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Fight: Judged  - your social skills resemble arson [Sovereign Challenge]

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Night Court Sovereign
Female [She/Her/Hers]  |  Immortal [Year 496 Summer]  |  16.1 hh  |  Hth: 32 — Atk: 28 — Exp: 85  |    Active Magic: Pyromancy  |    Bonded: Solaris (Phoenix)

Fight Type: Challenge
Prize: Sovereign of Night Court
Contact Made: Yes.

Character #1: @Israfel
Bonded: Yes; Solaris the Phoenix.
Magic: Yes, Pyromancy at Vexillum level.
Armor: No.
Weapons: No.
Current Health: 22
Current Attack: 18
Current Experience: 47

Character #2: @Ira
Bonded: Yes; Massive Bonded.
Magic: Yes, Shadow Walking.
Armor: No.
Weapons: No.
Current Health: 10
Current Attack: 10
Current Experience: 17

daddy didn't love you
gotta burn it all down

This was not the first time that she stood upon the pockmarked soil of the Bellum Steppe. Nor was it the second, or the third, and she knew that this time would not mark her last and final visit. Israfel liked to think herself quite seasoned upon this battlefield, intimately familiar with the dips and curves of this sacred place that stood testament to battles previously fought. Their scars remained, confirmation solidified, a written novel of wars and bloodshed that required no scribe nor pages.

It was a dance. A song. A passion.

It burned in her veins, in her blood, like the fire that was hers to command. Merciless, all consuming, enraged and uncontrollable...

Israfel visited these lands often, but never with the brimming determination quite like what she felt now, never with this purpose.

A King would be dethroned today, but not out of malice or hate. No. Israfel respected Ira. She found him capable, when the time arose… But lacking. Perhaps if the world had been different, he could have proven himself, grown into such a heavy mantle bestowed upon him on the cusp of manhood. As it were, well… The Sun Daughter lacked the patience to find out, and she was driven by the words of Caligo herself. Perhaps in time he could find himself, but the Court could not afford to wait.

A single letter had been left in the Night King’s personal quarters, delivered by a Phoenix and accompanied with a red plume that remained warm to the touch, even after Solaris had left it.

Ira would know who left the letter. There were no other such birds of yore in Denocte.

Israfel had left on the chosen day, taking flight, leaving Denocte behind. She traveled to the Steppe, surveyed her surroundings, and waited.

The peak of Veneror loomed like a beacon in the distance, its outline faint in the dying light of the day. The shield maiden stood a stationary bulwark, gilded wings resting comfortably upon her ivory back, legs loose and relaxed, slowly inhaling, exhaling, waiting...

Her thoughts drifted back, towards home and the Court she had left. Towards her. How strange, that despite the distance, her heart still sung for Luvena’s touch, for her words, for her presence. A touch of concern filled the ivory mare’s breast, and she wondered briefly if perhaps she should have told Luvena about what she was going to do…

But Israfel was a coward in the face of love. After all, she hadn’t even admitted it. Not yet. Not out loud. Maybe after this, once she returned home… Maybe then.

Maybe. If cowardice didn’t hold her tongue and freeze her words.

How silly, that a seasoned veteran of battle could be daunted by matters of the heart? Yet, as Isra had learned, the injuries to the heart could be the most painful, could be profoundly crippling if the blow was done just right.

Maybe. Maybe.

Letting her mind clear, Israfel shifted her stance, keen, piercing vermilion eyes scanning the horizon of trees and brittle summer grasses to wait for the opaline male. Upon her croup, the lofty weight of Solaris shifted as the large avian also glanced around, silent and pensive.

It seems they were both nervous, but for vastly different reasons.


Summary: Isra just shows up, stands there, gets a little retrospective. Waits for Ira.

Attack Used: 0
Attack(s) Left: 2
Block Used:
Block(s) Left: 1
Item(s) Used: N/A

Response Deadline: 9/1/21
Tags: @Ira, @inkbone, @Lullivy, @Sparrow

Please Tag Israfel in all Replies!

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Due to not responding to the challenge, @Ira forfeits the fight and @Israfel takes the night court crown!

This thread will be locked and moved to the Archives shortly. The characters' official experience has been updated to reflect these changes (along with any signos rewards sent), so there's no need to post in the Experience Updates or Signos Redemption threads!

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TOTAL: +2 EXP, 25 Signos

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