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Success  - Jane x Vreis

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Parent #1

Name: Jane
Gender: Mare
Age: 6
Court: She's moving into Dawn

Parent #2

Roleplayer: Dyzzie!
Name: Vreis
Age: 10
Court: Vagabond

Other Information

Link to the required Amare Creek "Fade to Black" thread: [x]

How many total threads have they interacted in? [introduction] [xx]

What is the current IC season? Spring


If the parents are of separate Courts, what parent will the foal live with? Dawn

If the conception is successful, do you have an RPer for the foal(s)? Yes, me

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?I love you all!


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Pregnancy: Successful!
I (@inkbone) have donated item for guaranteed pregnancy from my personal inventory, so a dice roll was not necessary. The item has now been removed from my inventory and the pregnancy is guaranteed to be successful.

Number of foals: One!
A dice roll was made to determine whether the parents will have twins or a single foal. Any number 1 to 5 will result in twins, and numbers 6 to 100 will result in a single. 
27 was rolled, so it will be a single foal.

Foal Health: Healthy!
As this request was posted during 508 Spring, a roll during Spring: 
1-80 equals healthy. 81-95 equals unhealthy. 96-100 means the foal won't survive.
100 was rolled, but since "non-surviving" chances are bypassed due to guaranteed pregnancy item: this will hereby default to the next closest category based on numbers - "healthy"!

Foal Gender: Colt!
Any number 1 to 50 will result in a male, and numbers 51 to 100 will result in a female. 
4 was rolled, so the foal will be a male.

Immortality Inheritance: No
As neither parent possess Immortality there is 0% chance of the foals obtaining via Inheritance, so a dice roll is unnecessary.
The foal will not inherit Immortality.

Active Magic Inheritance: No
As neither parent possess Active Magic there is 0% chance of the foals obtaining via Inheritance, so a dice roll is unnecessary.
The foal will not inherit Active Magic.

To recap...

The pregnancy is successful! Jane and Vreis will have a foal. The pregnancy will be healthy and will result in one male, who will inherit neither Active Magic nor Immortality.

The foal will be played by @wildandfree and will reside with the mother @Jane in the Dawn Court.

Both parents have already been awarded +1 EXP for a successful pregnancy. Once Jane gives birth (e.g. the foal becomes an accepted character), she will be able to post an EXP redemption to claim "+1 EXP for successful birth."

You can view the live rolls in the Discord #polls channel, by clicking this link.

Things of Note

All foals must wait to be born until the following IC season. However, since this breeding request was posted in the previous season - you may choose to join this foal immediately (Year 508 Summer, 04/04/22) within 508 Summer if you wish. Alternatively, you are still allowed to wait until the next season (Year 508 Fall, Starting 06/01/22) if that is what you'd like. 

If the foal's profiles are not created and approved by halfway through the next season (Year 508 Fall, 07/01/22), they will be considered dead and the parents can determine how they died.

The foal's RPer is allowed to join them anywhere between the age of 0 and 2. Whatever age they decide on in their application is the age that the fawn will begin aging from. This allows you the choice of either RPing out the young years or skipping straight to their independent years. 

Foal designs are left up to you (or their RPer, however you arrange it). The only requirement we have is that it meets the site expectations for character designs.


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