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All Welcome  - from the morning rays [SOVEREIGN AUDITIONS]

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Deluminian Sovereign Auditions

light unto the new day

It felt like it had been a century, asleep underneath an expanse of vivid pink sky. But when he opened his eyes this time, summoned with the gentle pull at the edge of his consciousness, his gaze met Tempus'. And as soon as it did, he felt the hole in his heart.

"Father?" the inquiry as Oriens took his place at his father's side. Tempus' four knowing eyes left his son's gaze and instead focused on the horizon, where the sun was cresting up to awaken Novus for the day. Oriens asked no more for he now knew all he needed to know... and together they stepped. They traveled in silence but there was nothing louder than it. 

The god of Dawn's steps were silent but powerful, his golden gaze drifting down towards the peaceful landscape far beneath them. Tempus had led his god son across the sky, stopping shy of the clouds' edge. Oriens briefly stalled and their gazes met once more; years of knowing passed within a single blink of an eye.

And without another word, he too descended just as his sister Caligo did.

His statue disappeared, swathed in a thick fog that poured from the orb atop the statue's head. As it inched down the statue and swallowed it whole, nothing was left except the pristine stone of the navy-colored base. Yet there Oriens stood, taller and more radiant than ever before. He did not linger or wait, for he knew - knew where he was going, knew what he had to do, and knew the news that must come alongside that.

Oriens left the mountain, no part of himself left behind, and appeared within his Court. Stunned silence applauded his entrance.

"Deluminians," his voice echoed and more gathered. "Ipomoea and Thana have run off into the wilderness to hunt old gods, and as such have taken their feral children with them."

He knew no words would come from their silence; so he continued. "Who will step up and take the helm of Sovereign?" A hoof was placed forward, imposing but somehow welcoming all in the same step.

"Come, stand before me."

Rules to Apply

Before filling out the form found at the bottom of the page, you must read the rules and guidelines below, as well as everything posted on this page! Please ask us if you have any questions or concerns at all!

  • Character Requirements:

    • You can audition both existing characters and brand new characters, however both are required to make an IC post responding to this post! This thread has been temporarily opened so that both OOC, pending, and accepted IC accounts may make their replies for the audition.

    • Anyone from any Court can apply.

    • Your character must be at least three years old.

    • You (the member) will need to have originally joined Novus at least 2+ months ago.

    • You do not have to create a character account unless you are chosen. In the event that you are chosen as Sovereign, you will have 2 weeks to create your character's profile (it should be easy, since all of the information is already required to fill out the audition form).

    • You can audition as many characters as you'd like! Each needs a fully separate post and application in this thread.

  • General rules and requirements regarding Sovereigns:

    • Regarding Sovereign vulnerability: Sovereigns will be deemed Vulnerable if you make 10 IC posts or less per month (this means that it will be extremely easy for anyone to win a Challenge against you), and posted absences only make you immune for 2 weeks.

    • Sovereign activity requirements: To promote activity within their respective Courts, the Sovereign must setup 1 IC event every other season.

    • Once you are selected and your profile approved, your first duty will be to create a Court Rules thread in your respective Court forum. Read this thread for things you can do as Sovereign.

  • Regarding this audition:

    • All auditions are due by 11:59PM EST on 01/10/21. Novus-standard time is listed on the main page.

    • You must make an IC post replying to this post AND post the OOC audition form! Both must be included in the same post, with the IC post first and the OOC audition form underneath it.

    • At least temporarily, those on the staff team will not be able to occupy a Sovereign position while Ink determines how she'd like to move forward. This may change - but please keep this in mind if you intend to apply for a moderator role when applications are opened soon!

    • Please, only reply to this thread if you are auditioning for Sovereign.

    • The IC post can have your own personal coding and art - but that will not affect the outcome.

    • All responses to this thread will be considered complete, whether they are actually finished or not. Please do not post Work in Progress auditions!

    • Please do not alter the OOC audition form itself. Although we love to see special coding and pretty pictures, we want to be as impartial as possible - and as much as we'd like to say we're fairly objective, special coding and pretty pictures can impress us! We want these to be bare-bones.

    • As you're filling out the audition form, pretend you're filling out an actual profile. Make sure you adhere to all Character Rules set out here.

    • Staff will narrow down their top three applicants, then put those top three to final member vote. Only Dawn Court members may participate in that final vote.

    • We'll be judging on writing quality, how well your character fits into Deluminian ideals, your proposed plans & goals, and general activity.

If you have read through the rules, understand the requirements, and still want to audition for Sovereign, please make an IC reply to this post and put your completed OOC audition form (below) underneath it!

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<div class="tcat"><font style="font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;">About the RPer</font></div><blockquote><blockquote>

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.</span>
What is your OOC name?

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Great! How old are you?</span>
How old are you?

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Have you ever held a Position of Power before?</span>
Have you ever had any characters in a leading position, on or off-site? What did you like about it? What did you not like about it?

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Have you read the Sovereign Rules?</span>
Yes/No - if No, please read the rules above and follow the links to the rules regarding Sovereigns and Courts

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?</span>
Tell us something that stood out to you when you read the Guidebook, or something about the site in general.


<div class="tcat"><font style="font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;">Sovereign Questions</font></div><blockquote><blockquote>

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Delumine?</span>
Tell us why your character would be a good choice to be Sovereign of this Court. Match up their ideals and values with Delumine and Oriens. 

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?</span>
What are your plans for the Court? Do you have a vision for Delumine? What rules would your character set? Would they hold any events to garnish activity? If so, what?

<span class="sidebarheaders" style="font-size:12px;">You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?</span>
Here's your chance to add anything else at all!


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From far and wide, the scholarly, the devout, and the nonbelievers flocked to see if the words were true-- though deep in the hearts of the most sincere Deluminians, they could feel it. Oriens, descended again amongst his people! The God of Dawn’s pale, gilded, royal shroud swept o’er the sky, awakening all beneath it, silver clouds of floating filigree gathered artfully at the horizon. Across the land, there was celebration. Children had sewn banners of owl feathers and hung them from the walls of their abodes, the limbs of trees; they threaded their hair with azure irises and sunflowers in golden bloom.

Atlas had come to this strange and distant land and when he’d arrived, sea-beaten and mentally battered, he’d taken refuge in Terrastella, under Vespera’s mystic, but protective, touch. And he’d fit in there, then, with the weight of his sins and his secrets bearing down on his shoulders like a yoke of penance; he’d sworn himself to social abstinence, to distance from those around him, and he had promised himself he would never, ever, make another friend for fear of what could be lost. And he had been blistered and raw, emotionally, and content to hide away from what he desired, what he craved.

But he was built for wandering, was Atlas, and it was not long before his feet had forced him forward. He had traversed the length and breadth of Novus in his search of the stars and their knowledge, and he had come to know and love many souls, and found the wisdom within them. Rhone and the confidence and wisdom of the sturdy shore, Mephisto and her dutiful travels, Kibou and the enlightenment of youth; and with each step, and each word, Atlas had shed his old skin, and his old wounds had become scars, and instead of hiding in the soft silk-touch of dusk he had plunged himself forward into the dawn.  

And here amongst the scholars and the rustle of parchment as they gathered to discuss and dissertate, he realized he felt at home. Here, where the drive for knowledge, for learning, was a fire in the hearts of each Deluminian, only here, did he feel his own heart come to rest. And it was only when the fog had cleared and Oriens was there, himself a beacon, and the quills came to still and the only sound was the scrabbling on the mossy cobblestones as bodies brought themself prostrate beneath their King of the Dawn.

Something swelled in Atlas, something strange and foreign but comforting and proper, like a puzzle being solved, all ten-thousand misshapen edges finally coming into place. He felt the spirit of Nathely beside him and heard Nashira’s voice and silver-sharp laughter in his head; he had left his far-off homeland on a whim, seeking something new, something better, and had never imagined he would have the chance to actually be the perpetrator, the driving force behind improving the world. Atlas had never wanted the reigns, never wanted a position of leadership, but he looked up now at this god of new days and in his heart, a key turned perfectly in its lock, a song long-forgotten swelled to the forefront of his mind, and with his next breath, he shed the sand-stained stranger doomed to wander forever in atonement for a birth he hadn’t asked for.

Atlas, golden and resplendent under the pristine light of Dawn, stepped forward. His head was high and his voice did not shake:

“I would shoulder this task, my lord. I would lead your people.”


About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.
Sunsides (Sunny)

Great! How old are you?

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
Not officially! I was once part of like a 'limited edition' race on another site before, it was fun. Honestly I like playing characters of power because I like being involved and included! I like to matter. I like coming up with good ideas based on everybody's input and the idea of stepping into this sort of void where Oriens had to come down and restart everything himself seems... refreshing and clean to me.

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
I love the people on Novus, I love all the designs and characters, all the crazy subplots that people get into; but I also love the chance to have things happen organically, by just having characters go out and interacting with each other and see if something sparks, either a love or a hatred or what-have-you. Everyone is so open and willing to throw up open threads or plot with every other person, it's really nice.

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Delumine?
Atlas was originally a Dusk character because I imagined his story playing out more like his backstory, which is to say tragic and emo; but instead his personality has kind of changed to be less of the 'tragic wanderer' and to be more of the 'wandering scholar', which is literally listed in the Dawn Court blurb. He wants to learn and discover but also to share what he has learned and discovered, and facilitate the learning and advancement of others. He is kind and level headed and every time I post with him his ghosts pop up a little less and a little less. He gets along with everyone, but he's also not naive, and has been through the ringer enough to kind of have a sense of what is right and what is wrong.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
My vision for Delumine is a happy, welcoming place, where ideas and discoveries are created and shared. I want to sponsor more 'wide' plots that affect multiple people and places and maybe discover new things on Novus? Atlas is, like, the least war-like character I have, so he would want to have open relations with the other courts and essentially want everyone to be BFFs. He would work to restore Delumine, not necessarily to glory as he despises wealth and superfluous prosperity, but at least to some remnant of comfortable functionality.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Love you guys and hope you like this lil gay man <3

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Inactive Character

To call yourself peaceful you must be capable of great violence. If you're not capable of violence, you're not peaceful. You're harmless.

e wakes up and there is a hole where something important should be.

There’s a familiar fog out the window, the sort that only comes to an early morning Delumine, when even in the dead of summer like it is now, there is still dew on the ground when the sun crawls up from its bed. There are unfamiliar things, too, in place of the sensations that he had come to rely on, the little rituals of a life lived outside one’s window. In the hall, there is no thoughtful pacing. Outside his window, there is no telltale snk of rose stems being cut-- one of those sounds that you don’t hear except when you know it, when it is your only point of reference in a new place, a new bed, a new building.

No, the only familiar thing is the fog. Everything else is so quiet that Andras holds his breath. In that silence he can feel it: the hole, the slow march of time, leaves browning in the summer sun. His lungs claw for air and it feels somehow fitting as Delumine, too, holds its breath. Even the hanging philodendron in his room looks duller, today, like it’s in mourning, leaves hanging limp from the sides of its pot. 

Of course it is. The whole Court is in mourning, though no one is dead. 

A page tells him, when he leans out his door to look down the hall. ”The Dawn God is here,” says the man, old enough to be grown but still young enough to be trembling when he speaks. Andras wonders if it’s him, if this boy’s trembling knees are a reflection of the set of his jaw, or the sharp pop of his magic when the words finally make sense. Oriens is here. A God with a body.

Suddenly, Andras is sure he’s not the reason the page is shaking. The man continues: ”He says Ipomoea and the regent have left.”

So that’s it. The silence. The mourning. The fog that shield their view from the garden when he looks, where there is no king to tend to the flowers, and no snk, snk of his shears.

”Where?” The Emissary asks, though there is only one answer. He knows the king well enough to know that there only could be the one.
At the same time it’s said, Andras thinks: ”No one knows.”

Things are falling out of his hands faster than he can catch them: the sense of security, the feeling of being known even if he was not understood. As he descends the stairs, page in tow (and this page has gone silent, and pale, because Andras moves in a cloud of lightning and far faster than someone his size should be able to walk, hooves striking the stone with a loud clap that rings up the stairwell behind them -- and he knows it is because Oriens is here and Ipomoea is not, and that can mean only one thing) Andras thinks of the sun spread out over the fog and his old room in the library and the depths of the woods where there are nothing but birds and ghosts.

It helps.
As much as anything helps.

Or, it helps until it doesn't-- the heavy wood door to the castle creaks on its wrought iron hinges, a slice of morning falls over his face, and the sun doesn't fall on the fog as much as it falls on the man who wears it. He is blue, like the night, and gold, like the sun.

Andras clenches his teeth.

"Oriens," he says, to the Dawn God, to the crowd. Andras closes his eyes. He remembers to breathe. "I would. I will."

About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.

Great! How old are you?

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
Way back when, at the start of Liridon, Michael was king of one of the kingdoms, and while it didn’t really suit his personality, I thought it was a great time. Back in those days, we didn’t have player-led lore or leadership positions of any real consequence and nobody seemed necessarily united for the cause. It made it more just “another thing that happens” than anything else.

Here, Andras has been Warden since Somnus first stepped down from the sovereign position, and was Warden until a few weeks ago when he was made Emissary. I’ve loved really getting into the role of a Warden, which came naturally to Andras’ character, and then trying to figure out how to fit all those sharp edges into the Emissary job.  

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?
I have!

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
I know it’s cliche to say that I love the community, but I really do love the community. We have such wonderful, creative writers in Novus that are so good at bringing the place to life. Like I said, largely handing the  Every character seems so true to themselves and very thoughtfully created, and most things they do are just the same. My favorite part of Novus will always be the wonderful stories I’ve read and gotten to be a part of because of it. You have all pushed me to be a better writer and to flesh out my little parts of this world and I think the only way I can truly repay it is to do the same in turn for those that come next.

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Delumine?
Let’s talk about Andras.

At first glance, he doesn’t seem like he’d be classic dawn court material. He’s pragmatic, but blunt. He’s very, very, smart, but impulsive. He’s a man who loves his silence but he’s too restless to enjoy it. Oriens gave him his magic to teach him to breathe and let things come and go as they will, and he’s still learning how.

He was a scholar before he became a warden, and genuinely, Andras would have been happy to sit in the Library, reading books for the rest of his life-- but the court needed someone with sharper edges than everyone else to protect them from danger. He spent half a year in the woods looking for their murderer and went with their king to confront her directly. He isn’t naturally talented in diplomacy or working as a team but he only ever puts Delumine first, before himself or his relationships or his struggles with both of those. Andras does not value himself, he only values Delumine and working toward keeping it alive and safe. I think one of his struggles with being sovereign would be that he has to also learn to value himself, because at the head of the country, he can’t make rash decisions, or do things without thinking, because his people and their way of life are at stake.

Add that to the fact that he’s seen it firsthand for almost two in-game years now, I think? He knows how the weight of a crown can break a man’s neck and he refuses to let that happen. He knows a king doesn’t really rule on his own, that there are people like he was as Warden, holding the structure up under him. He knows, too, because of the poaching, the the inprisonment of their former emissary, that there is danger, too, and if you cannot immediately stop it, sometimes the best thing to do is stay hopeful, at all costs.

I think Andras is the right mix of serious, unafraid to act, driven, professional, and genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of the people he knows to be a great leader.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
Andras has always thought Dawn was a little too quiet, and that everyone in it was a little too soft-spoken and gentle. He sees Oriens as a god of logic and knowledge and a deep, deep love for all things that make the Dawn Court what it is. When Andras thinks of his court he thinks of the woods, which are endless and sometimes dark, too, or the Rapax, which is beautiful and clean and sparkling but violent, and the meadow which, edged up against the desert, is no civilized place itself. To be a Court at one with nature we must realize that nature itself is unpredictable and often dangerous just as much as it is gorgeous and serene and refreshing. More than anything he wants his people, and everyone else, to see that Delumine is not soft and weak -- like him, it is peaceful because it chooses to be.

This isn’t to say that Andras doesn’t appreciate those of us who really are just as gentle and soft as he wishes he was. The reason he loves Delumine more than anywhere else in Novus is because of them. He sees it as a safe place. He wants to keep it safe. He wants to keep them safe. As sovereign, their general calm would offset his overprotective, sometimes blunt nature.

At the moment, we’re a court that, now missing a part of the newer lore that we had, is really in need of a breath of fresh air, and I hope to bring that to us. I’ve had some ideas percolating for a few months that I’d love to bring in. Since we are now without much written court history I’d like to rebuild that. Part of the Dvorak lore that I wrote includes the forest itself being angry with them for building out of their trees, and that’s part of why they’re as troubled as they are. I’d love to expand on that to explain some tension between the citizens of Delumine and the very, very wild, ancient, magic landscape around them. 

I both value that Dawn is so different from the other courts and recognize that part of what makes them so fun for players is a rich history to play off of and political intrigue. I don’t know that a deadly power struggle belongs in Delumine but I have some great ideas for different factions of scholars, and schools of thought (or physical schools-- who knows) with some tensions between them. If we were to introduce something akin to noble families to Delumine I imagine these would sort of fill that niche. I can’t really see dawn court having a lot of rowdy nobles, but I absolutely can see a school of artisans thinking they’re more worthy of praise than philosophers, or soldiers, or something of the sort.

Other than filling in the gaps, I and Andras are both very concerned with engagement. I personally think that what makes an active court isn’t necessarily just encouraging the players to be active but giving them a reason to do so. I love coming up with and writing events, and I’m so so excited to maybe take the reins on some great lore and history to give everyone more to play with.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Hi! These have been a lot of very ambitious ideas, but I am more than prepared to commit to them. I love Dawn Court so much and all I want to do is help everyone else see how much potential we have in this wild little country of ours. 

they made you into a weapon
and told you to find peace.

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Inactive Character

New as he was, walking like an awkward fledgling of some kind, Entia had made his way towards the Court of the Dawn as to present himself to those who helmed the kingdom. He wanted to give himself to a cause once more, even if it was one guided by those who were pious - perhaps some a little too much for his taste - but he did not control nor did he want to stop others from their own faith. He had none of his own, believing all strength and sorrow in the world came from inside, that all manner life presented to them was just the way it unfolded.

Once he had believed. He’d followed them, without question. Pyrrus the Fire, Rai the Electric, above all. It was them, the Elementals, who weakened his faith and it was in his weakened state that the final chains binding his love for those who were watching them that they were shattered and it was gone. He’d gone and ripped their magic out of him, not wanting to have any part of it touching him. He’d find the strength again for himself in time, and would not ask those who called themselves ‘gods’ for aide. They were not gods.

None of them were.

So when he presented himself to the Dawn Court and found the figure presenting some well-rehearsed blurb to them, Entia paused for a moment. Red and white eyes narrowed, there was deep scrutiny in that gaze he cast upon the radiant figure.

And it was in that same thought that Entia slid forward. A maddening, wicked grin crossing his face as he did so, eyes looking from one to another.

“I will. You, and all those here, would just have to deal with the little fact that I don’t believe you’re a god. It’s better if not all leaders follow on, right? Though, I’m just making the offer. Either way, I’ll be here for those who need me - got a path to create for myself now,” he says, a strange mouthful.

About sums up Entia.

He grins.

“I’d still use your name as an excuse to have fun though. Well, when I say an excuse… there’s never an excuse for fun. So, let’s just enjoy ourselves…” And he trails off.

Still with that stupid grin that touches his eyes.

About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.


Great! How old are you?


Have you ever held a Position of Power before?

Not here but yes, on other sites. Held a kingdom in Caeleste for a long period of time, and in Liridon a few years ago too with Entia, who was King of Ilir. I enjoy all the aspects of it, and the only part I do struggle with is the activity at times - but that’s just part of it and something of a challenge to go on with.

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?

Yes :)

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?

This is something weird but for Entia, who is a non-believer, being a Sovereign of a Court while have no belief would be something of quite the kicker. He doesn’t disrespect anyone who does believe and never would as he is not them. Having him like this would be interesting as that is what I really do like about Novus - not having to conform to specific “ideals” as it were and being flexible. That, and being a part of the community here is simply wonderful!

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Delumine?

Over the years of his life, Entia has shifted from being purely warrior and antagonistic to one who values wisdom above fighting. While he himself is a fighter and uses strength over words, he cherishes words and knowledge and those who have it. He pushes for creativity and curiosity, and isn’t eager to jump head first into fighting when it starts up unless he feels it is needed. Despite his status as one who has no belief in gods, he understands that values are a part that need to be held regardless and it is Entia’s trust in knowledge and words, in learning and wisdom, that would allow him to be a good leader again - he listens and learns, and prefers to have collective minds making decisions rather than just his own.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?

Truly would be to bring life and respect, to make Delumine as good as it could be. He’d love to hold a coronation but also use that event to find out aspirations of others, and bid a farewell and a greeting to the future. He’d want to show he was ready to help Delumine become strong and take its place amid the other kingdoms. He’d also be intent on holding special events key to the kingdom - celebration for the Dawn, for Oriens (for Entia the name that comes with it), he’d be content to have those who wish to hold religious events to organise them. He’d be happy to welcome others, including those who might be Vagabonds - anyone who wants a home.

Even perhaps special small events, such as hunts, tracking and artistry, trivia and fun that celebrates Delumine and Dawn.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Nothing else but that I’d just like to have some fun, and Entia is all about the fun and seeking respect as well. He may not be a believer and have no time for those who call themselves ‘God’ but he does respect what he can see and feel, touch and be a part of.

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Dawn Court Medic
Female [she / her]  |  8 [Year 502 Spring]  |  12.1 hh  |  Hth: 15 — Atk: 5 — Exp: 16  |    Active Magic: N/A & N/A  |    Bonded: N/A

I'll show you
what I'm made of

For as long as she's been a part of the Dawn Court -- not terribly long -- she's picked up on the lingering touches of darkness at the edges of the otherwise sunlit Court. Strange, how it always felt a little off to her, but now there's nothing but silence in these hollow feeling walkways. An edge of quiet that seems to be all too prominent, at least until there's something in the air. A shudder almost that seems to radiate through the area, and her horned head lifts up a moment, pale eyes going wide in surprise.

A voice like thunder over the plains, and Eirene makes her way toward where she hears the news of the Sovereign and his children, of the lands she has called home. Part of her mourns not meeting many of them properly --- does one count a meeting for a feral child? But she remains rather quiet as she watches court members walk forward to offer themselves to the position, each one just as likely as the last to potentially get it. There are only three at the moment, denizens of a court she's begun to call home. Three points of light in what is likely a bleak time for most of them. There is no leader, and they are untethered, looking up to a god as he calls to them to step up to a mantle that no one was prepared to take.

Phantom brows furrow, and Eirene steps up slowly, managing to make her way through the gathering crowd. It takes a few nudges and soft 'excuse me's from her, but her peach hooves scramble as she pops between the final line of bodies, staggering a little and skidding, satchels flying every which way before smacking her striped coat and settling again.

She blinks, lifting her horned head up with a delicate smile, and steps forward, more certain in her steps. "I will step up, too." Despite her small stature, there is a sureness to her gaze as she lines up with the previous three that had stepped forward. "I am new to the Court, but I can tell when a herd needs healing. Whether by poultice or by leadership." Her ears flick back a little, but she remains a little more steadfast, a little more confident in herself.

"A time to bring Delumine back to the light is upon us. Whosoever gets the position should follow that." It's not to speak out of turn but to offer her own perspective on it. She might not be what they're looking for, but she's healed and seen herds fall apart that have not had strong leadership. So long as whoever steps up is strong, they should be fine. Not just in a physical sense but in all other senses. One should not rely on just physical strength, but she has the hope in her heart that this will be good for them. There's a level of trust in her for her fellow courtmates and those that have stepped up.

"I am Eirene, just a medic with my own little garden right now. But I've seen plenty of herds fall apart, and I don't want to see that happen to my own home. I offer to take up the mantle, just as the others you see before you." They were here for Delumine, not for themselves.


About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.
Kai or Jek, take your pick c:

Great! How old are you?
30 !

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
Offsite, I've had plenty of positions of power over the years. ( they've all been on sites that have eventually died off from time, really. ) I rather enjoyed how it brought my characters closer to their herd, as well as the other rp'ers! I didn't much like the OOC drama that came along with it at times, but it's something I work hard to not allow.

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
Listen I love Novus and have been around since the start of it those years ago. I might have vanished from time to time but I always end up coming back, and it's the draw of this place. The community and lore. Everything.

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Delumine?
Eirene has seen the fall of herds in her past travels, healing the wounded from raids and wars, and seen the worst of the worst. After all, her home herd told her to go see the world, and she did. She's not so naive as to believe that the world is all sunshine and butterflies, and has a bit of mettle to her that seems to stick even when she's pushed. She'll push back if she has to, and she refuses to see a home go under due to any sort of lack of leadership.

She's a healer at heart, which means she's there for the members of the court, of all ranks and sizes. I feel she at least fits in the ideals of Oriens, being as accepting as she is. No matter the nature of someone, she gives them a benefit of the doubt, and has been known to help the wounded of those that are cast aside as outsiders for their looks or assumptions of their natures. She's the light in a bleak world, attempting to keep herself as a beacon, a sunrise after a long night.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
Eirene wants to see the Dawn Court come together again, to be one whole as a family, rather than the fractured pieces she's seen and the fleeting shadows of darkness. It's a silly ideal but one that she pours her hope into carefully, a vision that she holds near and dear to her heart. She would bring them all together as best as she could, and while ranks are still a thing, she wants even power set up through the entirety of the Court, to set up something where she feels everyone can be heard.

Bonfires, balls, gatherings. Activities for EXP and for activity would be a once monthly thing ( or once a season thing ) in order to make sure there's plenty of activity, as well as inter-court plotting that could stir up bits of drama here and there. Eirene wants to simply make the best of Delumine while she's able to, and even if she doesn't get the spot, she may offer said things to the Sovereign that does get the spot. Asking to help and offering what she can.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Nope, love you all here on Novus <33

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This flaming guardian could be your worst nightmare...

Sol's ears flicked as he heard the words echoing over his world. While had never heard the voice before, he had a feeling that he knew the source. Prancing through his court with powerful steps, he felt a strange sense of rightness settling over him. The idea of stepping forward was one that made him feel stronger. While he was recently brought home again, the Court felt just like home. More than anywhere he had ever been before.

Seeing the gathering, he slowed to a stately walk. As he approached, he flared out his double wings and tucked him in neatly. His ebony head lifted, black and gold mane covering his star. When the massive 21 hand stallion reached the navy stallion that had called, he dipped into a bow with his muzzle tucked. Regaining his footing, he stood strong and proud.

"Oriens..." He greeted the stallion, memories of the words that he had spoken to the statue so long before made him a touch uneasy. "Thank you for being the deity for the court. Your guidance has made so many feel stronger and able to face things that would be hard without the faith that you bring. It was my faith in you that allowed me to face my past and become more honest with who I was and who I am now." He stated, his words soft but strong.

"Even though I have taken time away from the Court to face that past and make amends, I have come back with a drive to do everything I can for the Dawn Court and those within it. If that means stepping up to shoulder the responsibility of Sovereign, than I will gladly do so. I want to help and do my best." He stated, eyes flicking over those that were standing around him and offering themselves up as well. A polite and friendly dip of his head was directed at them all, making it clear that he didnt wish any ill will.

Notes: lol Sol wouldnt quit bugging me about it.

CREDIT to Miss Sparkle (offsite)

About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.

Great! How old are you?

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
Before the chaos of last year, I had 2 ladies in higher positions on site, as well as having a few higher positions off site. I had a Lead of what was basically a court at one point and loved that i was able to use that character to make stronger relationships. While it is daunting to have a position, I also love the fact that having such a position allows you to immerse yourself into the lore and characters around you.

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
I think the biggest thing that I am in love with around Novus is the sense of family that I have found here. I also love that the regime has so many supporting members that the lead and the user behind the lead can have for support and help.

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Delumine?
I believe that Sol would be a strong leader. Granted, his past activities were questionable. However, during his absence, he has come to terms with what had happened in his past and traveled to make amends. He has decided that he wants to live his life honestly and be the strongest that he can be. He wants to be honest and wise, learning from those that are wiser than he and working to counsel those that need help with becoming wiser. He is curious about the world around him, as well as about himself. During the challenges that came along with facing his past, he found that he was curious about the power that seems to have become latent and has decided that he wants to learn more about the flames. I think that the massive changes that he has made in his life have driven him to be a stronger and more capable being in general and he wants to do his best for his Court.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
Sol's biggest goal would be to unify and strengthen the bonds within the Court. He wants the entire court to be stronger and more comfortable in the power that they could be wielding in the world.

Along with building up the court, Sol wants to be able to meet his court and establish bonds that he has been unable to in the past. For him, the easiest way to do so would be working to have regular events within the court to build up the bonds. At least once per season, he would love to have an event that would bring them together to connect and have fun. While it sounds odd on paper, he has found that light fun can make it easier to be closer with others and give a good starting point.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Sol and I would love a chance to help his court, as much as he can possibly do. Even if his place is not Sovereign yet, he would still like to let his court know that he is back and plans on doing his best for those around him.

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How long had he been gone? How long had he been shrouded in that neverending darkness where the screams of the ancients could be heard? The poisonous inkiness that had seeped into the Viride had not only changed the woods, but him as well. Their whispers had slowly transitioned into wailing, their cries echoing about in his skull before he was sucked into despair with them. If only he’d known it was with the union and creation of the feral children that had caused such a thing, he would’ve shown his face much sooner.

Now, it seemed, the darkness had slightly lifted, revealing light to the godling once more, encouraging him to claw his way to the surface. Hope bloomed in his frightened heart as he witnessed what he’d become; permanently stained by the darkness.
Ivory bone glinted in the lowlight as the stallion tucked his newly discovered wings close to his body, sheltering himself from what was to come. Rumors of the king’s disappearance echoed throughout Delumine, the ancient’s whispering growing louder with each passing moment, traveling from one entity to the next.

Could it be? the godling’s voice echoed around in his empty skull, startling him. It had been so long since he’d heard his own thoughts - or even thought them, for that matter.

Legs carry him faithfully through the lands of Delumine, his masked face moved about, analyzing every piece of his former home - every change. It had been too long since he’d witnessed the beauty of the Dawn Court and his heart ached with longing as he neared the capitol.

Flowing easily down the streets of the city, the godling simply allowed the crowd to carry him towards the center of chaos. But, as he grew closer, he noticed the otherworldly glow that emanated from the spot where Orien’s statue had stood. Tilting his now covered face, the stallion gasped at the sight before him.

Quickly, he fell to his knees, overwhelmed by the scene. Tears build in his hidden eyes. Emotion flooded through him as he recalled all he’d endured over the last few seasons of his long life. The betrayal and heartache, the brutality shown to the forest and the ancients - it had been so much pain. Now, his god stood before him, wiping the slate clean and offering up the throne once more.

Perhaps it was foolish to think he should step forward, to at least offer himself and his service up to the god. Did he dare?

Stepping forward, the godling opened his heart and mind, allowing everything to spill out to Oriens - every hurt, every ambition, every thought. He exposed it all as his voice carried across the clearing, foreign, yet the same old soul he’d always been; tainted by the decay that had plagued Delumine.

“Oriens, I am here, I have returned, I have felt the sickness of the Viride and I offer myself to help Delumine heal, to be a mediator between the decay and the new life that will bloom in the future…”

About the RPer

Thanks for auditioning! Let's start with your name.

Great! How old are you?

Have you ever held a Position of Power before?
Over the past 9 years of writing, I have held positions of power. The only thing that sometimes I don’t love are strict activity requirements but given everyone on Novus is an adult and knows how taxing real life can be, I’m not worried about it!
I have had a regent on Novus so I am aware of the requirements and responsibilities :)

Have you read the Sovereign Rules?

What aspect of Novus are you most excited about?
I’ve been on Novus off and on, for the better part of two years now. I absolutely adore this site and everyone on it. I love how everyone is more into character development instead of pretty art, etc. I love that the cultures are so developed here and everyone holds their writing to the highest standard and there is freedom to write with everyone everywhere!

Sovereign Questions

Why would your character be a good candidate to lead Delumine?
Seir has been regent in Delumine. He’s lived in Viride and has a close relationship with nature and the trees. Seir is immortal and has lived many lives, he’s seen everything and knows the importance of patience, knowledge and wisdom. Seir has been faithful to Oriens but disappeared for some time due to several different circumstances. He is aware of everything that happened and wants Delumine to thrive once more.

What would be their goals as Sovereign? What would they do with their new power?
First things first would be to establish a regime and make sure we have champions. Then, Delumine would begin a process of healing, literally and metaphorically. I have a plot idea that the magic being used poisoned the Viride and the citizens of Dawn and partake in healing their home and their hearts. It will be great for realm development and building relationships, for awhile it’ll be important for positivity and to gain allies. Dawn may be quiet for awhile as they do this but then I’d plan to have events to bring in other realms and show off the newly restored forest that makes Delumine unique.

You've got us convinced. Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Win or lose, Seir and I are back to help out the Dawn court in whatever way we can! This court has always held my heart! <3

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Voting for Deluminian Sovereign

shadows cast across the forest

The radiance that emanated from Oriens illuminated the court of his children. 

He felt the pain, the mourning, the loss, and the strife. It collected like a deep well, pooling in the vacant spot beneath his heart and between his lungs. It was not his place to meddle in the affairs of mortals, but he could not help but feel a choking sensation of guilt and sorrow building up at the crux of his jaw.

But he stood, steadfast. One by one, they approached.

First, it was @Atlas, one of the neighboring Terrastella's scholars. Just as Atlas felt the key click perfectly into place in the lock of his soul, Oriens watched the past as Atlas descended from the oasis and sand dunes that wreaked havoc upon his second life as he fled from his first, as he fled from Azimal... and the god of knowledge's gaze softened with the scholar's resolve. "You have come far from your past and who you were, Atlas."

And then... studious, stoic @Andras ‐ Oriens could not forget his emissary! A strong soul... strong in some ways more positive than others, with an almost reckless drive that was not overall common among Court emissaries. Oriens knew that Andras would be there in some sense or breadth of the word - if only to support those who stepped forward, but something inside him knew the emissary would step forward himself. "Dawn would be honored, Andras."

Oh, then there was @Entia.... a whiplash of attitude and tone, and the god acknowledged him with a firm but cool smile. He felt the scrutiny and felt the stallion's disdain, although it did not cause him to falter. "Is knowledge not brought forth by choice? I know you've passed through many lands, Entia. Your journey is surely a unique one."

Sweet, feral little @Eirene - the rosey peach of her hooves, horns, and nose a tender reminder of the good, empathetic things that resided within the Delumine, nestled between the rot and decay. "Tell me, young Eirene - what herbs do you grow? Some day, I will need to visit your garden." A day to sit among the flowers, herbs, and plants - to breathe in life.

But where Eirene grew the life that nourished the court in her own quaint garden, @Sol Bestiam and the flames of his hooves were everything you would not initially expect from Delumine. But despite the dark coal that swathed his coat, the gold that licked at his wings, hooves, hair, and eyes... Sol embodied more of knowledge and the Dawn court than one might realize. His past - angry and resolute - was something he learned, grew from; in his experiences and knowledge, he moved past who he once was. "You too have come so very far, Sol Bestiam," he smiled fondly.

And last but not least, @Seir. When he returned to Delumine, the masked man was not who he expected or had once known - the inky, jet black of his hide and the bone-white mask upon his face a testament to where life has taken him. He dropped his head so his gaze met the masked Deluminians, the pulsing light from the orb illuminating the crevices within the stallion's mask: "Seir, my friend. I am happy to see you once more; the plants, the forest leans towards you, do they not?" a tepid smile, before he lifted his head up once more to regard the rest of his children who had gathered.

"Atlas, Andras, Entia, Eirene, Sol Bestiam, and Seir - step forward to me," he instructed.

And when they did.... "Delumianias!" came his call and a hush fell over the court once more. 
"It is time; who do you feel is the best fit to take up the mantle of Sovereign?"


@Atlas, @Andras, @Entia, @Eirene, @Sol Bestiam, and @Seir
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