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Battle Type: BATTLE
Prize: EXP!

Character #1: Reichenbach
Bonded: -
Magic: -
Armor: -
Weapons: -

Character #2: Raglan
Bonded: -
Magic: -
Armor: -
Weapons: -

R E I C H E N B A C H 

Contrary to popular belief, Reichenbach adored the sunshine. He was a sun-soaker in every aspect of the word, with today being no exception to the rule. While he awaited the arrival of silvertongue, the Night Court Sovereign lay on his side with limbs spread so that they might get as much as sunshine as possible, his round belly saturated by the summer sun and his argent eyes closed contentedly. A faint smile played around the corners of his ebony lips as he daydreamed, seeing a blur of violet flowers and tattooed constellations - silver hair but apricot skin. Truthfully, he'd never had to seperate his emotions before, had never been confused or uncertain when it came to love and happiness - Reichenbach was a man who knew what he wanted, a man that didn't allow for excuses but instead headed toward that brightness, aimed for it. Now... he was lost in the tedium of morals, morals and heartbreak. 

Training and sparring with Raglan had been a welcome distraction - as his Crows always had been. They were a band of brothers and sisters made family through misfortune, always there to clap one another on the back or make each other laugh if it was needed. Their loyalty wasn't able to be bought, their love not given easily or half-heartedly - they were children of hardship and adversity, and yet they had grown to be unyielding, an unstoppable force that acted as a constant reminder of where he had come from, of how many children still needed care. Raglan had his own terrible tale, one that Reichenbach knew intimately, and yet had come forth and bloomed in the past year. Camdis' tutoring was aiding the boy mentally and this sparring... it would no doubt come in handy when Raglan ran that silver tongue of his. The boy was too witty and quick-minded for his own good. 

Hearing faint footfalls (Raglan had a step that was trained to be almost silent, taught by Reich himself when the boy had been found) Reichenbach opened one eye lazily, squinting through long ebony lashes as he heaved himself to lean on one shoulder, watching Raglan's approach through a sun-soaked haze. 

@Raglan oops I'm bad at starters 


Summary: Reich is laying on his side, peering up as Raglan approaches

Attack Used:
Attack(s) Left: 2
Block Used:
Block(s) Left: 1
Item(s) Used: 
Response Deadline: 4th September 17
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Due to not replying by the deadline, @Raglan forfeits the fight and @Reichenbach wins! 
This thread will be locked and moved to the Ruris Archives shortly!

All damage taken in the thread is still applicable and cannot be retconned!
Please be aware this thread cannot be claimed as a "completed thread" for signos redemption.

Participate in a Battle or Challenge: +1 EXP to Reichenbach
Win a Battle: +1 additional EXP to Reichenbach
Total: +2 EXP

Reich's official experience has been updated to reflect these changes, so there's no need to post in the Experience Updates thread!

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