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All Welcome  - from the void [SOVEREIGN AUDITIONS]

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Denoctian Sovereign Auditions

blackness will swallow us all

The darkness hummed.

At first it was a quiet white-noise, ever-present but nothing more than a pinprick at the edge of her senses. But then it deepened, its grasp pulling her closer and closer like the gravity of a black hole. Days, years, centuries - how long had it been that she had slumbered under her sky so dark, littered with the stars she loved so? 

She fought the sensation of restlessness, turning back into the void she was swathed in. 

But He would not be ignored. "Wake up, daughter," the quiet call reached out across the expanse of the universe. He pulled at the edges of the void that surrounded her, unravelling the nest she had buried herself in. "You are needed."

Eyes as sharp and unforgiving as the rough edge of a diamond, she awoke with a rolling thunder under her hooves. It felt like she had no breathed for an eon, existing only on dark matter and the silent vacuum of space. 

And so she unfurled herself from its grasp; Caligo - beautiful as ever, tall and strong and so very wild - regarded her Father with silent but knowing eyes. Words were never necessary between them, for their bond went far beyond anything time had ever known. 

And just like that, Tempus led his demi-goddess daughter across the sky. Where their hooves touched, rolling thunder and a spark of lightning echoed a sad chorus that filled Novus' night skies. He led her to the edge of the clouds and stopped - but she did not. 

Bright and burning eyes glanced back at her Father for a moment before she descended, never wondering if the pull she felt was the same one her brother Oriens did when he too descended.

In that moment, her statue disappeared. The black ink of it dripped and dripped and dripped, seeping into the snow-capped ground atop Veneror peak. The diamonds bled and buried themselves into the earth, and all that was left was the twisted base of her statue reaching up from the depths — grasping at nothing and everything. In the shadows the demi-goddess stood for just a moment as the icey air shocked her lungs - but she did not linger. She was tall and grandoise, her wild mane a swirl of tendrils about her. And it did not take her long to descend that mountain.

So here she stood, in the middle of the Court filled with dreamers, and artists, and beautiful souls. "Denoctians," her voice was the echo of the thunder from when she had walked across the sky. "Morrighan is no more," the demi-goddess quickly regarded the growing crowd before her.

"She has been killed, and I cannot tell you how or why." and a hush fell over them all, their silence a deafening sound that bested even the darkest depths of space. 

"What I must ask you instead: who will step up and prove themselves worthy to fill the void left by her?"

Rules to Apply

Before filling out the form found at the bottom of the page, you must read the rules and guidelines below, as well as everything posted on this page! Please ask us if you have any questions or concerns at all!

  • Character Requirements:

    • You can audition both existing characters and brand new characters, however both are required to make an IC post responding to this post! This thread has been temporarily opened so that both OOC, pending, and accepted IC accounts may make their replies for the audition.

    • Anyone from any Court can apply.

    • Your character must be at least three years old.

    • You (the member) will need to have originally joined Novus at least 2+ months ago.

    • You do not have to create a character account unless you are chosen. In the event that you are chosen as Sovereign, you will have 2 weeks to create your character's profile (it should be easy, since all of the information is already required to fill out the audition form).

    • You can audition as many characters as you'd like! Each needs a fully separate post and application in this thread.

  • General rules and requirements regarding Sovereigns:

    • Regarding Sovereign vulnerability: Sovereigns will be deemed Vulnerable if you make 10 IC posts or less per month (this means that it will be extremely easy for anyone to win a Challenge against you), and posted absences only make you immune for 2 weeks.

    • Sovereign activity requirements: To promote activity within their respective Courts, the Sovereign must setup 1 IC event every other season.

    • Once you are selected and your profile approved, your first duty will be to create a Court Rules thread in your respective Court forum. Read this thread for things you can do as Sovereign.

  • Regarding this audition:

    • All auditions are due by 11:59PM EST on 01/10/21. Novus-standard time is listed on the main page.

    • At least temporarily, those on the staff team will not be able to occupy a Sovereign position while Ink determines how she'd like to move forward. This may change - but please keep this in mind if you intend to apply for a moderator role when applications are opened soon!

    • You must make an IC post replying to this post AND post the OOC audition form! Both must be included in the same post, with the IC post first and the OOC audition form underneath it.

    • Please, only reply to this thread if you are auditioning for Sovereign.

    • The IC post can have your own personal coding and art - but that will not affect the outcome.

    • All responses to this thread will be considered complete, whether they are actually finished or not. Please do not post Work in Progress auditions!

    • Please do not alter the OOC audition form itself. Although we love to see special coding and pretty pictures, we want to be as impartial as possible - and as much as we'd like to say we're fairly objective, special coding and pretty pictures can impress us! We want these to be bare-bones.

    • As you're filling out the audition form, pretend you're filling out an actual profile. Make sure you adhere to all Character Rules set out here.

    • Staff will narrow down their top three applicants, then put those top three to final member vote. Only Night Court members may participate in that final vote.

    • We'll be judging on writing quality, how well your character fits into Denoctian ideals, your proposed plans & goals, and general activity.

If you have read through the rules, understand the requirements, and still want to audition for Sovereign, please make an IC reply to this post and put your completed OOC audition form (below) underneath it!

<button class="acc_ctrl"><h2>Click here to see this character's OOC audition form!</h2></button><div class="acc_panel">

<div class="tcat"><font style="font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;">About the RPer</font></div><blockquote><blockquote>

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.</span>
What is your OOC name?

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Great! How old are you?</span>
How old are you?

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Have you ever held a Position of Power before?</span>
Have you ever had any characters in a leading position, on or off-site? What did you like about it? What did you not like about it?

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Have you read the Sovereign Rules?</span>
Yes/No - if No, please read the rules above and follow the links to the rules regarding Sovereigns and Courts

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?</span>
Tell us something that stood out to you when you read the Guidebook, or something about the site in general.


<div class="tcat"><font style="font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;">Sovereign Questions</font></div><blockquote><blockquote>

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Denocte?</span>
Tell us why your character would be a good choice to be Sovereign of this Court. Match up their ideals and values with Denocte and Caligo. 

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?</span>
What are your plans for the Court? Do you have a vision for Denocte? What rules would your character set? Would they hold any events to garnish activity? If so, what?

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?</span>
Here's your chance to add anything else at all!


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Inactive Character

what you've been missing

The mountains are a place of solace, one that Cicatrix tends to gravitate towards on most nights in order to crane their head back and gaze up to the stars above. Even with the halo of golden light casting shadows from their tall frame, they can still see the shine of stars above and how they glimmer and sometimes streak across the otherwise inky blue black of the cosmos as a backdrop. It is a place to learn and to count the constellations that teem above them, marking the skies and helping others navigate wherever they may be in the lands.

Tonight is different, however. There is a streak that does not belong, a heavy cloud mass racing as if possessed. A phenomenon they have never experienced, but were oh so thrilled to be a part of. Suddenly, they have a thrill of excitement, and golden hooves press down, pivoting their titanic frame as they follow the formation with their wings beginning to open. Yet, they did not have to fly, not just yet. Instead, they watched as the star came down to the earth and settled, and only then did they move. They were lucky, enough to catch the melting of a statue that someone had claimed was Caligo, their deity. Their court goddess that Cicatrix wanted to learn so much about.

Imagine now, their heart clenching, as they see her come to life in front of them. She's gone so quickly that they startle: it's the first time in decades -- centuries -- that someone has managed to shock them, and their wings unfurl, a screaming curiosity and slamming heartbeat begging to talk. Begging to know what it was like for another demi-god to exist. What she did, where she came from.

Thin membranes unfurl and golden accented feathers ruffle as Cicatrix takes off to the skies, heading for the Court itself with their chest aching, fit to burst. They have not been made aware of the recent tragedies, so they land oh so carefully with soft clicks of golden hooves, and then straighten up. The curl of their gut is sudden as they hear the mare speak, and suddenly, there is a lack of explanation. Cicatrix is silent, contemplating, and there would be a furrow of the brow if such a thing would happen on such a blank face.

Instead, they step forward, wings folding down and inward. Were they fit for such a position? They didn't know, but there was no harm in extending an offer of what they could do. "I am Cicatrix, and I come to offer myself to this Court. I will not be so arrogant as to claim that I would be a perfect fit, only that I know that this is a place I belong. A place I feel is... home, if there is such a thing anymore." Their words are strong, for someone that is uncertain as to if they belong in this position. But they want to try and offer. They had been taken down once before, it would be no surprise to be taken down again.

They are an outsider, but one that has the drive to make their way up ranks. Everything about this place is... curious. They enjoy it, they want more of it, and they have never felt such a pull of power here. A pull of a position they had never really considered, too busy in the past with their wandering.

good luck everyone !! i am stoked to see the other auditions ( also someone stop me from auditioning araxes too )

About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.
Kai or Jek, take your pick c:

Great! How old are you?
30 !

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
Offsite, I've had plenty of positions of power over the years. I rather enjoyed how it brought my characters closer to their herd, as well as the other rp'ers! I didn't much like the OOC drama that came along with it at times, but it's something I work hard to not allow.

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
Listen I love Novus and have been around since the start of it those years ago. I might have vanished from time to time but I always end up coming back, and it's the draw of this place. The community and lore. Everything.

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Denocte?
Despite the IC part of this, I feel like Cicatrix would be a good candidate, despite being brand new to the Court. They're willing to learn, are thirsty for all knowledge, and they want to teach all of Denocte as much as they can, as well as strive toward gaining more knowledge and alliances with other Courts. Cicatrix is a good candidate in the fact they are open and willing to listen to the entirety of the Court and its denizens, taking each member into consideration, and wanting to learn from them. Alienation is not in their nature, so they will also strive to ensure the Court gets along and will be one whole, rather than divided.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
Cicatrix's first goal would be to get Denocte together once more. To ensure ties and bonds with each other before reaching out toward the other Courts. They want to make sure Denocte is welcoming and warm, despite the nature of night itself. Their rules would be fairly simple, with nothing too strict. Once settling the Court, they will begin meeting the other Courts and their regimes, and learn from them and attempt to forge alliances if they can. Any event held for their coronation would likely be placed under a Solstice time-wise ( despite the actual solstice being past ) so they can have a party under the stars for their coronation. It would also serve as a way to get to know the other members of the Court as well !

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Nope, love you all here on Novus <33

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OOC Account

is all that you can be

How long has it been since she's touched these lands? Since her hooves had pressed into the soil of Novus? Araxes has long lost track of it, but there's something here that always calls her back. That always brings her back, despite the curse that runs through her veins, the curse of her birth that has affected her more than once.

Araxes hasn't been able to call these lands home in what feels like years, with the world spinning and the moon shifting in the sky repeatedly. The last time she had been here, there had been hope and a family, a warmth in her chest, but then the Courts had all gone to hell. Torn asunder, split and rocking. She had lost her hope, lost everything that had driven her away, and eventually, had caused the curse in her blood to activate. She is no longer the same mare she had been coming to Novus. That mare had been rather silly and naïve of the world. As if there could be hope in a place that had beaten down so many.

She had left, and Novus had ripped her innocence away with it.

Carefully, the mare draws in a breath and her golden hooves press into the ground, finding comfort in the soil and a sense of peace deep down in her bones. There is worry, and the aching pang of the loss of family. Torstein... the boys. Jaxis. Her breath stutters for a brief moment, but then she shakes her horned head and presses forward with a sense of urgency, finding the familiar landscape of Denocte curling over her. How long had she been here, lurking among the shadows? She's kept to herself in the peaks of the mountains, but to be back down here after seeing the familiar falling stars . . she knows. There is a shift of power again in a land that had been so precious and beloved to her, and she would not let it fall into despair as it once had.

Ears twist and fall back a moment in a look of determination, before she shakes her head and presses forward, her hooves taking the time to eat up the ground underneath of them. Caligo is calling to her, just as she had once before. The goddess is one that Araxes has met before, has had the time to meet, but how long has it been? Far too long. Denocte aches and she aches with it.

Stepping forward through the Court, she finds that she is not the only one heeding the call of the mother of night, and she finds her heart pounding in her chest, aching. The familiar tightness and then loosening as she steps through those that have gathered. There are voices ahead, speaking to the patron goddess, and while they are unfamiliar, she continues onward. Hopefully they belong to those that would have this Court in their hearts.

Finally, Araxes makes it past a few more bodies, placing herself in front of them with her golden horned head dipping down just slightly. Golden eyes focus on the goddess, though they do cast a glance or two to the side, taking in the sight of those that have already offered themselves. One looks as if they've stepped out from the shadows of night, with a haunting skull for a face. The other looks as if the stars had kissed him and granted him their very lives, glowing. There are no others just yet, but she lifts her head and steps forward, her eyes determined.

Something has long since changed in Araxes since the first fall of the Court when it had shielded itself from everyone, closed away and locked their own people up. There's a hardness somewhere to the edges of her gaze, a look that shows how the world has worn her away, and yet despite that, it's only ignited her determination. Caused the flames of survival to leap up and burn away at her, warming her with her steps.

"It has been too long, Caligo." She missed the first words spoken, those between any of the Denoctians. All she knows is that there is no Sovereign here, that something has happened to the lands she has long loved.

The medic adjusts her weight, lifting her head in a look of faint pride as she draws in a soft breath, letting it out again. "I see Denocte is crying out again... and I mean to put myself forward to help her in any way I can. I've stood by for far too long and watched this Court fluctuate. It is time to finally have stability, and alliances that could forge a new future for us. I will see to it that such things happen." Her lips purse a moment, but she does dip her head in a soft bow, lifting it back up. Perhaps she has just as much a chance of anyone else offering themselves to Caligo, but she knows she will stay, regardless of the outcome.

About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.
Kai or Jek, take your pick c:

Great! How old are you?
30 !

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
Offsite, I've had plenty of positions of power over the years. ( they've all been on sites that have eventually died off from time, really. ) I rather enjoyed how it brought my characters closer to their herd, as well as the other rp'ers! I didn't much like the OOC drama that came along with it at times, but it's something I work hard to not allow.

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
Listen I love Novus and have been around since the start of it those years ago. I might have vanished from time to time but I always end up coming back, and it's the draw of this place. The community and lore. Everything.

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Denocte?
Araxes has been a part of the Night Court since the very beginning, always finding her way back. She has long held the interests of the Court and Caligo near and dear to her heart, and strived to make it a better place, even as a simple Champion of Healing. When the Courts were rocked, she was the first one to step out and help out the other Courts as well as her own. She is kind and giving, and while she started off soft and gentle, she's gained a sort of hardness to her that can only be spoken as determination. She grew into herself over the years of having her as a character. That being said, she's not one to lead with an iron grip either, nor with a mind for war.

I feel like she falls into the ideals of Denocte and what it used to be: a haven for dreamers and scholars. She has the heart of a medic and will always place the health of the Court before anything she ever does, including being hands on in terms of ruling. She would never be far from those that need her, despite what has happened in her past and caused her disappearance.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
Araxes wants to see Denocte become what it once was: a beautiful court of knowledge and dreamers. She would immediately want to align them with other Courts to prevent any sort of strife or conflict with them ( as one of the first ones to mingle with other Courts and even create children with someone from another Court, she's never shied from things, despite everyone looking down on her for it at the time. ) She would build them up once more, teach healing ways and also put their patron goddess at the forefront ( after meeting her in person the first time years ago, she's found a love for Caligo in the best of ways ).

She would never be one to abuse her power, or hide their people away like they've been so sheltered at times. Araxes wants to meet the new faces and wants to bring them together, to teach and heal and expand if they can. Mingle with other courts, share their knowledge and learn what they can from others. Of course, a sort of coronation would be the first thing, if just to mingle and meet everyone that she can.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Nope, love you all here on Novus <33

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Gods walked here.

It was amazing and frightening. She had never been a very religious young lady, but even she could not deny their presence. Perhaps she never had a reason to fully believe until now. "She has been killed..." Who? Who has been killed? The maiden fair had wandered to the growing crowd gathered, a look of shock and sadness on her face. She may not know the woman, she may not have heard of her... But it was still troubling news.

Several came to ply themselves after the Wild Haired Mare gives the news. Several place stock in longevity of the Court. Several give their own reasons. Willoughby Lovelace does not know why she moves after they step back. She feels the eyes of several on her very being. It resonates in her chest, where her heart beats. Her legs move of their own accord and the crowd parts to allow the woman through. Her eyes are only for the Wild Hair.

And her neck slips, dipping respectfully. Pounding, pounding... Her heart is fit to burst. “I am not from this land... I'm not even from this Court” she is aware of the eyes on her now as the young mare speaks. Judging her, her boldness or stupidity in doing this. “but, Novus is dear to me all the same. Denocte is dear to me despite my unaffiliating self” she cuts a shaky breath as her eyes raise “you take in the lost, the outcasts... you give them a home. A hope.”

Her eyes close as murmurs of agreement ring through the crowd. “I would like to think I agree with you all. Everyone deserves a chance at life, equal to the other Courts. And I would like to be part of this, if I may. I, Willoughby Lovelace, would like if you considered me. Y-Yes, I am young and inexperienced... but I would bring ideas to Denocte. New ones, with a fresh outtake.  I do not claim to know the previous Sovereign, and that is my regret...” she trails off, a respectful silence for the lost.

“I only wish to be a servant of the people, not a leader of a kingdom.” The maiden gives another bow of her head before stepping back, allowing others to come and go. To ply their ideas and themselves to the gods that watch down on them.

if you don't want to see me dancing with somebody new

About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.
My name is Lackadaisy. But anyone can call me Daisy or Lacka.

Great! How old are you?
30 years of age.

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
To be frank, not many opportunities have arisen. On Folklore, offsite, a wolf RP site... I had a pack between August and October, when the site closed for good. PoP on equine sites have eluded me until now, but it doesn't mean I'm not ready for the challenge.

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?
Yes, and I agree with them.

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
I have come back several times and left due to IRL, but when I come back... I always find the community to be the best aspect of the site. As a 'new' member, it warms my heart to be welcomed each day into the Discord and find posts waiting for me. I believe inclusiveness to be the backbone of any IC community, and I'd do my best to put this forward if I am chosen.

Other than that, I am amazed at most anything Novus haha.

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Denocte?
I know Willoughby is a Vagabond right now, but I've been looking to develop her. What better way than to throw her to the wolves? To force her to grow up, to make her think beyond rose-colored glasses... Really shape her as a character. Willoughby is a sensitive young lady but she is by no means perfect. She would err to a strong connection with her court, growing IC and OOC, and especially with her Champions, Regent, etc. I feel people could easily approach Willoughby for things, and she'd give them a fair shake. She would open the borders wide and include any court in her rule, until they are proven of wrongdoings against her own.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
As a bard, Willoughby loves entertainment. I would love to set up some IC events centered around creativity, the arts and the less chosen merchant role. The Night Market is a favorite of mine on the site, and I'd like for it to be incorporated more into events. For the arts, some nice prompts IC where members can display not their artistic talent (because some people can't draw!) but their creativeness in stock pictures, moodboards, etc.

As for having 'power', Willoughby would probably not let it go to her head. She would seek to cooperate with all the Courts. She is a newcomer to Novus and would, again, err to the judgement of more experienced folks. That just means Daisy and Bee have a lot to learn, and are willing to place OOC aside for the sake of growing IC. I hope to forge strong friendships IC and OOC, and immediately approach people to thread and fill positions!

I also hope that I can learn more about the Novus system through Willoughby if given a chance of PoP.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Thank you for the opportunity, and I hope to be given a fair vote hehe.

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Inactive Character

Night guide you, lad — past those sorrow fields & sombre marshes — to a kinder end.

hange is inevitability, Ren has long come to know the song, it's oft sang from the strings of the Fates' most beloved instrument. Caligo's land, while cloaked within the phantasmal hues of pitch and suspicions, the sort he imagines Delumines and Solterran's tell their children somewhere south of sunset — burned like a dark flame.

Unattended, neglected — it was liable to act out before it ceased to be. A cacophony of chaos, then nothing at all. Long silence wearing a mask that feels like death, but not quite. Many would take the screaming, forever, than to be left in a cold vaccuum of nothing. Even the void has it comforts.

Ren had spent half his life fighting other people's problems, and the other half running from his own. He's not in need of necromancers and phylacteries quite yet, no unearthly strange tinctures whose smell mildly irritates the nose and sensibilities. He stands. Despite Zolin & the Sun Wars, despite of himself in the long stretches devoted to duty unable to face his reflection in the mirror. Self-worth is a precious thing, high in demand and in short supply. If one cannot find worth in survival, then what about them is worth investing in?

Once survival has been assured, the next logical step is to thrive.

A pierced ear flicks, here and there, the only sign that Ren is in fact listening, rather than solely wrestling with his own internal monologue. There is a Lich, who comes cloaked in night and cold, then there is Araxes, whom lingers in a similar wraith like projectory in his mind but arguably less tangible. He knows her, the same way you would know a familiar face in streets. Two wisps in a compelling fog mirroring heavenly bodies. The third, is another stranger, who wears her youth like summer silks and pale flowers in her hair.

Ren survived Zolin, all those harsh, gaunt little faces sharpened to knife points. He saw the closing of the Gates, the vacation of throne by the one he called Brother. Lifetimes ago now, but they left a lasting impression. Always, to the cruel ones. Renwick cannot recall in any of the stories he's told, nor heard, there ever being a tale where a happy ending was brought forth by simple, easier times. Leisurely strolls through spring grass fields where tulips bloom and starlit roses glisten.

"We denoctian's are a proud, but wounded people." His voice cuts melodic, soft despite the war hardened edges of him. Despite time and thoughts wind shearing presence against the rocky parts of him, sanding him down. Caligo has always been his divine compass, glittering darkly towards roads yet traversed, and back again. Regards her with the awe and veneration she deserves, though it's no slack jawed awe from colthood, when mother first whispered her name. It's stronger now, made of diamond the color of a starless sky. Refined. Admiration for a creature who has also endured much within an equally tumultous cosmic tapestry. "We have endured much, as a nation, and ourselves. Our individualism is our strength, our community our sword and shield. It as seen us through times of exceptional difficulty. This time, it will be no different."

He stays amongst the gathered, shoulder to shoulder, smiling a smile that's both impish and resolute. "We will come back from this, a painful mournful lesson, but we will be made stronger for it. Together. Our brother & sister courts, too, are wounded. We all require stability, but what we need is growth. Something that is both kind, but mutable. Able to push us to be the best of us, to be swords and shields for not only one another, but all the others in the other wounded courts, who cannot defend themselves. While showing that we are not a flame or shadow on the wall that will fade away." A meeting of the minds, a soldier and a diplomat, and while he lacks in the latter, Renwick knows the faces of all those that came before across the courts, heard their triumphs and their falls. He thinks of Seraphina, and he thinks of Reichenbach too, the fair lady of Terrastella whose body was liquid gold. "A prepared peace, ready to weather the storms that will surely pass."

« r » | @Renwick

About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.

Great! How old are you?

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
I've had a number of character's in various positions of power over the years, not just limited to a number of equine sites. One thing I've always enjoyed, is the sense of connection it gives the character, the overarching theme that it's not just about them anymore, but something larger than themselves. The challenge of when to be selfless & when to be selfish. When to focus on your own & when to expand the picture. There's a rich depth of character exploration and discovery to be had, not just for the individual who holds the crown but everyone else who is inevitably affected by their actions.

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
Novus has always gripped me with it's storyline, the flexability it gives people to make it something their own while not feeling restricted by or suffocated by heavy lore with little leeway to explore a truly expansive, open world story.

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Denocte?
Renwick is a denoctian through and through, by blood & by birth — but also by nature. He has natural ties to the land, reaching far back as when Zolin's history was crafted, but also with characters who have come ( & sadly gone ). Renwick offers the gallant knight, whose spirit is wild with the juxtaposition of the weathered warrior who has seen the worse. Not quite the reluctant leader, but a leader who measures caution to the needs of the many. Who will make the hard decisions without pagentry, and answer readily.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
Renwick's vision of denocte is pushing for stable growth, one that challenges it's members to not only survive, but thrive within these much beloved shadow lands. A return to values but also an open mind, Caligo's court is an alive and changing thing, a complexed web. Passionate to those it loves, cold to those that come with ill intentions.

In a position of power, Renwick would see envoys sent to the other courts to establish newfound alliances, while also offering security to it's own. Celebrations and the arts will return to the streets in the form of jousts, tournaments and other celebrations. A prepared peace. Renwick will uplift the thief, the soldier and the artist alike.  

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Thank you for the opportunity.

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“The only true borders lie between day and night, between life and death, between hope and loss.”

Time comes for more than one in Denocte. 

The night before Caligo awakes, Ira's father dies. Tempus, in his own right, had been knocking—and the old man of Time does not wait for anyone. The eve before Caligo summons her Court of worshipers, Ira rests at his father bedside. He listens as the old man’s breaths grow heavier, and heavier, and then so heavy the breaths cease to rise. 

Ira had known this was coming. He had known, the way one knows winter will come or the sun will rise. He had known.

But the knowing did not prevent the sorrow, or the complicated rise of emotions the death brings. The emotions that he, in this moment, refuses to acknowledge. 

The day before Caligo descends, Ira burns his father’s body on the beach facing east, where they had sailed from. The headwind blows the ashes out into the sea. Ira imagines that they are blowing much further, back to their homeland. 

Not their homeland.

Ira’s father’s homeland.

He closes his eyes, and he breathes. The wind comes in, and he listens to the trees beyond the coast, the way they whisper. The Arma Mountains overshadow this cove beyond Denocte’s docks; and once the fire has all died, and the tide comes in to wash the pyre’s remains away, Ira leaves to return to his city. 

(He tries not to acknowledge the relief that overcomes him. The relief that, at last, at last, he might live his life as he wanted to. Not his father’s son, the heir to his legacy—but as Ira, Ira, Ira). 

— — —

Ira could not know when Caligo dropped from the sky. He could not know when her statues melted from stone to flesh and blood; or the way that she stood so tall she might have well touched the sky again. Caligo did not descend; she only rose.

He could not know any of these things. 

But he could know the way his heart stirred in his breast, that incomprehensible sixth sense everyone feels at some point in their lives. Ira feels this often, in the woods; when there is a particular path he ought to follow, or ought to avoid. 

He feels this tingling apprehension again, now. But he feels it in Denocte, walking down the cobblestone streets. 

The child of dread, and elation. 

He becomes the marionette to the puppeteer of fate. His legs move, almost without his control. Ira finds his way to the Court’s center, to hear the boom of Caligo’s voice. Denoctians, Morrighan is no more. The sound of her voice makes him feel closer to, to--to being more

Ira does not express surprise, despite the shock that fills him. Perhaps he is too overcome by awe; to stare at the goddess nearly makes him blind. She has been killed, and I cannot tell you how or why. What I must ask you instead: who will step up and prove themselves worthy to fill the void left by her? 

First, Cicatrix steps forward. Their words are heartfelt; they speak of home, and Ira echos those sentiments in his own mind. Then, Araxes, a face he has seen many times. Next, a foreigner he does not know, who offers to serve. Finally, Renwick steps forward: and the words he speaks remind Ira, inexplicably, of his father. There will be a time, he knows, to speak with them all; and somewhere he understands there can only be one. He feels no disdain for them, no sense of competition; only a hope that they might all strive toward a common goal. 

Ira waits for the rise of voices to die down, for the speakers to pause. He waits in the silence between breaths, and then he steps forward as well. He comes from the rear of the crowd, quietly and with care.

“Goddess, you offered me sanctuary when I was only a boy. I remember little of my home before; only Denocte, and I owe this Court everything.” Ira glances at those who stand besides him; he takes careful note of all those within the crowd. He turns, then, to face them fully. To face not their goddess, but the citizens he has shared his live with. 

“I would pledge to do the same for Denocte. To return what has been given to me: opportunity. For growth. For strength. For progress.” 

Ira realizes, with his heart beating strangely in his ears, the strange duality between this moment and his father’s dreams for him. 

“If we had stayed—if we had stayed, you would have kept your birth name. Kierlan Shayscer. You would have been brave, and bright—and you would have stepped forward to be a leader of men. If only—if only the war hadn’t come. If only everything hadn’t changed.” 

He had always resented his father, for that. For his refusal to accept the change, to see it for the blessing it was: and Ira turns back to Caligo now, with eyes bright as moonstones.

"Let me help rebuild, goddess." 

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About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.

Great! How old are you?

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
Yes, I have! Both on and off site. Here, I was Solterra's Sovereign, and that's my most recent experience in a position of power. I loved the sense of community you get from being a Sovereign, and the ability you have to facilitate ideas and encourage members in your court. Unfortunately, the last time I was Sovereign I had a number of in real life issues come up and I simply could not dedicate the time or energy to the position. That said, I learned a tremendous amount about planning and prioritization. 

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
I have always loved Novus. This site, more than any other, has left a tremendous impact on me. There have been a lot of events recently that have been very difficult for everyone involved, and I feel an obligation (one I am very excited/motivated by) to help rebuild the Courts! That said, I am most excited (and will be forever excited) about the community and positivity found in Novus. 

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Denocte?
Ira certainly needs developing, which I hope to achieve through gameplay with him! At the moment, however, he is juxtaposed between being a dutiful son and a young man who wishes to pursue his more true nature, which is wild, wistful, and a little impulsive. I think he demonstrates the ideals of Denocte in that he, like Caligo, was initially an outcast: he was persecuted at a young age in his homeland and found refuge in Novus. His father allowed him to "select" which Court to live in by telling him stories of all the Courts when he was a young boy; and Denocte was the one he returned to, again and again. He is a sensitive young man that hides this sensitivity behind austerity; but hopes to reveal more of it as he leads/progresses ICly. Additionally, I think it's a benefit he's a bit of a "blank slate" for both Denocte and myself, as that means he can invest himself more into the role of Sovereign and building a new identity for the Court moving forward! 

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?

I learned, from my last time as Sovereign, the importance of having a strong, active team around you. Ira's first goal as Sovereign would be to identify active members of the court and promote them. That said, a personal goal of mine would be to retire most of my other characters and focus almost solely on developing Ira. I would like for him to thread with every member of the Court, as well as Emissaries of other Courts, and make some fun plots ahead! This link depicts the outline of several ideas I have for IC, seasonal prompts as well as some new Denocte lore! 

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
<3 I love you all 

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a falling star fell from your heart,
and landed in my eyes
There was a sickening quality to the night, something cloyingly sweet, like sugar syrup. A heaviness on the tongue, it made Kassandra’s head light. It seemed like days since she had bedded down to sleep, long hours of trekking through this diseased, black nothing; in reality, only a few hours had passed. She was, in fact, dreaming, but it was an empty sort of dream, quite unlike the explosions of color and chaos that Kass was used to having. The dream was simple-- it was night, and she was walking forward; but the dark air around her felt like walls and everything was too hot, too close, and her destination was too far away.

A panic wells in her throat, bitter and hard, and for a moment she has trouble breathing. She pauses, nares flaring, as the muscles in her neck strain to work oxygen into her lungs; her graceless bulk stumbles forward and she’s pitching down a slope. Two bumps and she’s dropping through empty air, night-black all around, pushing hard, pushing close, legs flailing in the nothing. No stars, no lights, no gentle, distant hum of Caligo’s presence-- there’s no atmosphere and too much, all at once. No air rushing in her ears but some growing loudness, like she’s dropping off the edge of a roaring waterfall--

--there’s a squeeze against her pelt like she’s fall through, broken through something, an invisible barrier in the blackness-- and then she’s frozen in midair. She is surrounded by stars-- clouds of luminescent orange dust float by her; clouds of pink and purple gasses hover in vast emptiness; scattered pinpricks of white light dance and shift from all directions.

From one of these objects, a singular beam strikes through the sky; she follows it’s trail like a guide, and it leads her eyes to a perfectly black spot, empty and devoid of light or matter. It is shaped, oddly enough, like an equine, laid down to sleep. She gets the feeling space in this single spot in the universe has been worn away over vast periods of time. There is an intense wrongness in its emptiness, the kind of anomalous event that sends shivers down your spine, like footsteps in an otherwise empty room, or a gust of wind in an underground tomb.

Around the spot the colors weave and glimmer, golds and blues and bursts of green. It is something magical, something regal, all forming into a spot fit for a queen.

Kassandra swallows, and realizes. This is why she has not been dreaming.

This is Caligo’s seat. Her bed.

Caligo sends her her dreams.

And she is not here.

The realization hits her like lightning with a crash just as loud and she jumps from her sleep with an ear-piercing scream. Oculos, her bonded, is startled awake with a yelp. Kassandra stumbles forward, sucking air into her lungs.

what’s wrong? Oculos asks, watching Kassandra struggle as though she’s fighting with an invisible opponent. He repeats himself, ears pinned with fear, until eventually she calms down enough to stand still, though she is still shaking.

“It’s all wrong,” Kassandra moans, caught betwixt fear from her lingering nightmare, and the heart-stopping feeling of standing up too quickly. She inhales. “She’s here.” Exhale. “She’s here.”

Oculos tries to ask who she’s talking about but before he can get the words out she’s off, launching across the earth as fast as her stout legs can carry her. Her silver tresses fly behind her like banners in the wind. And she doesn’t really know where she’s going, but her body does, and soon she sees it-- looming out of the darkness, the great stone Denoctian keep. The torches that light its baileys have an odd hue to them, like the light from the flame itself is subdued.

There’s a gathering of curious onlookers as Kassandra continues to charge her way into the castle proper; under the lifted iron gates, she forces aside would-be watchers with no care for her own personal safety-- the ‘excuse me’s’ and ‘pardon’s’ she offers are covered by her heaving breaths.

Only when she lays eyes on her and her exquisite onyx form does she still. Silver hair is sweat-stuck to her neck; she is panting, open-mouthed, with eyes glowing slightly with wonder. Seeing Caligo makes all the jumbled bits of her fall into place. All the visions, all the long nights and thrashing dreams; all the injuries sustained running in her sleep. Everything she’s meant to do, to be.

Kassandra walks forward, nervous, but more sure of this than anything in her life. “Mother of the Night,” she calls, her voice hoarse from running, but melodious, and unshaking, “it has taken me long nights to answer the questions that plague me. I know, now. The dreams. They come from you.” She holds her head up, no longer a child, no longer a bird in a cage. She is a chosen of Caligo, now. She feels this in every fiber of her star-painted being. "I'm ready for this course you've set me upon. Let me provide what I can for your people, as you have done for me.”

Even if it was just snippets of images of the chaos of the future, Kassandra was ready to bear it.

About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.

Great! How old are you?
24.... 24? 24.

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
Not officially! I was once part of like a 'limited edition' race on another site before, it was fun. Honestly I like playing characters of power because I like being involved and included! I like to matter. Specifically for Kassandra, she's very important to me, and I've been working so hard to kind of shoe-horn her into this pre-determined destiny that I had for her but it isn't working out that way at all. So we're really in a crossroads, her and I, where anything can happen.

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
I love my Novus peeps!

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Denocte?
Kassandra is, I think, more... peaceful and, like 'tame', than what one would normally expect for a Night sov. She's not openly warlike or aggressive and wants to make friends with everybody. I think what really makes her special is her... uncontrollable passion for everything, people included. She immediately wants to be best friends with everyone, and is innately NOT mistrusting of strangers, which, for a plot point, could be really interesting. In a position of leadership, having once been at the mercy of a Bad Leader, she would strive to protect and take care of everyone under her; she would want to uphold the prosperity and well-being of the Night Court to the best of her ability and she would be absolutely terrified of disappointing people.

She spent the first five years of her life locked in a silver box and now she wants to travel, and see, and experience everything; she's still quite young and has much to learn about the ways of the world. But it is this inexperience and this desire to experience that makes her so... EXCITED about living, and learning, and, just, being alive. She would bring this excitement and passion into her leadership.

Finally, Kassandra was sort of at her wits end with everything when she arrived in Novus and Denocte and it's people opened its arms for her, contrary to what they normally do, and welcomed her into the fold. This is extremely important to her because she's felt like she's been 'cursed' for her entire life so she sort of thinks the Denoctians have welcomed her in and agreed to-- to be around her despite the fact that she's (in her head) a danger to herself and everyone around her? So she loves her court and would put her life on the line to protect it.  

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
Kassandra would definitely overhaul the court to make it... happier, less broody. She is a people pleaser and would literally run herself into the ground trying to make everyone happy. She knows Denocte is famed for the arts so she would probably throw even MORE parties and artistic celebrations because parties make people happy, right? There would definitely need to be the arranging of, like, a core team of advisors to guide her, like her Champions, and they would be consulted quite frequently because she will need some direction and also some mental health support.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
love you novus please be nice to my baby.

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She stands along the shore of the lake, a place that has always been a means of comfort to her. The water, when it fills her lungs, makes her feel alive in a way that she never thought was possible. It’s hard to take the kelpie out of the mare when the water always calls to her. But unlike most days, she’s not beneath the water’s surface. Tonight, however, she stands until the water laps at her underbelly. Fish swim around her, lake weed seems to tangle around her strong legs. Her muscles ache. She is tired. She is tired of the heartbreak that seems to befall her and her court. And yet, Katniss hopes and prays that her court will be granted peace. She does not fully understand what has happened, not yet, only that there is a sense of loss that seems to cover her like a thick cloak. It’s suffocating.

And then she hears it.

Thunder rumbles in the distance and it catches the mare’s attention. Eyes look up at the sky, looking for the storm that seemed to announce itself. She remembers the first night she came to Novus, to Denocte. She remembers the rain that seemed to come in such a downpour that it made her vision blurry. She remembers seeking shelter with Isra and Lysander. She remembers those first moments the best, when she offers herself to help in any way she can. At the time, she doesn’t know what she is offering up, that Denocte will come to mean something so much more than simply a home. She did not know that Denocte would become the court she fought to protect, the court that blessed her with love, that tortured her with loss. There was no way to know what Caligo had in store for her so many years later.

But as Katniss looks up at the sky, she does not seem the same storm clouds. She does not see lightning that lights up the sky. There is no rain, not even the smell of it on the horizon. And yet, the thunder rumbles.

Dark red eyes look up at the stars and then she sees the movement. It’s subtle at first, but the stars are actually moving. It’s strange and mystifying and Katniss knows that this means something. The Gods are coming back to Novus and she needs to be there when they come.

She meets the gathering in the courtyard, the heart of Denocte. She sees faces that she has never met before, though some seem familiar in a sense. Perhaps she has seen them in passing. But the person she doesn’t see is Morrighan. Where was their Sovereign?

And then Caligo speaks, drawing Katniss’ attention as if she had no control over it at all. She speaks of the death of the painted mare. She can hear the gasps in the crowd, the disbelief. She doesn’t wholeheartedly believe it herself, but she also cannot deny the fact that the demi-goddess is the one giving the news. It isn’t something the Gods tended to meddle in, unless it was true.

As her brain processes the information that Denocte is once again without a queen (for it has always been queens since her arrival), there are others that come forward. She listens quietly, her brain sifting through the words that each individual is saying. They are all offering to help, to guide the court into something new and progressive. Some of them are from Denocte, but others are not.

In a sudden moment of understanding, Katniss knows what she must do. She did not come to Denocte to run when the court needed her the most. She had always given herself to Denocte, to Caligo, and she would do so now.

“Once again Denocte has seen devastation…” Her voice just barely seems to rise above the gathered crowd as she steps through those who have gathered. Some seem to part like the red sea as she steps forward, others are too in shock and she steps around them. She can hear the soft clip clop of her hooves against the cobblestone path and it sounds deafening, as if everyone has silenced so that she may speak.

She comes to stand at an angle to Caligo, but her body is turned to address the gathering crowd. She takes a moment to look at each one of them, to have direct eye contact with each soul that has gathered. Each soul that is scared, angry, hurt. “But let us not allow this even to damper the heart of Denocte. I know you all to be resilient and talented and I know each one of you loves Denocte.” She makes an appropriate pause, making sure that her words are thought out fully. “From the moment I arrived in Novus, I have dedicated my life in the service of our great court and to Caligo. I have seen Denocte through so many tragedies and I hope to lead you all through this one.” She offers a faint smile, a smile of hope. It’s something she has not done in ages and she knows that some will understand where it comes from. “I want to help Denocte pull together and get through this tragedy, to build bonds that will last a lifetime. I want to see you all flourish, to see Denocte rise again to greatness. I want you all to see that time will eventually heal all wounds and through our bond as a court, we can overcome this.” She looks out to the crowd, her eyes softening. Even though her body is riddled with the scars of a warrior, she comes to them as a friend, not a soldier. “We need to look to the future and see not what Denocte is…but what it can be!” She smiles fully now, knowing that she feels inspired and she hopes others have sought comfort in her words. “I would love to lead you to greatness, to happiness, to progress…should you allow me to.” In this moment, Katniss looks to each individual. She hopes they see her as a friend, not as someone who wants to rule them. A kingdom with a queen has a stigma that she hates. She wants this to be a coalition, a partnership between herself and each one of them. But did they want the same? Only time would tell.

About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.
Zombie - but some call me Zoms or ZomZom

Great! How old are you?

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
Yes. Over the 18 or so years I’ve been RPing, I’ve held 4 leading positions all by different characters  across different games (Katniss has lead 2 of them). I also successful ran an RPG for a little over a year so I understand what goes into leading both IC and OOC.

I really enjoyed being able to get to know a majority of the players and characters that my characters interacted with. I thought it gave my characters a good overall knowledge about their subjects which ultimately helps them make better decisions on how to run their kingdom/court. How can one lead a people they know nothing about? Not only was I able to get to know a lot of the characters and players that I might not normally interact with, but it offered my character a lot of opportunity for personal growth! Person growth is an integral part of any character and having a position of power opened up more doors to do just that!

Some of the cons of holding any position of power is that it is time consuming. It can take away from time developing your other characters (should you have more than one). It takes time and dedication to keep momentum with all your other characters in addition to balancing the role of leader. Overall, I feel as though I can overcome these difficulties and be successful.

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?
Of course! I believe I have the time, dedication, and will to be a successful Sovereign.

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
Novus will always hold a special place in my heart. It was my first myBB game I ever played and each day I log in to post, Novus continues to remind me what a great choice it was to finally join my first forum-type game (instead of the b2g style sites). Each day, I am constantly in owe of all the creative people that can be found in every corner of Novus. Everyone is unique and different both OOC and IC and it creates a beautiful blend of players and characters. No matter why you came to Novus, there’s something for everyone! You want a romance, there are plenty! You want to battle your way to power, there’s that too! You want to post with every player on the game? Start now!

Not only are the possibilities endless, but Novus does a great job of walking that fine line between how much power is too much (which makes the newer players feel lesser or bullied) and offering limitations to keep things more life-like. I love that you have to want to make your character great, it doesn’t happen just because you know people or you can buy your way to power. I love that you actually have to put in the work to be whatever you want to be on Novus! It’s freedom in a unique and special sense.

But not only all of this, but it makes me excited to see what will happen over the next month, year, etc. Novus is a fluid game and lots of things change. The constant SWP or IC Events thrown by all the courts keep things new and fresh and stop Novus from becoming stagnant. I love that.

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Denocte?
Katniss was bred for leadership, perhaps it all started as a need for a powerful warrior to protect her people, but it morphed into a need to lead, not dominate. Katniss has been raised to lead from the moment her lungs breathed in air. Originally, she was bred to be a warrior, and perhaps that is where her strengths started. She’s got the body, build, and track record of a warrior who has known war her entire life. And yet, there is a softness about Katniss. She has an intense need to protect those around her which holds so true to Denocte ideals. When Katniss attaches herself to a people, she will die for them, no matter what and without a second thought.

From the moment Katniss stepped into Novus, she has pledged herself to Denocte and to Caligo. She has followed them blindly, even if she’s had reservations about those in power that have come before her. Never has her hesitation gotten in the way of her intense need to lead and protect.

This would not be the first time Katniss has lead a people before. On Nocturne, she ruled Beta Corvi until the game finally went under. She led those people successfully and managed to create peace amongst them all. Between her time on Nocturne and Novus, Katniss called Reverie home. She led her people into a time of peace and prosperity in her home called Elysium. In each of these cases, Katniss never saw herself as “queen” or “sovereign”. She always referred to herself as “just Katniss”, ignoring titles that she was rightfully owed. She’s always served her people by making herself approachable. She wants her people to come to her with the small things so they might feel comfortable coming to her with the big ones. Never has Katniss viewed her role as leadership as being above her people, but someone appointed to be their representative. She doesn’t demand money, fancy dwellings, or gold - none of that matters. She just wants her people to trust her and allow her to be there for them, through thick and thin.

And since coming to Novus, Katniss has done so much for Denocte. She’s helped clear the debris from the collapsed mountain road that blocked in the court. She lended aid when Terrastella came to Denocte for shelter after devastating floods. She even helped save the court when Raum sent spies to burn down Denocte’s food stores. She’s been with Denocte ever step of the way, through Isra, Antiope, and Morrighan’s rules. She’s been Denocte’s Champion of Battle since very shortly after her arrival here. Katniss has devoted her life to Denocte and it’s now time for her to step up and lead.

Katniss is not here to dictate. She’s here to listen to her people’s voices and respond. She’s here to be their leader, yes, but also their friend. She wants to lead Denocte into a time of peace and prosperity where she can showcase Denocte and all of the things that make Night Court unique.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
Katniss knows that an integral part of a court’s success is being present, not just in name but in activity. She wants to align her court with individuals that will be active enough in order to bring the court together, not tear it apart. She also wants to ensure that her court knows her more than just a name on the wind or a fleeting interaction of the past. She wants to get to know each and every member, from the oldest of the elders to the newest of Denoct’s children. The only way to accomplish that is by speaking to each one as an individual. She wants to thread with each and every member at least once. She wants to put a face to a name, to learn their strengths, so she can help them figure out where their talents will be most useful.

As a warrior, she cannot deny the need to protect her own boarders. She wants to set up a milia of sorts, to be ready should any conflict arise. She wants to station beacons around Denocte (perhaps made of fire or colorful magical smoke or perhaps an alarm type system) so if a problem arises, she can quickly get word across the whole court so she doesn’t have to waste time when there really isn’t time to waste. While boarder protection will always be a high priority to keep her people safe, it is not the only thing she values.

Despite what some might think, Katniss is very much a diplomat. She wants to have discussions with each sovereign and get to know them on a personal level. Not only does it help her get a feel for who might be a potential ally, but it can help her get an inkling if they might be thinking ill of Denocte. She plans to work hand-in-hand with her Emissary in order to ensure all inter-court relations are documented and kept up with. She doesn’t want anyway to fall under the radar.

But perhaps one of her greatest goals is to keep Denocte as the entertaining hub as it was meant to be. She wants to throw parties and events regularly. She wants to showcase the entertainers and entertainment that Denocte is known for. Even though she is a soldier by trade, she has an appreciation for the arts that has always drawn a smile to her face. She wants happiness for all those in Denocte. Entertaining is a great way to bring happiness and a sense of togetherness.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Despite the outcome, each and every one of you (both characters and players) have been a joy to get to know! I hope to continue this even after the voting has concluded. Even if you don’t want Katniss as your sovereign, I sincerely hope to still thread with each and every one of you. That desire will never change! Best your best self and live your best life!

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Voting for Denoctian Sovereign

diamonds birthed from the supernova

And there she stood, a dying star pulling in those around her like a black hole.

Time was irrelevant, as slow as it was, while the demigoddess watched as those before her slowly - some almost gingerly - step up and regarding each with a pious stare. First, there was @Cicatrix - an immortal, a Star Walker - whose enigmatic appearance was as incomprehensible as Caligo's own, yet so much more vivid. They shown bright, a beacon - soft but warm. The demigoddess regarded them with a gentle gaze but for a moment: "Cicatrix, you may have no physical eyes but you see what Denocte is at its core: A home for all, and for wayward souls.

And then, little @Araxes - how long has she walked Novus' soils? Caligo remembers the day when she was not bay and white and dripping gold, but white and tenderly spotted black with soft, small wings. Cryptically: "Araxes, it has been a long time since you have walked these soils. Tempus wonders where you went.

Oh, the consuming void of her eyes, of her lips, of the wild tendrils of her mane softened just a little bit when she regarded @Willoughby. Although not a Denoctian and although Caligo was fiercely protective of her own... "Is a Vagabond not a lost soul in some way, Willoughby Lovelace?" a twinge of a smile at the corner of the demigoddess' lips. Such a statement was undeniably of a deity's mindset, thinking that those who do not believe are innately lost.

Then, an ombre and gold wolf boy they called @Renwick. The imposing swath of darkness that was Caligo shifted, her head dipped to regard and peer at the eloquent, braided man. "You are certainly are intuitive; you already know that Solterra and Terrastella mourn alongside us, don't you?" Sage words and gilded stare.

There was @Ira then, cutting through the crowd like his sharp gemstone horn may cut through an adversary... if he was any more of a man to give in wildly to anger. "Your father brought you to Denocte, a home away from his own. You, and I, owe much to him for that." She knew - knew Ira's father was gone, knew of the flames that had licked the night sky, knew that deep in his heart Ira held onto a chip of resentment. Caligo's voice, hushed and only able to be heard in Ira's own ear... as if whispered over his shoulder: "The pyre was beautiful."

And the visionary! Oh how @Kassandra had ran, fueled by a siege and surge of adrenaline through the halls of Caligo's home. But now she approached with almost nervous steps, and the demigoddess fondly regards her. "Your visions are vivid and powerful. One day,  you will need to tell me the words I spoke and pictures I painted.

The last - but certainly not least - to step forward was @Katniss. Caligo's heart ached between the voids of her ribs - for she remembers the night that Metaphor was ripped from Katniss and knowing Kibou, from his fellow Denoctians and everyone. It was a day that her heart rang with pain and fury and anger, forbidden from interfering by her Father himself. But all that did not define Katniss in the demigoddess' eyes - rather, Caligo remembered her strength, in the times immediately after leading to now. So she stood, quietly as the champion of battle spoke to her fellow Denoctians - and only when she was done, did she greet her: "Words are as strong as ever, Katniss."

There was heartache and passion in the growing crowd before her; the impact Morrighan and her daughter had on Denocte was undeniable. Each of those who stepped up to offer themselves to the Court, Caligo felt more and more... comfortable. Eyes made of eons of stars and glittering diamonds swept across them one last time, and it was then that she realized the choice was not hers to make after all. 

Her head was raised, the wild swath an untamed, beautiful mess that framed sometimes-cruel, sometimes-caring eyes. She looked at them all and motioned for them to come to her: 

"Cicatrix, Araxes, Willoughby, Renwick, Ira, Kassandra, Katniss - come forward."

And with the Sovereign-hopefuls before her, she turned her attention to the rest of her Court. "Denoctians!" Her voice, commanding and ever-present, called forth even those who were not yet here to the Court's center. 

"Today you will choose who leads you, us, onto the next path. Choose wisely, my children."


@Cicatrix, @Araxes, @Willoughby, @Renwick, @Ira, @Kassandra, @Katniss
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