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Poll: [DUSK COURT MEMBERS ONLY -- 1 vote per member -- READ BELOW POST FIRST] Who would you like to be Terrastella's new Sovereign?
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Below Zero
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IC Event  - The Sunlight Fades (SOVEREIGN VOTING)

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Voting for Terestellan Sovereign

The Sunlight Fades

Vespera watched as slowly they gathered beneath her. Her people of the dying sun casting their names out for all to see. 

She turned to the first,  a slight man, with slender wings tucked to his side. A dusk court medic with clear determination


she started

“as a medic you see not only the parts that can be fixed, but also those that can be bettered. But what will you do should those things resists your treatment?”

She turned next to @Liam a man who had stood on terrastellan soil now for long enough to know its ways and customs. A man whose copper coat held the setting sun like gold. 

“You are a just and fair man. But what would you do should the kingdom fall? Rebuild? Or move on to the next one?”

And then there was @Atlas whose appearance reminded her so of sweet Elena. She remembered when the stallion docked in Terrastella, carrying the scents of sand and sea. 

“You would give your strength to Terrastella, and see them as one. But what if your heart is not enough to hold them together? If they stumble apart would you rely on heart or reason?”

@Below Zero a woman of the sea, who threw her passion into everything she did. A smile quirked at her lips as she made her poetic declaration.

“Your passion is admirable, as is your humility. But what will you do if the people push back against your path. Will you push back? Or let their waves sway you?”

She swivelled her head to look at a man who had walked these grounds for many years. @Rhone a longtime champion of wisdom, and a man who had long serving the dusk court.  

 “You have a strong spirit, and wisdom rarely challenged. But your heart has been broken once before, could you stand it if it broke again?”

One more stood before her.


A man of mystery and freedom. It surprised her that he held himself to a court at all, and didn’t choose to wander as so many others like him did. 

  “You have confidence, something needed by a leader. But do you have the sense to back down for the better, even when pride is at stake?”

She looked to each of them again. 

“I do not mean to discourage any of you, only to bring light to what it means to lead, to responsible for dozens of lives.”

she stopped for a moment, turning to watch the sun as it finally dipped below the horizon, leaving a spattering of stars in it’s wake. 

 “It is not for me to decide which of you shall bear the crown. Instead it will be the choice of your future people.”

Rules to Vote

Voting closes at 11:59P EST on 04/17/21

Before voting or if you are part of this nomination, please read all the below. If you have any questions/concerns, don't hesitate to ask!

  • Regarding this vote:

    • When voting, please read each characters audition - both IN CHARACTER and OUT OF CHARACTER portions! 
      Jude/ErisLiamAtlasBelow ZeroRhoneAristal/Cass

      • Keep in mind when voting, we are looking for a character who embodies Terrastellan ideals, will have substantial enough activity to help drive the court in a positive direction, and solid ideas to bring to the court in terms of events, planning, etc.

    • You must use your Dusk Court Court character account to cast your vote - ONLY Terrastellans can vote here!

      • Do not use your OOC account to vote!
      • One vote total per member, even if you have multiple Dusk Court characters.
      • Those nominated may not vote for themselves. They are allowed to vote for a different character, if they wish.
      • Failure to follow the above rules will result in your vote being nullified.

    • You can freely post in this thread if you'd like to interact with Vespera or the nominees!

  • Character Requirements for those Nominated and/or who are chosen:

    • If you win the member vote and have another character in a Regime position (Sovereign, Regent, Emissary), that character must step down before your winning character can step up. This must be completed within 2 weeks.

    • If you have entered another one of your own characters into a different Court's Sovereign auditions, you may not win both. In the event both your characters are the number one pick, you will need to choose which character/court you prefer. The one that you pass up will be given to the runner-up.

  • General rules and requirements regarding Sovereigns:

    • Regarding Sovereign vulnerability: Sovereigns will be deemed Vulnerable if you make 10 IC posts or less per month (this means that it will be extremely easy for anyone to win a Challenge against you), and posted absences only make you immune for 2 weeks.

    • Sovereign activity requirements: To promote activity within their respective Courts, the Sovereign must setup 1 IC event every other season.

    • Once a Sovereign is selected and your profile approved, your first duty will be to create a Court Rules thread in your respective Court forum. Read this guidebook section for things you can do as Sovereign.

Only Terrastellans may vote, but...

Any character - from any Court - may post in this thread to interact with Vespera and the nominees.
Once voting is over you will be able to immediately claim this thread as completed for signos and/or EXP - even if you don't meeting the post count requirement!


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Inactive Character

Rhone can see all those that have gathered and in his infinite wisdom, he knows that all of them are capable of leading Dusk into an era of peace and prosperity. All are qualified and Rhone would be more than happy to advise any of them, should Dusk Court feel them worthy. Already he is preparing his speech to share with whoever wins that he will advise them, just as he has advised the Sovereigns before. Dusk Court means everything to him and he would continue on serving, perhaps even until the day he took his last breath.

But then Vespera is speaking and Rhone’s attention is drawn to her. He listens quietly to all she has said and he knows what she is doing. She is making sure they know what they are getting into, that they are confident that they can do the job. Rhone has said similar things before, so he’s well versed in this sort of logic. But he remains silent.

The words she has spoken to him are like a knife through his heart. His heart has loved and lost, that much is true. Rhone has had to make a tough decision. He has already told Luvena he can no longer see her romantically. After all, Dusk calls to him and he has to answer. He has to give his court and his Goddess all of himself, even if it is painful to do so.

But despite this, he knows he is ready. "Thank you Goddess, you give us much to chew on." He knows that he has what it takes to guide Dusk Court into greatness and if not them, then guide the new sovereign. He is confident in this and it makes his heart feel a little better and a little more blessed.


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rugged hands and a silver knife

Atlas found his shaky feet on the dusted cobblestones. A slate-gray snake, the path slithered between the pitch and roll of grounds once green and tended. Now the hedges grew unkempt, the mahogany substrates had been washed to bare dirt by rain, and, through no fault of their own, the flowers had withered and died. And everywhere the dark grasp of winter was touched by the vibrant hum of Vespera’s being; it all seemed quite stuck in a state of half-darkness. Like moths to a flame they had all come. Like moths, they milled around with their hearts in their mouths for the lengths of their short lifespans.

Secrets and hope. Diving ever into the light from the darkness, moths.

They were all stories in themselves: old ones, his friends Rhone and Bel; ones a little less old, Liam and the two strangers. None of them are new. This had happened to every kingdom across Novus in a short span of time. Only Elena had kept Vespera at bay and now, with her disappearance, the goddess had gathered her skirts and armor and plunged to earth.

Even her dim light was so great that after looking upon her the rest of the world felt faded, desaturated. She speaks unto him-- unto them all-- a warning, but one of guiding. Not a sinister truth but a tool to be used for their advantage. She takes shots at his heart and he feels it, but he also feels a level confidence. “I am not in this alone, blessed Dusklight,” Atlas insists, not petulant and righteous but conversational, if one could ever be to a god. “None of us are in this alone. We have each other, our hearts to string along. And we are all tethered together by you.”



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make me your priestess
rip me to pieces

he did not know the gods of this land, nor the people. There were few she had yet encountered... but still, for some reason, she felt compelled to step into Terrastella's Court. To regard this almost larger-than-life goddess that stood before them, her voice nearly booming as it reached the far corners of the courtyard. A singular ear tepidly titled towards Vespera, golden eyes locked onto the goddess of dusk. The dying light around her only made the goddess shine all that much brighter — and for the first time since she awoke, Ophelia felt a jealousy seated deep within her gut.

Should she really be here, among these mortals and men? Leonine tail whipped at her ankles as she stood at the outskirts of the courtyard, ichor-like gaze drifting towards each of those that appeared. The wraith barely listened to Vespera's words, her attention only catching on the hopeful's names as they were spoken. The goddess spoke a little of each of them, and the wraith was keen to listen to how Vespera viewed each — was a gods word not supposed to be near-truth, after all?

Jude, a caring and reserved healer whose physical strength may lack. Liam, a strong man with potentially feeble or lackluster roots that may not truly tie him to this kingdom. Atlas, a caring but potentially naive man. Below Zero, a foreign woman with sharp teeth and potential. Rhone, a current standing Champion with a deal of wisdom under his belt. Aristal, confident and a (former?) minor god in his own right.

Both Atlas and Rhone thanked the goddess, and Ophelia's golden gaze settled on them briefly. Both so humble. But in the wraith's eyes, Below Zero and Rhone were the strongest — the ones that would probably be least able to be swayed, the most steadfast in their views. 

But that was not necessarily what she wanted, was it?

With a silence only begotten by a ghost, she turned on golden heels and left the courtyard, vanishing into the cresting night. This was not her place to vote; she was sure that whatever happened - whomever was chosen - she would be able to mould her plans around. 

She's in, then she's out~! Just to note: I didn't actually vote in the poll, just wanted to have Ophie pop into the thread c:


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Wisps of light on the Horizon

There were few who decided to step forward with their voices, most choosing to silently cast their votes off to the side before watching quietly, anticipating the announcement of their new leader.  She looked at each of them, with a sort of pride swelling within her. These were her people, who made this land what it had come to be.

She turned her gaze first to Ophelia, watching as the woman walked away silently, without a word of farewell. Perhaps she wanted to keep her air of mystery about her, or maybe she simply didn’t care. Regardless, Vespera would not ignore her presence. 

A Random Event Has Occurred!

She pulled an amulet from the air, and let it hover before her as she whispered to it.

“An amulet that brings clarity. So that while she remains mysterious, her dreams will not. Perhaps it will help her find her place in Terrastella”

and with that she sent it back into the night, sending it to wherever Ophelia might find herself.

[ @Ophelia has been gifted the Seer’s Amulet by Vespera, and has also been awarded +200 signos for encountering a Random Event! ]

Next she turned to Atlas, one of the candidates for the throne. The golden man had a light of his own about him, but perhaps she could give him something so that others may see it too. 

A Random Event Has Occurred!

“You are right Atlas, and that thought will take you far”

  She walked towards him, dusk-light crackling around her.  She pulled out a light, and gently slipped it over the mans neck.

“Take this light, and may it guide you, and others, to wherever you need to go”

[ @"Atlas" has been gifted the Moon-glow Necklace by Vespera, and has also been awarded +200 signos for encountering a Random Event! ]

Lastly, Rhone. A man whose stoic loyalty was clear.

“It seems you have been chosen to hold dusks fate in your grasp”

she stated, waltzing toward him on feather light hooves. 

A Random Event Has Occurred!

“You have a difficult task ahead of you Rhone”

she murmured, touching her muzzle gently to his shoulder.

“Dusk court has been quiet as of late, it needs a strong head to spur it along. I hope this will help you in your task. I believe Ira was given the same when he was chosen. It will help you keep track of your court. Use it’s power wisely”

[ @Rhone has been gifted an enchanted map by Vespera, and has also been awarded +200 signos for encountering a Random Event! ]

And with that she stepped back, her role having been fulfilled.

"Terrastella, Give Rhone your welcome as Sovereign!"


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