, and thus, fear is a healthy tool against that which would harm or disrupt one’s ability to engage in love, care, modesty, secrecy or shyness. In growing to respect and utilize fear as a motivator and self-inspection device, Jude believes that one may become a student to one’s own terror and thus learn to empathize with both oneself and their surroundings. 

Overall, Jude would slide into place as sovereign of Dusk with new ideas and hopes for change, but while possessing the emotional intelligence to implement these changes in a healthy and effective way. Kindness may not be worn upon his sleeve, but it thrives in him and manifests in a way that I believe would be extremely beneficial to the culture of the Court. In addition, Jude’s above attributes and his commitment to Dusk’s continued safety and success would assist in providing dynamic and interesting new relationships with other courts. 

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
So I have only a few rough ideas right now, and I’m sure applying them is going to change them a little bit, but here they are— 

The Explorer’s Guild
Jude recognizes that illnesses and their symptoms can evolve and worsen, and thus, the notable healers of Terrastella must rise to this challenge. As sovereign, Jude would like to form a subgroup of gatherers and curious-minded individuals to go into the world and find new plants that are both poisonous and beneficial. The Explorer’s Guild sounds nice, but I’m not sure if that name will really stick. The first task concerning the Explorer’s Guild (or EG) other than finding the personnel for membership, is building relations enough with the other courts to allow Terrastellans into their borders to discover these plants. There is potential for EG cells to be established across courts, if the sovereigns and denizens wish, though the main base of operations and command would be Terrastella’s hospital. After that is achieved, Jude would like to look into commissioning a contingent of Dawn scribes and scholars to assist the healers and doctors and chemists of Terrastella in testing and documenting the effects of these new flora. 

Other courts are welcome to send their warriors or injured or even their healthy to the Hospital to assist in these medical breakthroughs. This is a fully consensual situation and there would be strict rules on informed consent concerning the testing of these new methods and medications. These patients as volunteers wold receive a small sum of signos as compensation (tied to post count per thread of volunteering, i believe) 

If the below suggestions don’t hit the happy spot for people, then I’m happy to brainstorm other ones! 

**Ilati festival - place removable and non damaging platforms and walkways through the swamp, the area is lited by lanterns, people can dress up as Ilatians with paint and bones and feathers. There is touring the swamp and dancing and offerings of wildlife friendly foods for the animals there, to honor the memory of those who came before them and helped to define Dusk’s culture.

**Halcyon festival - to honor the stallion that saved Terrastella’s princess, a three day festival. Three days of feasting and reveling. 

The lover’s walk; couples and friends have one half of the pair start at one end of a hedge maze, the other at the other end, their goal is to find each other in a marble gazebo at the center lovingly dubbed “the Temple” there they are showered with flowers dipped in colorful dyes, so that their skin is painted with the outline of the blossoms
the Halcyon races; On the second day, there is a flighted race and a footrace, each contestant much race their competitors around a track designed for the occasion set just outside of terrastella’s walls in the prairie (while carrying a healing herb)

The Rising — A breakfast feast set to start at the break of dawn on the last day of the festival with Dawn Court citizens especially welcomed. This breakfast is to remember and give thanks for the time lost on both sides of their silly little cold war, and the lives lost within the Lover’s Temple. 

The Resting — A dinner feast set to start just as Dusk begins on the last night of the festival, to mark and appreciate the grand peace that they were all gifted thanks to the healing power of the herb Halcyon gave his life to deliver.

I don’t think I would change any present rules, I think they are all very fair and good. As far as activity, I’ve been toying with the idea of a “Letters to the Sovereign” sort of thing, or “Letters to the Regime” if the regime is into it. Doves trained to deliver letters to the royal aviary can be given letters with suggestions, complaints, information, etc, and will be read and assessed. Or maybe we can do an IC event where people can help Jude train the doves and build the aviary and whatnot so that we can have a working mail system in Terrastella’s capitol. Other subsequent events (if the initial gets good response) can maybe start expanding it throughout the entire territory. This would be so that entire threads could be written in a sort of letter format  and it could help bring more activity, seeing as we don’t often get to write pure dialogue. It might be a fun new way to get in touch with our characters without having to *yet again* describe the color of the sky or what time of day it is or how the grass smelled — not that thats not fun, but sometimes you just want to write a letter to your crush instead of walking to their house ;) 

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
I think I did this right? Hope so. 

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Male [He/His/Him]  |  Immortal [Year 494 Summer]  |  20 hh  |  Hth: 10 — Atk: 10 — Exp: 57  |    Active Magic: N/A  |    Bonded: N/A

The call summoned the copper-burnished stallion, and he found himself being roused from the training he'd put himself through. Where the shell of a stallion once stood, he found himself as he had been before. Muscles rippled under his fiery coat, long limbs carrying him over the ground steadily, smoothly. Holding his cranium high like the regal stallion he was, Liam approached the crowd that had gathered. Having not spent much time within the walls of the court itself, Liam wasn't sure who the deity was. However, the stallion could tell she was breathtakingly beautiful and he was drawn to her. She possessed such power that he was surprised that he wasn't thrown onto his back just by being around her. Even though he could feel the immense strength and power rolling off of her, above all else, Liam felt protected, like nothing bad would become of him. It was this that caused him to step forward, his ears pricked forward, and eyes alert.

Distantly, he heard another step forward, pledging themselves to the mare standing on the pedestal above him, and Liam felt his breath catch in his throat. While he hadn't been in a leadership role in quite some time, he was destined for it, or, at the very least, felt that he was the right choice for the role of Sovereign.

Regretfully, Liam hadn't met with the last two Sovereigns of Terrastella. Whether it was due to his own lack of interest in how things were going or lack of time, he wasn't one hundred percent certain, and he regretted not meeting them at least once. Even still, there were multiple reasons as to why the copper-burnished stallion was the right decision for the Sovereign position.

Despite having not led in quite some time, he was a tactician at heart. Never one without a battle plan, he entered into any and all interactions with at least some sort of basic layout of how he expected or wanted it to go. Of course, everyone was different and not everyone responded the same way. Still, the stallion responded politely, politically, diplomatically, even. It took a lot to get him riled up, and even when he was, there was never a mean word coming from Liam, nor did he ever speak out of turn.

However, what could be done to potentially improve the Dusk Court itself? This was where Liam would take to the populace, get their opinions, and work hard to change it for the better for them, not himself. He wasn't seeking this position out simply for boasting or bragging rights. He wanted to help the citizens, those who couldn't speak for themselves.

As he attempted to come to a stop just a few feet from the pedestal, Liam found himself bowing in respect to the deity above him before standing again. She was asking for strength, for someone to help lead the Dusk Court, someone who was strong enough to hold the crown. Liam could do it.

Couldn't he? There was little to no doubt in his mind, but Liam wasn't sure what Vespera thought of him.

"Vespera," he called to her gently, attention locked solely on her, "I have come to answer your call, your plea. I know I have been lacking in interactions within the Dusk Court itself. Let that not deter you from this. I wish to lead the Court to success. I wish to mingle among the citizens, help them when they need it. I wish to make sure they're all taken care of. They are the ones who make Dusk Court the best court there is."

About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.
What is your OOC name? Marthanóir, Marth, Martha, etc

Great! How old are you?
How old are you? 26!

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
I have! Liam was a ruler on a site that shall not be named for about 3 months before I decided to leave due to personal reasons. Also, I was on another site (that will also remain nameless) where a character of mine held a co-leader position for several months, though I lack the memory of how long she held power.

The biggest thing I enjoyed about my characters being in power is the sense of completion that they had! Both characters were/are incredibly strong and have gone through hell and back in terms of personal challenges and events, and came out the other side stronger, happier, and overall more entuned with those around them and themselves. I also really enjoyed how much muse I had when writing them in their leadership positions! I don't know if it was their personalities shining through or what it was, but they really wrote themselves when they were in PoPs.

What I didn't like, however, was how it seemed to be a struggle when it came to getting everyone in their herd/realm/pack when there was a meeting needing to be held or an event going on. I know everyone has their own stuff going on, and I respect that; it just makes it harder for things to get rolling/moving. I also wasn't a fan of how I doubted myself at first both times. Making sure I was caught up on rules, lore, activity requirements, etc seemed like an incredibly daunting task, but once I obtained the PoPs, I realized it was easier than I had made it out to be, and I was psyching myself out of something that was incredibly FUN!

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?
Yes! c:

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
Tell us something that stood out to you when you read the Guidebook, or something about the site in general.
So this one was a little hard! The Guidebook - and the site itself - is absolutely amazing. There's so much information that it's almost hard to take it all in at once. However, I think my favorite thing about the site and the Guidebook is the NPC account and the Random Events! I think the SWPs that go on throughout the year are spectacular, and I'm always super excited to read through them and be a bystander! (I still haven't worked up the courage to participate just yet, but soon!!)

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead the Court?
First and foremost, Liam adores his citizens. It doesn't matter where he comes from, where he lives, or what he's doing. He adores the citizens that live near/around him or in the herd he's leading. More than anything else, he wants to do right by them and help resolve any issues or problems that they may be having. More often than not, he can be found in the thick of a throng of citizens, answering questions, resolving complaints, issues, even giving advice when one needs it. Liam absolutely adores those around him, and would rather surround himself with his citizens and those he cares for than being by himself.

Above all else, Liam is just and fair. Handing out harsh punishments is reserved for only the worst crimes that happen. He doesn't just hand them out willy-nilly; there needs to be a distinct and obvious reason for the harsh punishment. He's someone that believes in second chances, even when the "criminal" has been given multiple second chances. He's one who believes in rehabilitation, one who believes that there's good in everyone he meets.

When he was younger, Liam served in the military, something that he inherited from his father. Growing up, he'd heard stories from his mother before she passed about how his father had rescued all these soldiers and fought in several great wars and battles before he eventually passed away. In honor of his father and the dedicated military service, Liam, too, stepped up to the plate and found himself enlisting in the most elite military branch of his homeworld. Ironically, it was the same branch that his own father had served in, which brought everything full circle for Liam. He found himself going on multiple high-risk missions and came back each time ready to go again. He lived for it, and if he got something out of it by protecting citizens, he isn't going to lie and disagree.

Not only is he an expert tactician, a soldier at heart, or respectful and protective of those he serves, he's also an incredibly respectful gentleman. If he sees someone in need of help, he offers it to them, but also will step away if they say they don't need help. He's the type to walk someone home at night if they're scared, nervous, or just wanting someone beside them to make the night not seem so dark and scary.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
I don't have any plans just yet, but I would love to do something akin to the Olympics, where characters from all the Courts come together and compete on Novus' grandest stage! More than that, I want to get a feeling for the players and characters in the Dusk Court to see what they would like to see! Everyone is so creative on Novus, and I'd love to try and help them (Duskians) achieve something that they'd love to see as an IC event, activity, or goal for the Dusk Court itself. I was thinking of maybe trying to have Liam ally the Dusk Court with another court, but I have yet to actually sit down and flesh that idea out! If I were to do it, I'm not sure which court it would be juuuuuussssttt yet.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

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A serpentine path of silvery stones led from his hostel out into the city proper. The once well-kept foliage and landscaping had become jaundiced yellow and rimed with frost. There had been little energy for tending it with no Elena, and the thought stabbed at Atlas with a pang.

Elena’s absence formed a gaping, draining wound in Terrastella, an abscess where time had hastily tried to stitch together the flesh and only been successful in trapping feelings of resentment, and loss. Atlas was not the type to judge and felt surely whatever her reasons they were good ones; he had met Elena only briefly, but had pledged his full support, and should she ever return, he would do so again with no explanation. Life was too short to see the worst in people, especially his fellow Terrastellans.

Dew was beginning to form on the grass. Soon the sun would set completely and winter would crisp it to frost in her dark grip; but the dusky sky was a navy curtain, the horizon a scrawl of black ink, and Vespera’s glory colored the clouds magenta and tigery-orange.

There was a crowd gathering in the city square and Atlas’ curiosity, never a satiable monster, urged him onwards; his joints were stiff from sitting in one place and writing all day. He was penning a novel-- it was part memoir, but mostly an allegorical tale of warning of what happens when opulence becomes poison, and power is equatable with spilling blood.

Nosing his way gently through the onlookers, he found himself in a grand and powerful shadow; he had to blink his eyes in quick succession to ensure what he was seeing was real. It was Vespera herself, her visage cut from the clouds above, all faceted warm light and angles. The sun sank behind her, poised like a crown. His eyes watered.

A stranger stepped forth first to answer Vespera’s call, followed by someone Atlas knew by face, if not name. Link? Logan? Whatever his cognomen, he was handsome, rugged. Looked like a leader. Had a good head on his shoulders. Compared to him, Atlas was a tiny, golden relic; a beam of sun in the duskening sky. And he should have been happy to live and let live, and surely Vespera would choose correctly, and Dusk would have a leader worthy of replacing Elena, replacing Marisol.

He was not that person.

Was he?

Something within him kindled and was warm, and before he could stop himself, he was moving forward. A golden aura enveloped him, refracted off of Vespera’s glorious skin. His head was lifted high, small as he was, and in that moment he was not small.

“I would be considered for this honor.” Atlas’ voice was strong, but humble. There was no demand, no tenuous request, but neither did his voice waver. “Our strength is in our unity, and the bonds in our community. I would put my heart forward for the Terrastellan family.” He bowed, then, perfect, snappy, well-practiced, a flush of muscle memory rushing back to him like spume on a breaking wave.

Atlas had devoted his life to giving. The question, then, was to Vespera: how much did she deem necessary to take?

She could have his life, if she desired. They all could.

About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.
Sides, Sunny Sides.

Great! How old are you?

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
I briefly had a member of a 'dark and powerful' special race on another RP site and it was fun but ALSO I disliked how limiting it was. Like, it was the Limited Edition™ status that made it special. I think characters should be special on their own merits WHILE ALSO realizing that sometimes there needs to be ranks of "power" to move things along.

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
Something about Novus keeps me coming back-- I think it's the richness and depth of the characters and the opportunity they have to interact with the world. Also, the people. The people are coo.

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead the Court?
Atlas embodies all the traits mentioned in the Terrastellan Solar Court guide: He can keep a secret and has his own (all dealing with his pre-Novus life), he is quiet and soft-spoken which could be taken as shyness but really he just has a hesitancy to force what his views as his Negative Self on other people, he is modest beyond words like literally the boy knows nothing of pride, he is capable of loving and caring for everything and everyone, and he's terrified that he will someday be a bystander to the cruelty and horror that he saw in his childhood. He is determined to never let anyone walk over anyone ever again.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
Atlas' goals as Sovereign would probably be to make everyone happy tbh. He would work to make sure everyone was on equal footing and no one felt put out, start programs to encourage arts and learning, and he would probably, eventually, do the faux pas thing where he reached out to other courts and helped heal and teach them. Atlas isn't super fond of parties but he does like practical things, like scavenger hunts and story-telling. He would probably hold like, the Novus Skog/Griot/Storytellers Convention, or something.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
his name is little king trash atlas and he's gay.

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B e l o w Z e r o
I don't care what they're going to say, let the storm rage on
the cold never bothered me anyway
The alien had heard the call, but Bel had not moved.

It wasn't for a lack of want, or care for the very community she had found herself growing with, but rather from searching for her own capabilities, her own strengths - judging her own self-worth before she could ask a goddess to judge her. Would she even be worth judging. Yuki was staring her down, she could feel her eyes, both sets settling on her, questioning why she hesitated. No words were spoken, they were rarely needed between the two now, but still, she knew the sentiment. "Once upon a time, the council had called me to reckless to be a Triton. I was to 'new-age' to do what was best for my people, all because I believed our people, were worth more than their speed to evade attacks. That I had more value in a soul the quickness they could heal. I wanted better for the Pod, not to let them live in the state of fear within the cold, northern waters. I guess, I still am judging myself for their words then. For Shard's agreement."

She sighed quietly, looking towards the sky.

She didn't much focus on the gods of this world anyway. No, it wasn't that she'd not focused on them, but rather she hadn't had much time to consider them as she was meeting others of all courts, experiencing the world Novus had to offer and challenging herself to see the world above the ocean currents. She was growing more comfortable by the day, and now, she had the chance to not just continue to learn, but do more for her people. But, was she worthy? Was she the right choice? Would she falter? Fall short?

Others had come forward.

A stranger, a soldier, a scholar. The nervous part of her mind waited for the butt of the joke, hoping it wouldn't be her. But she forced those fears to still. And so, the alien stood slowly, the vapors trailing off her shoulders, her spine, wafting around her fin. Dual eyes took in the others, hearing their own words, before finally, she moved forward, her eyes shimmering with an inner strength she pulled from the challenges she'd overcome as a creature of the oceans learning what it meant to be of both worlds. When she spoke, however, her words were more ritualized, her voice carrying on the sea breeze, echoing like a whale song to the goddess, to the others who might listen.

She wouldn't disappoint, because her strength had been earned.

"Vespera! My heart is the calm of the seas, but the tempest of the hurricane, sheltering our people within the Eye and casting out our foes with a protective embrace. I may not be of Terrastellan descent, but this land has breathed life back into me when I once thought all was lost. My wish now is to return that breath of life to the heart of this Court. I humbly place myself forward for your consideration."

She lowered her head, both eyes half closing before her goddess.

Her words spoke softer, more sincere, and for the goddess alone, "I might not be the best choice, I know many of my fellows who approach, and I know each of their hearts beat with the same passion as mine for this Court. I also willingly admit to not being the most devoted of followers to these islands, and a new face even if a more familiar one as the years have passed. I've walked these lands, and have grown to love Terrastella with all my heart, forsaking even the ocean to live within its boundaries. And even if another is chosen, my dedication to this Court will not waver. I see the strength we can produce in each of us who stand before you now."

She fell silent, stepping back, even as Yuki chirped from her back.

Bel smiled softly to her bonded before she stood tall, ready, willing to accept any judgment that may fall - for her favor, or against. Even if another was selected, it was to Terrastella that Bel belonged to now, and whether she was meant to lead or to follow another into the future of the Court, Below Zero would do it with pride. Because this court had been her saving grace, her peace, and her salvation when she thought she wasn't worthy of the very life she now had been granted.


Notes:: <3

About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.

Great! How old are you?

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
Not on Novus, but of off Novus - yes. I liked the ability to have a greater say in the plots and movement of the site forward, particularly around plots of the herd that my character had been King of. The issue I had the most problems with were more on the political side of things with some of the other players.

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?
Yes - Including refreshing myself with Dusk Court's attributes :P Just to make sure I remembered what they stood for

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
My favorite thing from the get-go has been the people, not just the members but even the openness of staff (Ink has been great about my many constant questions during character creations). It's a community of friends, and it shows, accepting others into the fold with no issues or problems - and I adore that <3

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead the Court?
For those who know Below Zero, I'm sure you're familiar with her character, an individual who gave up everything for the love and support she felt for her sister, and couldn't stand to live in a herd that would cast a youth aside like dead weight. She stands for justice and the protection of others, to the point she is now working hard to unlock her own magic to further protect those who cannot protect themselves. She's a mare of mystery, who says little but means more, and tends to hide her secrets in a friendly personality that is always watching. She's the first to offer support, and will do anything for those she cares about - but also knows where caring can get yourself hurt. If chosen as lead, she will utilize all these skills to further protect and provide for Dusk Court, helping to protect those who can't protect themselves from their own bleeding hearts, and prove to Nocte that Terrastellans are more than just a modest, and loving people - and that those emotions can be one's biggest strength, for a warrior fights because they're commanded - but a protector, a lover, is fueled by those emotions, the fight to protect, and thus, they're stronger for - Bel is stronger for it. And in times of peace, she will laugh and relax with her people, sharing in the love and community that Dusk Court has become known for, empathetic to her people and support them every step of the way.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
Below Zero's primary focus would be to re-establish connections with the other Courts - form treaties as she can, and ensure peace for her people, but also to get a better grasp of knowledge for the political aspects of the Courts she previously wouldn't have access to. Once she would have knowledge of where her Court stands with the others, she would then be working to strength her community, building up Terrastella into a successful community of individuals who help each other, building up an army on stand by should others think those weakened by 'love' would be foolishly easy to conquer, and finally striving to promote peace with in her Court, and ensuring the happiness of each subject.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Bel is a character made by her experiences, and is constantly growing and developing, but one aspect of her stays the same - she is a wise individual who always strives to do her best for others (willing to even sacrifice herself for their own health and safety). In times of war, she'd be leading the army on the front lines, rather than conducting the players from a safer second location, and in times of peace, she'd be mingling with her people, treating them as fellow beings, rather than peasants beneath her.

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The news had come on wings of eagles. Elena had gone before he could really get to know the woman. At least with Asterion and Marisol, he had gotten to know them, offering them his years of wisdom. But it seemed all was lost with Elena and it saddened the bay stallion. He stood near the tops of the cliffs, standing next to the tree he had grown from a seedling. It clung almost unnaturally to the limestone ruck, a testament to just how much love and magic had gone into it. But Rhone is not saddened as he looks out over the horizon. He is filled with hope.

He had once told himself his days of leading were over, that he was no longer young and as alive as he had once been. But Luvena had shown him that he was meant to lead, that he could not just stand back and watch others lead the way (albeit unsuccessfully). He loved Dusk Court with all that was in him and it was this fact that brought him from the peaceful cliff side to the gathering of faces.

He can see his Goddess, someone he admits he wondered was real. But she is beautiful and radiant and he was all he imagined she would be. And she is calling towards them, asking them to guide Dusk into something great. He watches silently as Jude, Liam, Atlas, and Below Zero all step forward. He’s met some of them, but he knows he has so many more to meet. While they are all qualified, Rhone cannot help the tugging at his heart. Vespera is calling to him, as if she is looking deep into his soul. He looks to her, his eyes searching.

Slowly he takes a step forward, guiding him towards the center of the crowd. They part like a wave for him, eyes slowly looking to him, eager to listen to what he has to say. "I have been a faithful servant from the moment I arrived here in Novus and to Dusk. I have never faltered. I have advised Asterion, Marisol, and Elena. My wisdom and age has made me a successful Champion of Wisdom. But while I don’t feel grand enough for such an honor to be called Sovereign, I feel like it is meant for me. I love this court and all those who dwell in it with all my heart. I want to lead this court with love and justice, not tyranny and fear. I want to see Dusk great again." He smiles at her as he slowly turns to look out at those who have gathered. "Would you see me as worthy?" Always humble, Rhone does not see himself as a great leader, but only someone who wants to inspire change. He is his own worst critic and yet somehow, Dusk knows how much they mean to him. He would give his life for this court and for them without thought or hesitation. Perhaps this was what he was supposed to do with the rest of the life he had been given.

About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.
Zombie (see what I did there?) Some people call me Zoms or ZomZom.

Great! How old are you?
33 yrs young on April 18th ;)

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
Yes. Over the 18 or so years I’ve been RPing, I’ve held 4 leading positions all by different characters  across different games (Rhone has lead 2 of them). I also successfully ran an RPG for a little over a year so I understand what goes into leading both IC and OOC.

I really enjoyed being able to get to know a majority of the players and characters that my characters interacted with. I thought it gave my characters a good overall knowledge about their subjects which ultimately helps them make better decisions on how to run their kingdom/court. How can one lead a people they know nothing about? Not only was I able to get to know a lot of the characters and players that I might not normally interact with, but it offered my character a lot of opportunity for personal growth! Person growth is an integral part of any character and having a position of power opened up more doors to do just that!

Some of the cons of holding any position of power is that it is time consuming. It can take away from time developing your other characters (should you have more than one). It takes time and dedication to keep momentum with all your other characters in addition to balancing the role of leader. Overall, I feel as though I can overcome these difficulties and be successful.

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?
Of course! I believe that I have the time, dedication, and will to be a successful sovereign.

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
Novus will always hold a special place in my heart. It was my first myBB game I ever played and each day I log in to post, Novus continues to remind me what a great choice it was to finally join my first forum-type game (instead of the b2g style sites). Each day, I am constantly in awe of all the creative people that can be found in every corner of Novus. Everyone is unique and different both OOC and IC and it creates a beautiful blend of players and characters. No matter why you came to Novus, there’s something for everyone! You want a romance, there are plenty! You want to battle your way to power, there’s that too! You want to post with every player on the game? Start now!

Not only are the possibilities endless, but Novus does a great job of walking that fine line between how much power is too much (which makes the newer players feel lesser or bullied) and offering limitations to keep things more life-like. I love that you have to want to make your character great, it doesn’t happen just because you know people or you can buy your way to power. I love that you actually have to put in the work to be whatever you want to be on Novus! It’s freedom in a unique and special sense.

But not only all of this, but it makes me excited to see what will happen over the next month, year, etc. Novus is a fluid game and lots of things change. The constant SWP or IC Events thrown by all the courts keep things new and fresh and stop Novus from becoming stagnant. I love that. I’m very excited to hopefully get a chance to be a part of that change…for the better I hope!

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead the Court?
Rhone is no secret to leadership. He was born because his mother had the gift of foresight and she saw him leading his father’s stallion bans. Once he was old enough, he joined his father’s herd and began to learn how to rule. His whole life was dedication to leadership and it was there that he learned leadership skills. He was taught to be a great warrior, a diplomat, as well as an impartial judge and jury. All these skills made him great and he intends to use them all to help guide Dusk Court into a new era.

But perhaps what makes him best equipped in his capacity to love. It was love that drove him away from his father’s band of stallions. He fell in love with a mare and joined her in another kingdom. It proved fruitful in more ways than just extending his bloodline. It opened the door for him to rule another herd and he did so successfully until the game ultimately closed down.

Perhaps it is his tendency to love that also hinders him. He was young when he was last a ruler and now, he’s realized that despite his capacity to love, he knows you cannot divide your desires. He did that and lost so much. Now he plans to devote all of his energy to ruling Dusk Court. While he doesn’t enter the role with a lover, he still loves each and every member who calls him Sovereign. That sort of love cannot be explained or duplicated but it makes him a better man. He can empathize with his subjects and know what will be best for them.

In short, he embodies all that Vespera is. Kindness, in his ability to make a friend wherever he goes. Modesty, because he prefers even the simplest of items and not extravagance. Just, because he tries to be loyal and fair. He is not one to rule with an iron fist nor is he one that will say whatever is necessary to get votes. He will always put Terrastella first, even if it can sometimes be the tough decision.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
Rhone wants to see the court thrive. Because it is made up of mostly medics, he wants to forge alliances to strengthen numbers. He wants to hold a Novus’ wide health festival where others can learn about medicinal plants, basic first aid, and how to save a life. He also wants to hold festivals each season that embody Vespera’s ideals. Winter is all about family and friends. Spring about new life (foals as well as new flora and fauna) and he wants to hold a gathering to welcome new life. Summer is about fun together and he wants to do some sort of summer-themed festival or event. Fall is all about giving thanks in the sense that it’s more a religious gathering when Dusk citizens can offer Vespera thanks for their lives and all that she provides.

Rhone is also more than willing to listen to his subjects and see what they want to do. If they want to have a weenie roast, he’s down! If they want to build a giant bonfire, great! If they just want to stand together and listen to stories from other realms, he’s okay with that to! He’d even be willing to hold a tournament with games and skills to suite everyone.

Now, everyone can suggest games or activities they want to hold, but it’s so important for Rhone to get to know each and every member. He expects a thread with each individual so he can get to know them on a personal level. He wants to know them so he can do right by them. He wants to bring Dusk together, not pull it apart. In order to do that, he needs to know everyone other than just by a name or a face.

Finally, he wants to know all the sovereigns for the same reason. He wants to know if Dusk should be fearful or if they can lend a friendly hand in greeting. He wants to know where others stand and he wants them to know where Dusk stands too.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Despite what happens, each and every one of you (players and characters) have been a blessing to get to know and thread with. I hope to continue threading with you all after voting ceases because Rhone isn’t going anywhere! He’s been more behinds the scenes offering advise to all the sovereigns that came before him and he will continue to do the same heading forward. Be your best self and live your best life!

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ou were there, when she first drew breath, sighing as she baptized the world with her presence. You are something else, something other, it is not physical but a piece of the soul, passed down through the generations, harboring whispers of the past and warnings of the future. You are not a body, you are a consciousness, a power not quite understood as you flow from one generation to the next your life never ending because you are the wind.


He arrives, a soft breeze at his back, licking down his hide, ruffling the foliage attached to his too bright skin as leaves flutter to the earth delicately behind him. He is beautiful in every sense of the word (or so they tell him) and the way he carries himself… it is as if he has come from another life, another world. There is no way he wasn’t created to sing and dance, to enjoy life in a way as bright and enthusiastic as the colors upon his skin. But there is an air of regality to his swagger, something ancient and wise brewing just beneath the surface. The man has grown old in heart and wise in age, he is well versed in the ways of the world and has no doubts when the voice of Dusk’s goddess rings through the calm sky. Aristal is a creature of the wild, something crafted from the world’s beyond, something molded by mother nature herself and born to carry the autumn wind beneath his skin, to harbor its force and will. But, he has also seen much, watching as kingdoms rose and fell, lovers turned to statues and hatred bloom between mother and son, all while riding by on a soft, autumnal breeze; never able to touch the things of their world.
He was there when she first breathed life into him and he was carried away upon the thing he’d grown upon alongside, had learned to love and cherish; the wind. It whistles and whispers to him in languages unknown to others, melodies of other worlds, other ages that it has encountered and even then, it bows before him. For Artistal is not a being of little, he was born a god, a prince of the skies. That very thing carries him above countries and oceans, constantly searching, but as he arrives in the world of Novus, it is no stranger that meets his arrival. He has seen the goddess Vespera on the horizon many times, just a glimpse of her beauty as she claims the heavens for herself each night. Aristal admires her, and when she calls, she is greeted with that soft smile and chilly breeze that seems to always accompany him.

This is not a world he knows well, but it is nothing he hasn’t seen before. Cool confidence radiates from him as he watches the goddess, awe hidden behind the smooth cockiness of his handsome features, eyes twinkling in the shadow of her figure. She is as graceful and ethereal as he expected, her entire being shifts the world around them, cloaking them all in a sort of hushed reverence one would expect in the presence of a being so mighty. He has seen it before, when he encountered Mother Nature moments before his birth, when she revealed who he was to the world. It is nothing more than curiosity brewing beneath the surface as he listens, ignoring the others around him before opening his mouth.

“I wish to step forward,” his words are honey coated but laced in sincerity. "If you deem me fit enough to lead your kindgom."
“I have ruled the skies for far too long now, perhaps it is time for me to settle down,” the stallion speaks, his voice confident but respectful as he addresses the goddess.
“It is time for me to keep my hooves on the ground and seeing that I have wrangled the wind all these years, I’d hope I could handle a kingdom blessed by Dusk herself,” he finishes, dipping his dial, eyes cast downward as he awaits his judgement.
Would he stay? Or would he simply glide away on the next autumn breeze?


About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.

Great! How old are you?
I’m 21!

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
Yes, I have, several times. Most recently I was on a site with my character Zhavvorsi and she was the ruler of her realm. I played her there for the better of 8 months before the site finally closed due to inactivity (it had been around awhile and the owner didn’t have time for it anymore). I really enjoyed it! The only thing I didn’t love were the strict requirements on activity because it would drain my muse and make my posts very lackluster (like I had to do it rather than me wanting to).
I loved the outlet for all kinds of character connections and such! It is a great way to build lore and plots within the kingdom!

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
I am SO excited for the new rules! Especially with Cervidae characters coming in! However, I have been around a long time and seen Novus grow and change and I can honestly say I am ecstatic with the direction it’s going! I am so impressed with all the new changes and I plan on sticking around for years to come!

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead the Court?
So Aristal in his own right, is a “minor” god of sorts, the prince of the Autumn wind. The Autumn wind is a conscious power passed down through the generations, and though its host has a longer lifespan, they’re not immortal and it has passed on. It carries with it to its new host, old memories and ideas that I think would be really cool to bring to the table! I have just been inspired lately with these Seasonal ideas and I think it would be cool to add that into the current court system! He would be great for Dusk, he’s wise but still fun and a little cocky (which would be fun to see him interact with the other leaders) but he’s very intelligent and basically a free spirit. In all, I think he’s the type of leader Terrastella hasn’t seen before and I think it would be really fun to see what he gets done!

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
I think he would definitely hold festivals for the different seasons while still matching up with Vespera’s wishes. He holds great respect for the gods as he sees them each day, riding across the sky as he has for so long. To him, there needs to be changes in Dusk. There needs to be more fun and more freedom and I think he would be perfect for that. I can see him sitting in the hospital and sharing stories of healers from his “past” and helping them understand different methods. I just think because he’s from such a different world with different views, it would be fun to see what he has to offer Dusk rather than having one native to Novus.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Honestly just excited to have this chance!

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