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IC Event  - Delumine's Egg Hunt

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Callynite has decided, in honor of many new foals, the excitement currently existing for the new season, to hold an Egg Hunt for all of Novus, the young and the young at heart.

You are hereby invited to spend your time of merriment with us in Delumine!

There will be a collection of brunch items for your sampling and many drinks available!

Viride Forest will be home to a massive Egg Hunt all throughout the trees!
  • ♢ The Foal Zone - In the most well-lit zone, protected from predators, with more than a few guards in attendance to keep an eye over Novus’s youngest; will be a special egg hunt for the foals, where the eggs are easier to find; and they don’t have to worry about being trampled by adults. As Callynite’s own new fawn will be attending, one can be confident that the protection of the foals (and fawn) will not be relaxed.♢ The Rest of the Forest – is open for all of Novus to explore and find the eggs - be warned! The forest has answered Cally’s call for assistance, with trees taking eggs up to their branches and depositing them where they could reach. So make sure you look everywhere!

There will also be a primary Socializing area in the same clearing as the Foal Zone, where parents can supervise their offering. This is also where you’ll find all of the brunch items and the table laden with drinks! You’ll also find that Cally has ensured the comforts of visitors and her court alike - with the grass in the clearing having been grown extra soft; and lush to comfort those who lay down; and small pillows lining tree trunks, so you’re not leaning up against the discomfort of tree bark.

A small farm is set off to the side within this central clearing, with little chicks and tiny bunnies happily hopping around. Anyone near is likely to learn a great deal from an elderly mare who brought the young animals out; to give exhausted but happy foals something to do while also teaching them a little.

Fairy Lights (with wild-caught fireflies) and Small Candle-lit paper lanterns are dotted along the forest to provide amble of lighting for those searching for eggs and make sure the central clearing is bright and as open as possible for everyone to see!

Welcome to Dawn’s Summer Event! We’re glad you’re here, but here are a few rules and how-tos as the player!

This is a competition; in and of itself, and to make it reasonably easy on myself – I will be keeping this thread open for the tracking of the competition - which is done by the players; not by me :)
  • The Egg HuntYour egg count will be determined by your collective number of posts. [i.e., all your posts by all of your characters]. ♢ For every post your write, you will earn one point.♢ If you complete a thread, you will earn a bonus of two points.♢ There are opportunities for additional points through interactions with other members [in particularly; interacting with Cally may provide you with small quests and mini-events that you can partake in for extra points]♢ Examples: She may send you off to find a particular egg for a foal who was upset that color wasn’t included in the foal zone. Or she may ask you to run back to her citadel for more of a particular snack.♢ These events would require a minimum of two posts dedicated to the task at hand (typically a single thread with one post of they’re heading out and finding the object before returning with it, she (and I) will then reply acknowledgment in your success; and then a final reply from the member with an exit.These Points will be used to determine your Egg Count at the end! Three Points will Equal One Egg! And the individuals with the top three counts will win some prizes~♢ First Place: 500 Signos, Delumine’s 2022 Egg Hunt Winner Item, 1 Free Common Item?♢ Second Place: 250 Signos, 1 Free Common Item♢ Third Place: 100 Signos

To help us track point numbers, please fill out this form and update it accordingly throughout your time playing with us.
[b]Username:[/b] Tag Yourself!
[b]Character’s Involved[/b] List All Characters Involved!
[b]Posts[/b] Please link every post individually :)
[b]Threads Completed[/b] Just a simple link to the thread is fine :D
[b]Cally’s Quests[/b] Please link to the individual threads; remember these cannot be included in your count until you post an exit in the quest
[b]Anything Else?[/b]

Hope you guys have fun!!

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